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  1. A christmas drama

    yo dudes, there I am again, I hope you had better christmas than me. And I have a funny story to tell you that I've written in christmas' night.
    I had a blackout in christmas and I needed to save this history in a forgotten corner of my computer, just now I found it and I could put in this blog. Have fun reading ^_^
    Spoiler for my christmas' night

    Updated 01-28-2013 at 07:54 AM by Monkill

  2. Otatku-Streamers

    After being on this site 2 weeks now, i have found many new anime styles, genre and characters i never thought possible. I'm glad to be part of the community, and in the last week made 2 friends. Usually i don't make friends that fast, but i am glad i have ^_^
    I cant wait to take in more anime, I hope those out there have many series, or OVA's they like to share, by all means send me a message
  3. HELP!!!!! looking for a specific manga Õ~Õ forgot the name...

    Okey.. so I'm looking for this manga and been looking for it in like 2 years I absolutly loved it and the heroines hair is really cool and i would like to cut my hair like hers
    This is what I still remember:The heroine is a girl that's kinda tomboyish(she's popular with girls) and has weird but cool hair.She's good at basketball and plays it... if I remember correctly she's in highschool (basketball club)

    She has a rival(a guy) that's also good at basketball(and plays ...
  4. Pen spin :D

    It's just a random post..

    are there guys out there who can do the pen-spin thing?
    I'm jealous..!!!

    I do wanna learn those and it seems so cool !!
    I often saw it anime and movies too whenever the characters are bored and they can't answer their tests and mid-term exams.. gosh all I can think about is "How the HELL did they do that !!??" Yeah, I may sound so crazy and weird at the same time :D

    Could you guys send me
  5. Magic 8-Ball Days... #2

    Me (O ___ O) : Is 'she' a girl?

    m 8-Ball: You may rely on it.

    Me (O . O) : Am I going to be married to a former guy?

    m 8-Ball: Yes

    Me (O ___ O) : Really?

    m 8-Ball: Without a doubt

    Me: (O ____ O)
  6. No Greater Sorrow

    I am bewildered by this cruel fate -
    Clouding my judgement.
    Sowing the seeds of life in soil of ruin...
    The winds feel silent and kissed Death's wings.

    It's colder than before, still the winter's passed
    And springtime haste fully took all it came for.
    Often I stare at the clouds drifting by, imagining you there -
    Like formations of a dream adrift from me.

    The moments are gone but you remain,
    If we had wings we would
    Tags: darkpoetry
  7. Magic 8-Ball Days... #1

    ~True Magic 8-Ball experience~

    Me (owo) : Does 'she' love me?

    M 8-ball: Yes- Definitely

    Me (^w^) : Does 'she' love me?

    m 8-ball: Yes- Definitely

    Me ( ' . ') : Is my computer good for another year?

    m 8-ball: Maybe

    Me (' . ') : Does 'she' love me?

    m 8-ball: Yes- Definitely

    Me (^w^) : Do women like me?

    m 8-ball: Don't count on it.

    Me (O ...
  8. Romance genre Anime

    Please suggest me some good romance genre anime. Please
  9. Suggestions


    if you are planning to watch an anime..
    here are some suggestions **

    - Shakugan no Shana
    - Death Note
    - Angel Beats
    - Prince of Tennis
    - Detective Conan
    - Accel World
    - Beelzebub
    - Code Geass
    - Bleach
    - Special A
    - k-on
    - Naruto
    - 07 Ghost
    - Kaichou wa maid-sama
    - Clannad
    - Clannad Afterstory
    - H20 Footprints in the sand

  10. Uneasy feeling and mixed emotions when you dont know what anime to watch...

    We all have this problem.... Let's face it it's very irritating when this otaku problem comes to our mind.. The uneasiness and everything we all get jumpy, crazy, Dont know what do to etc.

    Updated 01-24-2013 at 06:38 AM by pogikenneth2 (I just forgot a few words)

  11. It`s very good day today!!!!!!!!!!

    the sports anime is so thrilling when they were in a match woooh :missball::goodmood: kuroko no basket is one of the most i very like anime also the prince of tennis and major yeah :phew:
  12. How to edit Windows 8 Theme

    Anyone out there, can you help to edit my windows 8 theme pls. because the that I can do is edit my wallpaper, if you can help me I am open to any suggestions
  13. Oops

    Um sorry for the mess type the third person is a girl but I put he then she sorry everybody
  14. A Helper

    Hey everybody today I'm not doing a quote .

    To day 3 of my friends had a bad day . One was sad because he had to put his dog down and has been crying. Second friends mom die from cancer and was shock when she would not wake up, I had to stay with my friend into she calmed down. The third was that he was very emotional because she accidentally trip me down the stairs in school, I have as broken arm and a blood nose but I'm ok and forgive her.

    People have good ...
  15. Normal

    Quote of the day 1/21/13

    - If you have a goal and cant achieve it. Don't give up.

    - by Gust

    Don't give up on stuff

    Cya. Hope to do more quotes later on