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  1. My Favorite Anime Song ATM XD

    Twinkle Twinkle - Rock Lee Go
    Naruto Shippuuden

    Hashiri dashita sono senaka ga
    Donna ni hanarete mo watashi wa hora
    Me wo tojireba soba ni iru wa
    Furikaera nakurute ii yo

    Anata wa zutto akogare datta
    Kono mama zutto yume wo misasete

    Rock lee go, rock lee go!
    Kokoro wa itsumo kira kira no mama
    Kotoba ni dekinai awai omoi no yell(ERU) yo
  2. Oh, I'm such a failure!

    I am such a failure. I am completely aware of that fact.

    [Dec 21 2012, 6:32 PM (here in my place)]

    Have you ever messed up and wanted to punch yourself for it?

    Well, I always wanted to do that in myself but it will look a little bit awkward if I punch myself, right? [LOL]

    But I really hate being me. I fail at almost everything!

    As a matter of fact I always see myself as the worst. Why? Because I cannot think of anything that I am good ...

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  3. EM The Only Otaku in Class??? O___O

    Yeah. Yeah. I recommend that you should read the title of the Blog first before you read the entire post. he he

    [DECEMBER 19, 2012 (well, in my place.. he he)]

    Have you ever experienced that horrible thing? I mean, being the ONLY outaku in your class...?

    it feels like you do not belong in that world or something, right?
    when you try to talk about the latest anime or new release chapter of your favorite manga, you found no one to talk to about it. ...

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  4. So, What's up?

    I am not a new member of OS...
    as a matter of fact I've been here for more than a year already..

    ha ha ha! but the sad truth is that, this is the FIRST blog post I've ever created so far..

    I don't know what to blog, anyway. I don't have any great idea to share, awesome topic to talk about or cool things to tell you guys..

    anyhow, I am hoping that on the forth coming days, I will be able to post a new blog again here in OSB [OS blog] he he. ...