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  1. First meaningful blog . . . cool

    Things have gone . . . weird.
    Everything is so misplaced, that it’s all trying to get back to where it belongs. Like a traffic jam, except things are pilling on top each other and themselves. I’m also mixed up in this mess, in fact I’m a leading cause in it. I’m so tiered of people preaching at me about potential. I didn’t even know what that word meant much less it existed until High School. People are waiting for the next big thing, and want to be the ...
  2. Animazement!!!

    So you guess where right!! Good things are going on!! My dad moved out, my grades are a working progress, and I get to have this fun this month!!!
    So this weekend the family and my little sister friend get to all go to a race in Charlotte!! Then next weekend I'm going to Animazement with my friends for 3 days!! And get a day off cause its memorial day weekend!!! Then after that just another 8 days till it's Summer break!! YAHOOO!!!
    I'm so excited!!
  3. How am I gonna survive THIS time?

    Wooow~ So~ much has Happen~d!
    I'm just gonna jump right into the pot, and spill the beans!
    So, for those of you I thought (and still think) I could trust, and/or had built a strong internet relationship with, GOOD NEWS!
    My father is OFFICIALLY OUT of the house! But, due to previous dramas, stresses, hormones, etc. my academic courier has hence forth . . . PLUMMETED. I'm straight up DOMED!!!

    I get out of school in less than 45 days - AKA - less than 30 school ...
  4. Tiered of everything

    I'm so Tiered. I'm tiered of letting people down, of give myself excuses, for what? I can't sleep, I'm too awake. Thinking of things like, gotta get it done, need to finish this, haven't done that yet. There doesn't seem to be time anymore.
    If I ran away from my problems, and started over on my own, would that help?
    Maybe I could just a cargo ship to Japan, and then live over seas. Maybe I could travel the world, bare foot, broke, alone, independent. That really doesn't sound half ...
  5. regretting having regrets

    Sooo~, I haven't blog in a long time, it's been about 3 or maybe 2 weeks! I don't know but it feels like a life time!
    Anyhow~, I'm just going to complain and vent like I naturally do in a cheery way, to my 'readers' (even though I don't have any)!!!

    So, to the venting! This entire month also leaking a little from February, I've been missing a LOT of school. I've missed about 2 weeks worth~! And the best part is that we only just got into this semester (with new teachers and ...
  6. I . . . I JUST READ ECCHI >:O

    O MY GOSH . . . And here I thought I knew it all.
    I only JUST NOW found out what ecchi was. I had heard about it from a few of my male friends who read yaoi, and they said it's a cut between yuri and yaoi . . . I don't see it.
    I feel so dirty!! OMG! I just thought that I'd share with my OS friends that I just unintentionally scared myself for life. hehe . . . I'm just speechless . . . I guess this is how straight guys feel reading yaoi, I've read yuri before cause it never bothered ...
  7. Things just keep geting better & better!!! NOT!

    Alright, so, I just dug myself into a hole that has no light, no hope, and no escape.This has nothing to do with my previous blog by the way.
    This blog has to do with the endless amount of school work I have.
    So last week, I went to school twice. We didn't have school on Monday, so Tuesday was like Monday.
    Anyways, the previous week I got ISS (In School Suspension) for 3 days because I was play fighting with friend (I fucking hate my damn school).
    The Vise Principle ...

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  8. Made a huge mistake, and need help.

    I was over at an acquaintances house with friends.
    Now, this acquaintance smokes pot, and so do my friends, I however am kind of like the designated driver. I won't touch the stuff for the life of me, because I know what that stuff leads to.
    Anyways. Its my best friend (girl), her Ex-boyfriend, and his best friend. We all get along great, and hangout a lot. So, we're all at the acquaintances house (who is friends of the Ex-boyfriends, and his best friend), chilling out in his room, ...
  9. Feeling . . . Lonely

    Previously there was a blog about being lonely, and that because we're otaku and have so much free time, we must be lonely, other wise how could we find the time to BE otakus?! Well . . . I'm starting to understand where that blogger is getting that from . . .
    There are times that I just lay in my bed thinking about all the negative things about myself, so that I can cry myself to sleep, in ORDER to sleep that night! How pathetic is that? Not because I have to go to such extreme measures ...

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  10. Seven Days to Fall in Love

    If you could go out with the hottest guy in your school, for seven days, no questions asked . . . would you?
    I've been reading this manga where exactly happens! But whats better is that its yaoi! (YEAAAAAS~ <---- FanGirl screaming) I REALLY recommend this manga! Its cute, and I mean SUPER cute! I won't tell you anymore than A) READ IT & B) Its super duper cute and romantic!!
    READ IT!!!
  11. Is it possible to run out of things to read?

    If ANY-BO-DY has a suggestion for something entertaining to read . . . PLEASE TELL ME!!!
    Just so you don't suggests something I HAVE read . . . behold things I've read!
    D. gray-man
    Fairy Tail
    Blue Exorcist
    Katekyo Hitman Reborn
    High school Debut
    Skip Beat
    Fullmetal ...

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  12. D. Gray-Man . . . caught up to it . . .


    *heavy sigh*, I wont spoil anything, but I'm really torn!!! I cried so much in the 100-200 number chapters!!! I just!!! . . . sigh man, I hate this feeling EVERY-FREAKIN'-TIME I catch up with a manga!! Its always the same!! The closer you get to the presently updated chapters, the more intense the scene and the better the art gets!!! MAN!! It's just so remorseful, because ...
  13. Kuokuo debut!! ><

    So~!! I've been reading a LOT of shojo beat manga's lately . . . I don't really know why, but I favor Kuokuo debut (high school debut)!! I can relate to how the main character Haruna feels. And If I were in her situation, theres no mistaking that I would end up doing and say the things she does. I never played any sports unlike Haruna, But we share a common goal from middle school! Unfortunately however, she beat me to that goal. si~gh . . .
    I mean, its not like I can just run up to a random ...
  14. Cartilage piercing

    Well today I got my cartilage pierced. It didn't hurt anymore than I normal piercing, but I've been told that the healing is EXCRUCIATINGLY painful. Well, we'll just find out for ourselves, wont we??

    I would have posted a pic, but I'm still having difficulty's decoding it.
    If my readers/friends could PLEASE give it to me step by step in simple detail . . . You might get a picture within the next hour! (Plus I finally just got tiered of feeling stupid, so I asked my mom for ...
  15. One . . . More . . . Try

    Alright! First, before I try ANYTHING, I'd like to thank jeiru01 and Liberator for their help, and even if it still doesn't work, my thanks are not in vain!!

    now lets do this thing!!
    [IMG]<a href="https://imgur.com/XggNx"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/XggNx.jpg" alt="" title="Hosted by imgur.com" /></a>[/IMG]
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