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  1. mlcdl's Anime Recommendations (Ongoing anime recommendation)

    This list solely base from my personal opinion and agreeing with this would depends on viewer interest. I will put a little bit info about the title I will mention on this as well.

    Title: Btooom!
    - adapted from the manga from the same name and animated by Madhouse, this is an anime that would take the interest of viewers that in the mood to see a battle royal death-match story.

    The setting on this one is trying to keep in touch with reality which increase the ...
  2. Sket Dance ep17 Funny Bunny

    So to those who enjoy Sket Dance ep17, I think that you also enjoy the last song they played on the band contest.

    spoiler for the sket dance version(incomplete)
    Spoiler :  

    the song version of Sket Dance still not complete or better to say not yet release and on all video at youtube Ive seen, found something interesting on this one.If you guys already heard or seen the anime FLCL, then the song would be familiar.Why? ...
  3. Anime Song Playlist in my phone(alphabetical order)part2

    The second part of the list is here but before that, I want to stay in consistency in the title even I found it wrong in grammar. Rather than fixing the 1st one which is already seen by the public a long time, I rather continue on that one wrong thing.

    Anyway back to the list, I shall start with D

    Daydream Syndrome - Marina Fujiwara

    translation of the lyrics
    Spoiler :  
  4. Anime Song Playlist in my phone(alphabetical order)part1

    Seeing the blog having anime songs topic from a long time ago in here and seeing it again by the recent blogs, I decided to tell mine. Though rather than favorites alone, I'll put the whole list of anime song in my playlist.

    Before I begin, I'm gonna take note that the translations of the lyrics come from gendou.

    The song of my anime song from A.
    Aka no Seijaku - Ishida Youko

    translation for the lyrics. ...
  5. Madoka "Will Be Cancelelled!"

    Ok thanks to a certain link of ranmachua to the forum, I found out this one and which probably a negative to those who enjoy this series which includes me.

    OK the next content I'm gonna post came from a reliable source of anime information at the same time you could say as a H site so I cant post the link here but only the content.

    Magical puella detractors are becoming rather excited that their efforts to get Madoka canned for being filled with scenes of magical ...

    Updated 03-04-2011 at 10:16 AM by mlcdl

  6. Back to yu-gi-oh! customization...

    It's already been a year since the last time I customize a yu-gi-oh deck due to one of my friend who also my partner on customizing yu-gi-oh! deck ask me. So he ask for the old deck idea we use to play and use this card deck to fight against the newly syncro card generation. He asks me about my edited binder fire deck, forbidden deck(forbidden cause it consist of forbidden cards) and a dragon deck. Though we dont like the syncro gen of the card game, we though of using some of this card to support ...

    Updated 01-17-2011 at 09:13 PM by mlcdl

  7. My Anime Song Collection Division

    I thought of putting the division of the anime songs I always play.

    The anime music I'll post here is the TV size but what I meant on each post here is the whole song

    It was divided into 3 which are calming,moderate rock, and awakening type

    The representative for the calming song is

    The song is entitled "Kutsuzure". As you see, this song came Black Cat. This song is good ...

    Updated 11-28-2010 at 10:41 PM by mlcdl

  8. A Year of OS

    As of today, this will be the first year I am here at OS.

    I was introduced to this site by one of my classmate who also watch anime. He was a member of this site but I dont know his username so I havent put his username on the referral.

    At first, I only intend to watch on the site not until I see an interesting topic on the forum. Being specific, it was on the anime talk and the discussion is about the the most annoying character.

    That made me active to the ...
  9. Introduction

    Hmmmm how should I start it?...Oh well I'm not really someone who like to post something like blog but lately I thought that I should try some since that I also do the same with forum threads.

    Probably mostly of my blogs come from random.

    So that's it...that's finish my introduction