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Well... This is a story I made and it is my first time to write one so feel free to comment. I accept criticism because I want to improve on my writing. So, enjoy reading!

Daybreak 0: Daybreak & Twilight

Welcome to Laguna. A small island in the farther side of the world filled with magic and mystery. It is filled with Narra trees that bloom marigold flowers during the cold tropical season. My name is Rey Nightcover, I moved into the island just a month ago. During my middle school days, people call me ?Daybreak?, a translation of my last name. The reason I moved in here is for health reasons. The witch doctor that I consulted back in my country said that I should move into this island because of its relaxing and healing abilities. I?m not really sure if he would be right about what he said but I went anyway just to see how it was. It takes a four day ferry ride to arrive in this island. I got fascinated with the beauty of the island. It is very mysterious yet so beautiful. It has a total of three small towns, two mountains, one which seems to be an inactive volcano and the other flows a waterfall which leads to the river. The three small towns are named Castel, Ameri and Nihan. The biggest one, Castel is where I reside right now. It is filled with Castillian architecture and the houses are made of stone. Famous for its stores on the island, Ameri is the most modern in terms of development in the island. With modern houses supplied by solar power, even though they are small in size, they are highly innovative and environment friendly. The last town is Nihan, a town which is said to be a town for murderers. I do not know why but that?s what I heard I haven?t been there yet.

I reside in the Twilight Manor, the biggest house in town. It was surprisingly cheap for its size, so I took it. The moment I moved in, the caretaker came to attend to my needs. He is an old man, his face wrinkled, although he looks old, his hair is still black and although his skin is white as a mannequin.

?Here?s your hot tea, Daybreak.? The old man has said while I am writing on my journal at the balcony. I stop writing and look at him.

I smile at him and say, ?Thanks Arbel.? I took a sip of hot tea. It is green tea. Although it does not really have taste, it is pretty relaxing that it took all the pressure in my head about writing. As I place the cup of tea on the tea plate, gentle breeze sways the trees and my brown messy short black hair. I close my big brown eyes and listen to the sway of the trees, breathing deeply taking in the fresh air.

?You are very kind Daybreak for letting me live in here even though you bought this house.? Arbel said to me while enjoying the fresh breeze. ?I have no more relatives to take care and since the death of the owner, I was tasked to take care of this house until I find a new owner.?

I began to start talking with my eyes closed, ?Don?t worry.? I gave him a smile, ?I needed your help anyway and I do not have company here so I might as well make a good friend of a wise old man like you to show me around.? I smirk at him opening my eyes.

?Who are you calling old!?? Arbel said with a face trying to keep his wrinkled face and his eyebrows from crossing. I laugh at his angry face and later he joined me after realizing I was just teasing him. ?Well you?re right I am a wise old man around here. If you need anything you can ask me.?

?Oh yeah?? I paused to look at what I wrote at my journal, ?You told me that the owner has a lost daughter. Could you tell me about her? She?s the one on the portrait in the middle of the stairs, right??

?Ah? You mean Madam Losaly?? Arbel lifted the teapot and poured tea on my cup. ?I was just a newly instated butler at this house three years ago. I?ve never heard the owner about her, I only hear rumors that she went to Nihan and never came back ever since.?

?Well thanks anyway, Arbel. Oh by the way, why are you acting like my butler? You don?t have to do this you know?? I cheerfully said to him.

?Let?s just say that being a butler is my way of repaying your kindness.? Arbel said taking the cup of tea that he poured for me and drank it.

?Uhm? That?s my cup Arbel. If you wanted some tea, you should have gotten your own cup.? I told him with a straight laced face.

After teatime, I decided to stand up and take a walk downstairs. As I walk down, I can?t help but look at the portrait of Losaly Twilight. Her face looks so beautiful. Her hair as gold as the sun and eyes dazzling like jade. Her expression is so charming that I can?t help but be charmed by the portrait. I am on the verge of touching her cheeks when the doorbell rang. Since Arbel is doing the dishes at the kitchen and will cook out lunch afterwards, I decide to check who it wass.

I opened the door and saw the man at the gate. ?Package for Daybreak!? The man shouted from the gate. I waved my hand to say hello.

?Milch! It?s been a while. How?s your day?? Milch is the only postman in Castel. Even though he is the only one, he is very efficient in his work. Well, not like there?s anyone else to compare his performance with.

