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This week will be the deadline for my group's investigatory project in Physics, only problem is, we still haven't come up with ANYTHING. Why must us seniors suffer in the end? we didn't do anything wrong to deserve this, Times like this i wish i could use something from my useless knowledge to help me with this. Ugh, that's it. After a few years, i'll be the one who'll be giving hell to students hmhmhmhm...

"Thus, the bad seed will grow and becomes a tree that will bear rotten fruits." ~Qualtz


  1. mlcdl's Avatar
    Now I see why you said "useless knowledge" before at the "Post a your Native Language".

    On the topic, man that is sure a hard thing. Already the deadline on a project and yet you guys haven't started anything. I only think that you guys should start something about it rather to pass nothing.
  2. Zeraph's Avatar
    Yeah, i can't use it academically...

    I think i have an idea for it so now i just hope we could pull it off, else we'll be summer graduates.