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I wonder why i start watching anime!!??! :D

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I star watching anime when im 14 years old!! but sometimes i wonder why i like to watch an anime !! even its an for kids show! that time i really dont know that i watching is anime! coz i really know its an cartoon!! but every time i watch an anime my boring days goes of! and my problems i thinking about is simply goes away in my mind! and i started liking an anime!! its not just a hobby for me but its like my life wont be complete if i cant watch an anime! from time to time i decided to be an anime creator like them well! im still student so it will may take time to be like them!! :D


  1. dice18's Avatar
    and it's not just easy to make one^^..,
  2. yurinino's Avatar
    so desu ka GM..gambate ne.. !! If you're an animator then I'll be the manga artist and novelist..someday..
    and I also ask that question..and for me I find it...entertaining..that's all lol..