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  1. Hotaru's Avatar
    I know, but I still feel like a horrible person, knowing what i know.
  2. Fenris's Avatar
    ha, but who can resist the call of delicious white chocolate......... mmmmmmmmm......... to hell with the other type's, all i like is white chocolate.
  3. morielbangis's Avatar
    this post made me want to eat chocolates. *runs to the nearest convenient store*
  4. Free's Avatar
    looks so good lol
  5. Hotaru's Avatar
    *covers mouth* Oh God!!!! Can't believe I posted this :0
  6. Hotaru's Avatar
    :0 How could I treat them less than...I live with them....I sleep with them
  7. Fenris's Avatar
    eh, all it takes for me is a bit of patience. which i have alot of.
  8. Fenris's Avatar
    ha, thats why i assert my dominance over animals, they don't think like a person, so i don't treat them as such.
  9. mlcdl's Avatar
    Hahaha I know how you feel. I also feel like the same harsh judgement should be done already. But it is as Paperroses posted here, either that or more donation will solve the problem.
  10. Paperroses's Avatar
    Lol. Either that or we all donate more to contribute to the stability of our servers! =D
  11. Hotaru's Avatar
    @ZenNaari omg!!! lmao cheers!!!!
  12. ZenNaari's Avatar
    A wild Zen appeared O_O!!! NOOOO!!!! my nick is no longer original...Y^Y

    @hotaru... Grammar Nazi: whether, whether...
  13. Hotaru's Avatar
    Zen861 why should I become a vegan??!!! o.O I feel that by not buying the chocolates made by the companies that stands on the pillars of child slavery, is doing my part, weather the product is done or not, weather or not it may seem like I'm not doing much to you. this is my way of doing something about it, ok Zen861??!!!
  14. TheAndrogynousKnight's Avatar
    why don't you become a vegan too
    the product is done
    instead of not buying, eating
    what you gotta do if you feel bad is do something about it
  15. musikalles's Avatar
    Zen, those are my favorite chocolate companies too. /woahhh
  16. ZenNaari's Avatar
    If I have to speak for classic "like a sir" tasting chocolate... I can't decide with Ferero Roche or Lindt...
  17. Hotaru's Avatar
    awwww...pfffft... sorry ahahahahaaa but when one's tasted the creations that Thorntons offers up, well it's kind of hard to accept anything less. Thorntons is like the Aston Martin of the chocolate world *pats Zen on the shoulders*
  18. ZenNaari's Avatar
    Hershey... mediocre?... HERSHEY?... MEDIOCRE?!

    Thanks for ruining my childhood! *runaway crying*
  19. Hotaru's Avatar
    I quite like Green and Black (especially the white chocolate with the bits of vanilla) but we don't have that brand in my country (my country is a very small island) but I intend to indulge when I get to London for the summer. @zen yeeeeeea not really thinking to suing the companies, just going to stop eating the chocolates produced by them o.o. I think Hershey is in on banning the child slavery but their products are sssssoo mediocre *vomit vomit*
  20. ZenNaari's Avatar
    We live in a world where boycotting doesn't work anymore. There will always be a large buyer somwhere. So if you really want to contribute in order for those children to be free, you're going to want to spend money for their relief goods. And as for the chocolate companies, well, sue them. One question they will likely ask you in court will be "Isn't it true that you love these chocolates?" reply, "Yes, it is true. But after learning about where it comes from. I say that it is unacceptable for slave children blah blah..."

    Stopping something takes twice the effort as starting it. Be ready for anything. Make sure the jury is appealing and you have a good lawyer. They'll keep the company but will make a ban for child slavery. They will probably still make those kids work but will be paid wages and given shelter >.> be ready for anything out there in court.

    Right now, I sound unappealing. I'm sorry. I just wanted to say something to this and this is what I came up with.
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