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Pen Name Zen Naari

My Reaction to Kid's Reaction to Hatsune Miku

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I went on youtube and saw this on the homepage... and here's my reaction to Kid's reaction to Hatsune Miku...

First of all, why are all these kids American? Why didn't you get the opinion of kids from different races?

Being a Hatsune Miku fan from the beggining... I don't see why people shouldn't like it...

There is a singer behind Hatsune Miku... and there's also an artist behind Hatsune Miku...

Not only that, Miku's songs have themes... Those of which you will only understand if you've watched anime...

Among those themes are also part of what makes her a vocaloid...

So what if she's not real... she exists... in our hearts!

There are many otaku out there... they are the fans... you wanna know why?

Because they are touched by her songs... if you haven't understood any of her songs, please go and watch one of her PV's with english subs... they're heart-touching... most of them at least...

Seeing these kids, they're all American... WHY~~~!!!

They're not funny... they hurt me... they hurt me so bad...

I'm seriously not gonna watch Kids React ever again...

I'm seriously heart-broken...

So what if she's not a real singer... she's real in our hearts...

I could cry...

I respect their opinion... but they haven't... well... as I call it... Voca-trip... yet...


Anyway, that's it for now... I'm going to sulk in the corner knowing that there's a bunch of kids out there who don't have the heart to believe in Hatsune Miku and all other vocaloids...


I feel like a kid ^^




  1. Paperroses's Avatar
    it shall be many a dark night before otakus are finally accepted by the masses. but until then, take pride in the death stares people give you and represent the culture well.
  2. lastshin's Avatar
    that's right!

    we love Miku, ignore those who doesn't xD
  3. Paperroses's Avatar
    lol, well. i don't love miku per se... but she's alright ._. i don't know how to say it exactly but vocaloid really opens up alot of opportunities for people in the music industry.
  4. Kimono's Avatar
    I find the Kids React videos on YouTube to be quite amusing. It allows people who are culturally knowledgeable to peer into the minds of kids, or anyone else who doesn't know much about VOCALOID or Japanese culture, by watching their initial reaction and hearing their answers to the questions asked.

    Personally, I think race doesn't really matter here. Even if they did get a diverse ethnic group of kids, if they don't know much about anything relating to the topic, they will most likely have the same reactions.

    Those kids are so blunt. It's actually pretty entertaining to see what went on in their minds. Although at times they go a bit overboard with their reactions, but hey, they're kids.
  5. Paperroses's Avatar
    Like what kimono said... Zen! i don't think you watched the whole video! it's not a miku bashing session! i swear! they're just being honest, respectable children. maybe a little hyper but that's it.
  6. ZenNaari's Avatar
    That's the point... they're honest... so I'm hurt... The truth hurts... WAAH!!!
  7. ZenNaari's Avatar
    And I did watch the whole thing... most of it though... crying...
  8. Ceres's Avatar
    I was quite entertained my this video. My tolerance threshold for children is extremely low but for whatever reason I liked this. Most of the kids were honest in a way that I thought was quite charming.

    I agree with kimono031 about race not being an issue. It is entirely possible that the reactions would have been the same had they chosen to these same questions of a group of French or Chinese children. In fact, I can even imagine Japanese children reacting in a similar fashion. The whole Vocaloid thing has a limited appeal, and I think these children pinpointed the most obvious issues people have with it.
  9. sayarose's Avatar
    Who cares? they cant appreciate the amazingness of vocaloid. I do love the kids comment on Hannah Montana though LOL
  10. Avykun's Avatar
    O.o the opinions from those non-believers just broke my heart lol but at least they were honest even if the truth hurts. VOCALOID FTW!!!!! XD