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  1. Squishy's Movie Reviews: Twilight

    Alright, so what am I reviewing this week?

    WHAT. REALLY. SERIOUSLY?! Please, for the love of all that is good in this world, tell me that this isn't what I?m reviewing this week!

    It is? Damn.

    Before I begin, I'd like to explain. I happen to have a friend who really loathes this. And so she asked me to review it so that I could bash it. And bash it I shall. But I'm still ...

    Updated 06-08-2010 at 10:30 PM by SquishyNinja

    Tags: review, twilight
  2. WHAT TO DO IN A VACANT TIME?? Tasukete!!! *shouts* O.o

    Konbanwa minna~!! : )
    It's me again...

    Well...today...I attend my classes for the first time because I was absent yesterday.
    (It was just me...being lazy...) :haha

    Anyways, when I look at my schedule...I realize that I have 3-4 hours vacant time...and I'm just like - WHAT THE HECK!!!

    The story goes like this....
    When I enrolled for this semester, three subjects that I want to take up ended to be closed...so, in that case, I ...
  3. My first blog

    Hi OS!!!!

    This is my first blog and I will be just writing about myself...

    i like anime and all ps3 games !!!!
  4. Rants on life

    First off this whole entry is just a bunch of rants about life, as the title suggest. If you don't want to read this then don't. When i think off life the first thing hat comes to mind is all the things in life that piss me off (FTW). such as school, work, how people think im weird cause i like anime, and alot of other things. the last thing that comes to mind is things i enjoy like as you can guess anime , hanging out with friends, and video games. this morning when i woke up my mom told me she ...
  5. alone here

    I don't know what i want to blog about, but i figure it might be cool. You can expect my blogs to suck and be meaningless, but I hear some people like that. (see fooly cooly, azumanga daiyo)
    I might do this again.
  6. Sadism, atrociousness and katanas

    (click for a larger view of my masterpiece :3)

    ~ l ~ l ~ l ~ l ~ l ~ ~ l ~ l ~ l ~ l ~ l ~ ~ l ~ l ~ l ~ l ~ l ~ ~ l ~ l ~ l ~ l ~ l ~

    eh. second blogpost! CHEEEEEERS! :))))

    anyhow, today i've been to my little sister's school and enrolled her for the next school year. apparently, she's a lazy bum who forced me into doing something for her. nah. she's at second grade, who am I kidding? :))

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