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  1. So I Had This Plan.

    When the priviledged look around, they see others like them and those slightly underneath them, looking up.

    "Nothing wrong here!" they say cheerfully.

    But at the very bottom, the light is blocked by the bodies of the many people above.
    Those who find themselves here struggle to find a way up into the light. They ask those above if they can help pull everyone into the atmosphere, so that the light is shared equally.

    But are there even ...
  2. Told Noone To Worry

    A second draft has been written, though not many changes have apparently been made.

    Spoiler for Solar Flares - Draft 2

    I hope we're not all sick of this story all ready. I mean, I really liked it when I read it again after getting some work done. Hopefully, you guys do too.
    Tags: woohehe~
  3. Daily Redundance of the Day.

    It is 3 minutes from the 19th of June, as of the writing of this sentence.

    My shirt stinks.

    Sometimes, I feel like the world on the other side of the fence, or the other side of the window, isn't real. As if the only real world is the one on my side. I could explain that by thinking that I can't go there, so I don't need to think it's real. But it's an awkward feeling since I know it's not true. Perhaps too much video games.

    School's over, last exam has ...
    Tags: nothing much
  4. It was raining.

    I wrote a litto poem, thought you guys would be intewested.

    Spoiler for Poem
    Tags: poetry, woohehe~