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  1. Marble Soda~

    When I came across this song in Youtube, I fell in love with it in an instant
    Just wanted to share this adorable song to everyone :3

    I heard this song is a mash-up of 153 songs, which is totally cool~
  2. 143 ♥ // Entry~

    Since it's Valentines Day,

    I would like to share the story I made about me and Kodaka~

    It's quite long though, so please bear with me @[email protected]

    I used a lot of my imagination in this one XD

    This also serves as my entry for the "I am (Never) Alone" side event.



    Updated 02-16-2015 at 05:29 AM by Kathleen Senpai

  3. ❤ A Daily Reminder for the One I Love ❤

    ❤A Daily Reminder for the One I Love❤


    "Remember that True Love is forever
    and there is no love truer than the
    love I feel for you. Remember you're
    the most wonderful thing that has ever
    happened to me, my happy ending, my
    dream come true, my friend and love all
    wrapped up in one. I Love you~!"

    - by Rachyl Talyor
  4. ~Quote of the day ;)

    Hello :3 I just wanna share this Lovely Quote to all of you guys!~

    I really love this quote:

    Roses are Red,
    Violets are Blue,
    You may not know it,
    But somebody Loves you~

    I wanna share this quote because I know a lot of us thinks that we are never going to find love, but I think this Quote proves it, and I truly believe that this is True ~~
    I know some of us are afraid to fall in love because we are
  5. Share your Favorite Anime titles here :)

    HELLO!! Please share your Favorite anime titles for people to watch!
    Share the title, the Plot (But no Spoilers ),
    the genre, you can also put some pictures and share your comments on that anime!
    Thank you :)
  6. Ecchi Anime Recommendations :D

    Hello~~~ Kathleen here! This is my first time to blog so I'm scared...
    Ahihihihi... okie. So for my first blog are only for the people who are Ecchi addicts :). Here are the list of Ecchi animes that are really cool :D

    1. Maken-Ki
    2. Green Green
    3. Shuffle!
    4. Omamari Himari
    5. Aki-sora
    6. Kiss X sis
    7. Kanokon
    8. To Love Ru
    9. I.S. Infinite Stratos
    10. Penguin Musume Heart
    11. Highschool DxD
    12. Kono ...

    Updated 10-12-2013 at 06:15 AM by Kathleen Senpai

  7. Name Colors Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowsLiyte View Post
    This thread shows each possible name color, as well as how to obtain that color for yourself. If you're reading this please feel free to link it to new users, considering the question comes up all of the time.


    Gray (Junior Member): Users with the gray name color are new users who have been with OtakuStreamers for under one month or have not posted at least 30 posts in the forums.

    Orange (OS Regular): Orange represents users who have been with