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December 8, 2011

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The day i learned how to use FRAPS

Also my very first upload on youtube~

Spoiler :  


  1. Chrystofax's Avatar
    Wow you seem pretty good ^^ I've never tried that game before. I think I may want to try it sometime. Where did you get it?
  2. Zeraph's Avatar
    This one
  3. Chrystofax's Avatar
    Ah thanks Qualtz, your awesome
  4. FiQ5149's Avatar

    master of taiko
  5. oheemjeee's Avatar
    awesome! i'mma try that :>
  6. Capone3830's Avatar
    I've been wondering if we have a big osu community in here anyway, this game needs some popularity!

    Just hit me up ingame, same nick as here^^
  7. Zeraph's Avatar
    got it~
  8. Enma Ai's Avatar
    qualtz play osu with me?
  9. Zeraph's Avatar
    too sleepy to play osu these days, go play with strangers instead
  10. Accelware's Avatar
    Hello, do you play osu! Standard?
  11. Zeraph's Avatar
    I can play all modes. Though I'm only good at catch the beat and osumania.