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Story takes place in between novel 6 and 7~
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To see is to believe.
To feel is to realize.
The unknown does not exist.
The lie cannot hold true.

But what if that was false?
What if the lie became a truth, and the truth became a lie?
A paradox of reality, where something exists and yet isn’t recognized.
What is there beyond that, when you can’t even trust yourself?

/Existing Reality –Masami Fujin–

Chapter 1 – Dream Spiral

I woke up, sweat pouring down my face. The room was dark, the sun not yet risen from its murky depths. Wiping my eyes with one hand, I felt around for my glasses with the other.

They weren’t there. I frowned.

‘Shiki.’ I stopped moving, waiting for her response. A minute passed, and my sense of confusion intensified.

No one answered.

‘Shiki,’ I said again, a weird feeling of doubt swelling up inside of me. Where was she? ‘Shiki. Shiki.’ The silence stretched on, mixing with the darkness that was all I could see. A small sense of panic crept into my mind, and I renewed my search for the glasses. After another minute of rummaging randomly, my fingers brushed something. Relived, I grabbed hold of it.

Something was wrong.

The object felt sticky in my hands, as if some weird liquid was coated around it. Holding up my stained palm, I brought it to my nose.

No scent. My frown widening, I pondered whether or not to do the unthinkable. To taste exactly what this unknown substance was. For some reason, though, I was in an experimental mood. Opening my mouth, I pressed a finger to my tongue.

And gagged. Realization of what I had just consumed came to me immediately.


My panic intensified, and I forced myself to feel out the object again. Reaching out, I heard the clang of metal clashing with the ground. My hand reached the object again, and I froze in shock. It was a different feeling then before, the object now soft and slightly prickly.

Hair. I pressed my other hand to my mouth, suppressing the urge to vomit. Alarm flooded my mind. What happened?

‘Shiki,’ I said again, my voice sounding unnatural as it broke the still silence. ‘Shiki. Shiki!’

‘What?’ I opened my eyes. Shiki looked at me with an annoyed expression, her face inches from mine. I blinked several times.

‘Good morning,’ I managed to force out. She tilted her head at me, short strands of hair scattered across her face.

‘Weirdo.’ Turning around, I picked up my glasses and put them on. Getting up, I walked over to the window and pulled back the curtains. Blinding light assaulted me, and I covered my head with a hand as I looked out at the city. It was business as usual; cars going for the morning rush and students walking to their schools. Also getting up, Shiki yawned and walked over to the fridge. Opening it, she took out a bottle of water and downed it in one gulp.

‘You shouldn’t drink like that,’ I said, gazing at her with slight amusement, ‘you’re a girl after all.’

‘Shut up,’ she responded flatly, ‘it’s my own free will.’ I shrugged.

‘True.’ She narrowed her eyes, her face suggesting that she thought that he was making fun of her. Throwing the empty bottle away, she took out another one.

‘You’re still going to drink!?’ She threw it at me, barely giving me time to catch it.

‘It’s for you,’ she replied, and began putting on her kimono. Smiling, I sipped the water.


Fully dressed, we left the building. Shiki wore her usual red jacket, I my usual turtleneck sweater.

‘So what was that all about anyway?’ she asked, her eyes calmly looking forward as they crossed an intersection.

‘Well…’ I began, not sure how to describe it.


‘A bad dream…or something like that, I guess.’ They reached Touko’s office, the inconspicuous doorway closed on them. Reaching over, I knocked.

‘Coming!’ a deep but feminine voice called from inside.

‘You’d better tell her about it, Kokuto,’ Shiki said, looking at him with what seemed like curiosity. I nodded.


05-19-2011, 11:34 PM
‘That’s what you would call a dream spiral.’ Lighting up a cigarette, Touko frowned at me. ‘It’s not a good sign.’

‘And what exactly is a dream spiral?’ I asked, handing Shiki a cup of coffee. She sipped the drink quietly in the corner of the room.

‘In simple terms, a phenomenon where your mind begins to return to the origin,’ she answered calmly, ‘the main name for it is reverse spiral. Fortunately, a dream-oriented one is the weakest and most common.’ Shiki looked at her.

‘But isn’t the origin the magician’s final objective?’ I asked, ‘why am I going towards it?’ Touko shook her head.

‘You don’t understand. The origin that a magician seeks is the truth; the origin of a reverse spiral is oblivion. Both exist as a beginning and an end. One side is far different from the other, however.’

‘Huh…’ Taking off her glasses, she stared at me with a piercingly serious look.

‘You said that it was dark in the dream. Could it have been that you actually couldn’t see at all?’ I looked up, wracking my brain for the memory.

‘I suppose so.’ She nodded, taking another pull of the cigarette.

‘In the dream, you were deprived of your sense of sight.’ She exhaled, the smoke twisting in a small spiral as it left her mouth. Shiki and I watched it float and dissipate silently.

‘Originally,’ she continued, ‘all existence moves away from the death origin, growing in power and significance as it does. If it goes back, however, than it in turn begins to lose that power. Had you continued, you would have lost you smell, taste, touch, and hearing in that order. The box from which you experience the world would have shrunken until it ceased to exist.’ She crushed the cigarette, and the smoke completely disappeared.
‘Then you will die.’

‘But why is Kokuto experiencing that?’ Shiki asked, her face looking more intrigued than worried, ‘this guy’s the epitome of normal.’ Touko shrugged.

‘It’s hard for me to tell without going into his mind, which I absolutely refuse to do. However…’ She gazed at me ponderously.

‘What?’ I asked, a nervous smile creeping to my face. Strangely enough, I wasn’t too worried about it. Crazier things have happened, after all.

‘You’re a magnet for weird things, so I wouldn’t be surprised if an outside force is causing this.’ She shook her head. ‘No, I’m probably reading too much into it.’ Getting up, she handed me a small screw. I studied it, twirling the piece of metal around my finger.

‘This is?’

‘Keep it with you when you sleep. If something is trying to break into your mind then this will keep it away.’ She sat back down,
opening one of the many binders scattered across her cluttered desk.

‘No matter what, do not let anyone else touch it.’ I pocketed the screw.

‘So what’s the job today?’ Shiki asked, losing interest in my dream. Touko put her glasses back on, her fiery auburn hair glistening in the dim light.

‘Bodyguard.’ Shiki stared at her in disbelief.


‘You heard me,’ she continued, an amused smile on her face. Reaching over, she handed me the binder. Adjusting my own glasses,
I quickly scanned through the page.

‘Masami Fujin, sixteen years old. Lost her sight three years ago in an accident and has just gotten out of the hospital.’

‘Your job is to protect her,’ she said, lighting another cigarette.

‘From what?’ From her tone it was obvious that Shiki wasn’t happy with the assignment. Touko shrugged.

‘No idea. Our client this time is her guardian. When I asked him about it he just said that he couldn’t answer and that we’d find out eventually. It’s a shady job, but we’re almost out of money and this one pays big bucks.’

‘Speaking of which, I still haven’t gotten my pay-check for this month yet,’ I mumbled. She laughed nervously.

‘Don’t worry, you’ll get it when this is done.’

‘How long?’ Shiki asked, resigning herself to the task.

‘One week. Starting today.’ She glanced at the large clock on the wall. ‘Go to her house now. Apparently she wants to hear the ocean waves.’

‘Alright,’ I replied, memorizing the profile and address. Closing the binder, I placed it back onto the table.

‘Let’s go, Shiki.’ Sighing, Shiki put on her small red jacket. Walking out, we left Touko’s office.

‘Watch out for cars!’ she called as the door slammed shut.