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guilven chan

chapter 1

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Yuki no Hime
(Princess in the Snow)

Did you know how it feels like when you love someone, but then you can’t be with that someone, because your bond with the sin of the past, -- thus paying it with your current life?? Though, the both of you manage to be together, your also bond with a certain thing you can’t escape through? There are many obstacles in this world but it just one thing a certain truth remains, wherever the both of you, where, there’s no one can separate of your love. Try to witness a love story who come through a lot of trials and discover how their love story ends. . .

Makino live a simple and cheerful life with his bestfriend Sato when she finally meet Ren Ishida. He is said to be the campus heartrob and a cold one. He’s very popular in their school. Consequently they fell in love with each other but how can they cope up with it when ishida is bounded by the past he can’t escaped to thus paying it with his current life, and that makino has a secret she couldn’t tell for?? Find out how this story ends. . .
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Chapter 1:
The Meeting

“Mooh!! I’m going to be late now!!! I have to hurry!!! Makino said while running towards the entrance door of Ryoku Gakuen. While heading towards the door, she bumped someone.
“Are you alright miss? “ the strange guy asked. For a split seconds Makino couldn’t answer to him for she was amazed of the charming guy he saw. But then, she recover quickly for she noticed thousands of girls were staring in the both of them.
“Ah!! Hai!!! Arigatou!!!”
“Domo”. He said coldly and automatically left her. Meanwhile, she seems standing there went black. (He’s very cool!!! Those pair of cold eyes makes him cooler.). Then, her best friends came and approach her.
“Ohayou Makino-chan”
“Ah... ah! Ohayou, Sakura-chan”
“Who are you looking at?”
“Dare? That---guy”. Then she pointed out him.”Did you know him?” Then,Sakura suddenly hit her head. “Ouch! What did I do??”
“You don’t know him?? He’s very popular at our school,!!! He’s Ren Ishida!!! The prince of Ryoku Gakuen!!!”(her eyes were sparkling upon saying this).
“Ishida Ren?? So he’s the guy that’s been speaking of by the girls in this school?”
“Atarimae darou!! Matte-kun, I’m not surprise anymore if you don’t know him—that’s because your attention was only centered of your childhood friend!!”
“Did I just heard my name? A guy suddenly interrupted in the girl’s conversation.
“Ah. Satou-kun, Ohayou”
“Yo! How indecent!!! “ Sakura said. “Can’t you at least get more sociable with other girls other than Makino??”
“That’s none of your business, piggy punk!!”(teasing).
“Nanda tou?? “ It seems the air is in tension, so Makino immediately ease them.
“That’s enough, you two. Sato-kun, don’t mind her anymore. Sore de, you too, Sakura chan, don’t dictate him”.
(teasing).”Oii!!! She’s defending her love!!!”
“Yamero Sakura Chan!!! “. “We’ll, I’m just joking. Sato-kun, is quite good. But, we can’t know his personality except you, Makino. “. Then Sato suddenly caught her in the wall then bring his face to her and said.
“Say, are you interested in me, aren’t you?? “. Sakura was shock of his strange movement and slowly giving up. A few seconds later on, Sato then laugh heavily.
“weeh? She got carried away!!!”, Sakura felt embarrass and said to them. “Ihate you!!! Makino chan, let’s just see later, the air isn’t good.” Then she left the both of them.
“bye- bye! Piggy punk san”.
“Sato-kun, don’t do that again to Sakura chan. It isn’t funny.”
“Hai, Hai, i know, she’s just too serious.”
“Well then, let’s go to our room. We’ll be late.”
“Hai, Hai, Makino-chan.”

The class then starts. They were enjoying the lectures and discussion but Makino is caught up in her thought. (“Haah! I can’t forget those pair of cold eyes”).

“Class Dismiss!”.
In their recess. . .
“Makino chan, Let’s eat our snack now.”
“Hai, sato-kun.”they both eat their snack when Sato ask something.
“We will have P.E today, right?”
“Yeah. . . Don’t worry about it. I’ll not join the running today.”
“but, don’t overdo yourself.”
“Hai sir!”
“Don’t worry, I’ll cover up for you.”
“Then I guess I’ll have to wait for you till lunch. Which means I’m dismissed earlier!!!(Laughing mode).”
“What will you do then? “
“Hmm, let me see, I guess I’ll just play violin in a somewhere place.”
“Soo desu ka. Then, let’s go now.”
“Hai!”. After the recess, the class hours went smoothly. In theis period before P.E her classmates were very busy changing clothes .
“do your best, Sato-kun.”
“Linchou, Makino chan will not join the P.E. for she has disease relating on supply on oxygen.”
“hai, hai. Sato-kun.”
“It’s already settle!(Thumbs up)”
“Arigatou.(smile)”. All of her classmates went to their P.E ground. When she’s finally alone she decided to go to the roof top.(She have the key on the rooftop. It’s a tradition to pass on the key generation to generation. Though its secret, she’s one of the key keeper in their school).
“There! Open sesame!” as she watched the sight, she was amazed for it was very beautiful and the air is refreshing. She saw Sato kun and accompany doing their activity.
“This is truly my secret place.” After a few minutes, she decided to play the violin. (her family was in love with music). There, a harmonic presentation was filled in the empty rooftop. Though, everybody notice the wonderful piece, but they can’t decipher who played it except Sato kun. Everybody else continue their activities. She then continue to play but suddenly pause when she heard someone opened the door. As the door opened. . .
“Who are you? “. Makino was shocked for this is the second time she met up with him.
“Makino—Hana --- desu.”
“Soo desu ka? Then what are you doing here? Why did you know this place?”
“I’m just getting some air here. Sore de—I’m the key keeper of this school.”
“So you get the another key?”
“Hai”. Then will you please leave this place for a while? I just wanted to ba alone.”
“Ah--- Hai!”. Then, Makino immediately leave the rooftop. Meanwhile, Ishida sit on the bench then said:
“Somehow her music is wonderful. Hmm. It’s none of my business either.”
“We met up again! Haaah!!! What will I do now? He also holds the other key! I can’t forget those pair of cold eyes again!!!” She can’t concentrate on what she’s been doing. “Right! I must not go to the rooftop if he’s there!! Right!!!”
“Hey, Are you okay? Makino chan? “ Makino then realizes what she’s up tp.
“Ahm, Hai... Sato kun.”
“Didn’t I tell you not to overdo yourself?”
“Hai! Gomen ne, I get carried away in playing violin.”
“I don’t really mind. Your performance is as superb as ever.” Sakura then suddenly interrupt.
“Let’s go home now, Makino chan, Sato kun.”
“Hai.” The both of them replied. While they’re heading towards their respective homes, Sakura said something:
“Being a popular is pretty hard isn’t it?”
“Why do you ask?”
“Nothing really. I just saw Ren san a while ago. While he’s opening his lcker there were bunch of love letters falling. He picked it up all and read the sender of this. Then, he sighed for he receives letters from the same sender again. I think it’s kinda tired in his position.’
“You’re right.”.Sato said.
“you’ve said--- earlier, in his locker--- thing. Do you remember the number of his locker?”
“Yeah. Hmm, let me see, I guess its locker number 35.”
“Soo desu ka. Ah, then see you tomorrow – we’ll be off now. “
“Hai. Sayonara, Sakura chan.”
“Yeah. Sayonara, Sato kun, Makino-chan.” When Sakura then left, Sato said.
“You plan to give him a letter?”
“It’s not that. I’ll just have to thank him this morning.”
“soo desu ka? Then, Goodnight.”
__________________________________________________ ________________

End of chapter 1.
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