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07-25-2010, 08:55 AM
"Disclaimer : I do not own High School of the Dead."
My Highschool Of The Dead!

Hi, this is ZenNaari. Making a fanfic of the well loved manga and killer hit addictive anime HOTD! So today. I'm going to be making this fanfic for reasons of...
-Uber excitedness for the next HOTD epsiode
-An attempt to take my mind off HOTD
-For the entertainment of my readers

And of course


So... Here we go... Oh btw... Since the classroom is going to read this, I will be using real names... Nicknames... But based on their real name... And I'll keep the story short since I was never good at making fanfics... So... Enjoy!

Chapter 1, Pens and Rulers

Just a while ago I was eating breakfast at home. I think I just said my final goodbye to my parents and little brother. My old friends in whom I cared for, will I ever see them again?

It all started at the school gate. Some arab was trying to get the gate open. Til' the guard got on his nerves and opened the gate. But on his attempt to beat him up, the arab grabbed the guard by his shoulders and devoured his neck.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Guna went to complain to the guard about his strict manner. But she freaked out after seeing the large bite on his neck and even Mrs. Guna was victimized.

The halls were quiet. And Mrs. Guna went to the classroom. Usually, the class would keep quiet until the teacher would say good morning. But today, the students stood up to greet her first.

"Good Morning Mrs. Guna!" Everyone stood up.

However, Mrs. Guna grabbed the first person she heard, Zen, and attempted to bite him.

"Holy Crap!" Zen used the CoAram Steel pen as a knife to stab Mrs. Guna's head.

"Woah! It's a zombie... It's a real zombie." Keith pointed.

After moment of silence, Zen screamed in fear, "I was about to get bitten by that thing!" he pointed at the body.

"Zen, you okay?" Jus asked. Coming closer to inspect the body.

Then another scream was heard in the auditorium. Class Gr.9, the class of Mrs. Guna, went to look at what happened. There, random people started devouring each other.

"This reminds me of an anime I watched." Jake commented.

"Zombies! I can die happy!" Keith exclaimed.

The zombies heard the noise and started coming to the boys.

"This is bad! Run!" Jake commanded.

Zen just stood there a bit, "It's real! It's damn real!" then he ran back to the classroom with the others.

And thus it continued the devouring and dismembering of human flesh as blood showered everywhere.

"Come on guys, check your bags! We just might find something useful!" Zen commanded.

"Why should we listen to you?" Pau asked, though he also searched his bag.

"Just go look for something." Gen searched his bag hastily.

"If you have any drawing compasses, steel pens, metal rulers... Those might work." Jake took out his stuff.

"We can make a short spear with a ruler and a compass." Ian took out his tape.

And everyone made sure that everyone had their own weapon. Though they were dissappointed that it had to be recycled.

They opened the door, only to find that the Gr. 6-A students have been victimized. They barged in as the door opened.

And thus started the slaughter. Though using very weak weapons, the Gr. 6-A students were weak as well. So all ended with the only problem being the blood all over the floor.

"They were only Gr. 6 students. So these things just barely worked." Jake noticed.

"You're right." Zen commented, "The others are undoubtedly stronger."

Then, a wood-snapping sound was heard. Gen destroyed his chair and started trying to pull the metal leg off. The class joined him and they have found another weapon to use.

Coming up... Chapter 2 - Tables and Chairs

Well... That's the best I can do for a fanfic... Please comment ^^