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Finally Feeling At Home Again

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For almost three weeks we had a visitor in our house and it makes me not comfortable. I am not used having visitors or people coming and staying at our house so I do not know how to handle them. We Filipinos are known being hospitable and yet I was not able to be one during those weeks. But now I feel more comfortable now because they are returning from where they came from. I may sound rude but I am just not good with people. I just like that finally I can go around the house without worrying about something or someone. I AM SO GLAD!!!!!



  1. midori24's Avatar
    well... the feeling is same here... but the difference is that we still have a visitor... i may sound rude but they make me very busy... i try to be hospitable to them.. i cook for them...and make them feel comfortable and at home..
    i can feel what you were feeling having visitors staying in your house for days... it is somehow a bother but i just think of it positively... thinking it was done out of generosity... good for you by the way for having your visitors go home :)))))))
  2. akasekaihime's Avatar
    thank you for commenting. I learned something from you. next time I'll try my best....