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  1. My Top 5 Japanese Music Artists

    Right off the bat, I would confess that my knowledge in Japanese music is not very extensive. Japanese music only accounts for maybe 15-20% of my library.
    From what I've listened to and from I've discussed with many friends I have come to have the opinion that Japanese music in general:

    • Have some of the best, if not the best, instrumentals backing their bands
    • J-Pop over utilizes *sparkly* sound effects which usually make the music sound cheap
    • J-Pop industry is very strict

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  2. Characteristics and Examples of Bad Anime

    This blog post is the second part of a two-part entry on why I think Otaku-Streamers (OS) taste in anime is terrible. In this post I will list common characteristics and Examples of what makes anime trash. I swear I'm not flame baiting.

    Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and I invite you to comment and maybe even try redeem some of the anime I list.

    Absurd Superpowers ...

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  3. Common Mistakes in Rating Anime

    It is always mind boggling to see people hate on great anime thats simply not their genre and/or reading a list of favorite anime filled with a bunch of filler anime.
    Some of you may have already seen me bluntly bashing on how users' taste (in general) on Otaku-Streamer (OS) in anime is terrible. This two-part Blog post is my explanation and justification for my opinion. This first half going ...

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