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10-15-2010, 07:12 AM
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so a little something first why is it called "Sinulto/Arthost" well its a combination of Sining(art) and multo(Ghost) their you have it. so the story didn't really go like that and i wasn't planning to make it as a manga but our Prof. ask us to make a manga so i think "maybe this will be okay" and we need to finish it in 1 week yeah. i did it all by myself everything you can see in that manga. well its individual so no choice.

okay next is mangaka's rants... well i think the story is really weird and it feels so random. the grammar is a fail, the paneling is not good, well but i still like the characters, oww and another thing i failed to make it as a 10 pager =__=, anyways here it is hope you enjoy it :3

this manga is read from right to left

okay thats it thanks for reading :3
chances of me continuing this is 80%
i am 80% that i am not going to continue this lol