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  1. 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant (Drama)

    I finished this movie last night and was a little disappointed. There is no real character progression as far as romance. One minute the male character is like "She's strictly my slave." Then he's not even making her do anything, just hanging out while she studies. Then he's kissing her and the mom is banishing him from her and all of a sudden it's "I don't want to lose her."

    By the end of the movie I felt no real feelings for the characters when they got together. ...
  2. Teenage drama (never thought I'd write 'bout this, but needed to get it out, sorry)

    I'm obviously bad with people, and it seems I'm getting even worse lately..
    Got into quite a big(verbal) fight with a friend today, which means I don't know when she'll start talking to me again. Well, the biggest problem is probably gonna be getting one of us to apologize - and that's not gonna be me, considering the reason(s) I'm mad is how she treated my equipment for my horse after I lent her the horse for a day.. and added to that, she disregarded my needs and opinions
    Tags: drama