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06-10-2011, 07:05 AM
My first FT FF. Reviews pls.. and hope you guys would like it! this FF may contain a bit of "****"s. safe for young readers to read(rated T) and... this story is also in FF.. under the pen name Akaenji(which is me) =) enjoy the story

Chapter 1: Kicked out

“This is stupid Dad! I’m going to school?” I yelled out loud. “We’re rich, and I’m pretty sure we can afford to pay a tutor and home school!”

My father stood up from his seat and with a slam of his fists, I knew his decision was final. There is nothing much I could do about it. As I stormed into my room to pack my belongings, I came across a small red box hidden beneath a sea of folded clothes. I took a good long look at it, debating to myself if I should open it. I closed my eyes and sighed as I heard my father’s deep voice telling me to hurry up. I stuffed it into my luggage and hurried down to the door before my father’s rage would engulf his little mind.

A car was waiting for me. Javier, my driver, took the luggage from me and carefully placed them in the boot of the car. My father stood like a rock in front of the gate. His emotion is hidden behind his stoic appearance. I gazed at him sending him a silent message, good bye, as the car disappeared into the horizon. I fell asleep during the entire trip to only-god-knows-where. The next thing I knew, I was in a small town called Magnolia.

Javier unpacked my belongings and helped me out in arranging the furniture of my new home. My new home is small, compared to the other houses my family owned. It has an empty well maintained garden, a big fridge and a cozy living room. This is definitely not right! I will, and I must admit it, I am spoiled. I cannot get used to this kind of lifestyle! I cannot believe my father would do this! I am going to find a way out of this mess and I am going to use whatever means necessary!

“Before I go Miss Heartfilia, I was ordered to pass you this letter.” Javier dug into his coat and passed me the letter, “It is from your father. All the details are inside.”

I took the letter and he bowed, signaling that he has to leave. I stood at the door for a few seconds before entering the house to R.O.L, Rant.Out.Loud. I sat on the couch in the living room and tore open the letter. As I read it, I R.O.L-ed .
Great, thank you loads Dad. You are such a kind and stupid father! What am I? A peasant?! No maids, no cooks, no car and worst, no food?! This is absurd! I threw a near-by pillow to the wall and growled. Argh, this is stupid. I took the cash sandwiched in the letter and stormed out of the house. I took 5 steps away from the house only to return to switch off all the lights and whatever electrical appliances which was not in use before remembering to lock the door. Sheesh, what a hectic life peasants live.

My first stop was the convenient store. Yes, the convenient store. I only went in because the store is called “convenient”. I scanned the store. A tall young man with pink hair dressed in what appears to be a uniform, came up to me and said, “Need any help, Miss?” I looked at him and gave him a reply, “I need food. Give me some”.

He scratched his head and looked around.
“What kind of food, Miss? We’ve got junk food, Microwave-cooked food, instant noodles and lots more. Anything in particular, Miss?” He said.
“Look, I have about 50 bucks to get a month’s supply of food. I do not care what kind of food you have here. As long as it is delicious, I’ll buy it. Get it?” I barked at him.

He handed me a basket and smiled.

“Well, if that is the case, then, all the best with your food hunt” He sarcastically replied as he walked away.

I felt a vein in my head pop. Wow, great costumer service Pinky. I gave him a deadly glare before turning around to look for food. My visit to the convenient store was not as bad as I thought it would be. I have never seen so many things packed within a confined space. I saw a bottled drink for the first time in my life. Everything a peasant kid wants is in here. Anyway, I needed food. I grabbed a couple of instant noodles, microwave-cooked foods and the food that every peasant wants, junk food. I even bought milk and a couple of other drinks which I have never heard of, just like the blackish-brown liquid packed in a red bottle, also known as Coca-cola.

I never saw the pink-haired boy again and I hope I won’t. I rushed home as it was getting dark. 2 days from now I have to attend school. And I have exactly 2 days to figure out how to get there. My budget is tight and I am forced to live like a peasant. Good thing there is a “thing” called the internet.