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  1. Belated greetings everyone (do people read these??)

    Uh hello, considering that I've been away for a year straight, I go by Spartan or Happy, doesn't matter, what matters is how is everyone doing tonight, or day... lunch, breakfast, or even linner. You know small talk. It's been quite some time and the site seen its days of active chatboxes (my guess) it's odd for me to lurk semi annually to see things go quiet. I got used to chatting with everyone while watching shows here back in 2012... yeah... it's been years. I was attending school and that got ...
  2. One Day

    I'll be pushing myself for something that I always doubted myself and even bullied myself for; I'm doing it for what I want to achieve and prove myself wrong; call me weak I can say to myself, but there's not a damn thing that's going to stop me; I've been hiding from fear and I will end this fear by taking a risk and there's nothing that's going to stop me from it!
  3. Meh

    Just meh, woke up early to go buy stuff from a shopping centre and I'm tired; got some homework to do; sense of neglect and boredom. That feel of annoying people and trying not to annoy them?
  4. Curse you Title requirement!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every mistake is a lesson and every success is a lesson; just take the meaning and make sure you know what you're doing next time. I'm still making the same error countless times now. I know who I am and what I can do; I lost what I was about to say...

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  5. Wonders of Reality

    You know the feeling
    wanting to be somewhere,
    when your heart wants to be,
    in a calm place.

    You think of
    different cities
    different landscapes
    different spaces
    trying to get rid of
    that unsettling emotion
    inside of your soul or body.

    Lock yourself in a dark room
    filled with sound proof walls
    where no one but you
    can hear the screams.

    Screams of anger and sadness
  6. Fantasy realm vent time!

    *I like to vent or think about my decisions on life in the form of the Halo universe. It is a character that suits me and the war. It is my zen place*

    (Sierra 214 walks towards desolate terrain, stops near a cliff, lowers weapon and looks at the sunset)

    Each day ends and forms another day. You're thrown into a war that nobody prepared you for and you have to make the right choice or else you're dead. I try to find the emotions for situations but I end up with ...
  7. Side Story Part 1

    214 walks out of mobile infirmary unit

    Sierra 214- *looks at the bright dark grey/blue sky* Looks like a storm is about to take place

    312 walks out of the restroom

    Sierra 312- *turns to look at 214* what are you talking about?

    Sierra 214- *points at the clouds* Look at the clouds, they looks like they're about to produce rain

    Sierra 312- *squints eyes* I don't know what you're talking about. They look like ordinary clouds ...
  8. Quick Story Part 2

    Two hours passed, four phantoms shot down, two crashed into 214 and 344 sniper position

    Sierra 214- Trevor, two zealots on your eight position

    Sierra 344- *fires on zealot towards his right side* Thanks man, *turns to meet 2nd zealot, kicks zealots helmet* These bastards don't know to quit do they?!

    Fuel Rod blast 1.2 meters away north from 344's position, knocks 344 off balance

    Sierra 344- Damn! That was close! *Grabs M6 pistol*
  9. Quick Story Part 1

    I do these stories from time to time on Facebook (via personal and page) so I will be doing these stories here as well. They kind of tie into the story line I made in the Halo universe. So if anyone felt like reading these and get lost, I will upload some links for the other stories.

    These are the internal stories, but also include short stories too. Alright here we GO!

    *Peli-078 lands on beach, time 18:55, location southeast border of New Alexandria*

  10. Chapter of a Driven Path

    Yesterday had the greatest news ever, but now going to back track a bit further just for trolls. NAW!!! I kid I kid, I'm just going to develop a background for the understanding of this blog that's all (no really guys, gals and those with unspecified gender).

    So about two years ago when this summer hits, I was in Architect Design 2 for summer 1 and summer 2. Sessions maxed out to only 6 hours of classes per session which ranged from June 6th to July 11th and July 15th to August ...
  11. Driver Update Issue, Feels Moment

    So this past Wednesday was any normal day: government at 10am (including a test that I studied really hard for somewhat) physics without the professor there (but we are now allowed to use the labs even when he isn't there) English and US History. All that classes and work just the typical day. So I leave around 5pm to go home with heavy traffic that took an extra 30 minutes just to get out of, and arriving home to chill and do stuff on the interwebz. Turn on the laptop login and go directly to the ...