?Hey Daybreak! Long time no see. Here, catch!? Milch threw the package in the air. I leaped into the air and caught it by my left hand. I held it tight and used my right hand to pivot myself back up the moment I touched the ground. ?As expected from a previous bard, keen reflexes you have there.? Milch said giving me a clap.

?Who are you calling a bard!? I?m just a musician; my reflexes are due to my search for good music around the world during my healthy days.? I stood up cleaning my hands by dusting my jeans.

?Oh yeah, right, you move in here for your health. You must be really convinced by that witch doctor to live here. I wonder how? With reflexes like that it?s impossible you are sick.? Milch told me fixing the cluttered mail in his mailbag.
?I?ll find out soon what?s wrong with me. I?ll be going for a walk now; you better get those mails delivered.? I opened the gates as I say those words. I waved goodbye at him and went out of town.
As I walk out of town, Narra blossoms began to fall as the winds carry them away. As I walk the path going to Ameri, I reach into my pocket and draw out my flute. I cleaned up the mouthpiece with a tissue. I threw it on the next trash bin. The path I took to Ameri splits into two ways, one goes to Ameri and the other to Nihan. I have not been to Nihan before so I decided to take the route.

The path to Nihan leads me to a forest. It is a very foggy forest even though it?s already ten o?clock in the morning. The more I go through the forest, the more I couldn?t see. I decided to continue walking and then realizing that I am gaining visibility.

?Must be Nihan?? I said to myself so I quickly ran to see the town. I was wrong. It was a cliff. I do not realize I am on top of the mountain taking that path to Nihan. I forgot that the people never use this path due to many people missing, they use boats to get to Nihan and they rarely go there due to its reputation. I could see the sun about to set in this cliff I?m standing in. I am surprised to find out that it took me almost a half a day to reach the mountain. It is really odd for me since I did not walk a long distance. The sun slowly sets under the sea. I cannot help but come up with an expression of a sigh in its beauty.

As the last ray of light about to diminish, the sky began to fill with the colors of indigo and patches of orange spots. It is already twilight. I moved in closer to the edge of the cliff to see sunset closer. I sat down close to the edge of the cliff. I?ve never been to the mountains for a long time after the trip due to my poor health. I haven?t told anyone what is the reason of my poor health. It is actually from this flute I carry. It is the best flute that I have ever played in my entire lifetime. I bought this in a small city in Mexico. It only cost a peso and its mouthpiece is easier to use than any other flute I?ve had. It makes good sounds at the least effort. I remember the musicians calling it the Demon Bell. They insisted that I throw it away but I would never throw such a lovely instrument. Even though somebody tries to steal it away from me it always comes back to me. It makes good music that I could compose good tunes with it. The ones that sound good are ones that have sad tones. I don?t know why but I always have a lot of people coming in and listening to my music when my tunes are low and sentimental.

Thinking about the beauty of the scenery, I decided to draw out my flute. I placed the mouthpiece into my lips, gently clasping the keys. With the gentle breath of air, I blew gently into the mouthpiece. My hands began to move into a new tune that I just made in my mind. It is a beautiful melody as I had hoped it would be. It was a mellow, peaceful, simple yet captivating. I closed my eyes to listen to the tune as I continue playing it. The melody keeps changing as I play it. I could imagine the whole island as I play the tune.

While I was playing, I did not notice someone walk in. I was into the music that I made that I don?t want to end the thirty minute playing time. I wanted to strike another note but I decided to end the tune. Music so beautiful has to end for the beauty will be lost the longer it continues. As I open my eyes, its still the same scenery, I was surprised that I did not notice that time seems to have stopped. I heard a gentle clap behind me.

?It was a very good piece. I?ve never heard anything like it. It is for the island is it not? I could imagine the scenery here on the island as you play the tune.? The female voice after the clap uttered.

I took a glance to see who it was. It is a girl. She wears a one piece dress and a cute hat. Her hair is of indigo color as the scenery behind me as I try to look at her face. When I try to focus at her face, the wind began to blow, covering her face except her mouth. Her smile seems to have moved my heart. I feel so calm that I could not speak. I could stare at her for a long time.

The wind has stopped; her face slowly revealing as I it went back in its place. Her cold cherry red eyes made the time that had stopped move. It suddenly turned into night. It was a very dark night. No clouds are in the sky, you can only see the moon so full and red as her eyes. I felt fear running through my veins yet still I feel calm. I mustere up enough words to talk to her.

?You?re right.? I reply back. Her cold cherry eyes staring at me began to wither into a mellow look. The wind began to blow again but it was only a gentle breeze. I continued, ?The music I made reminds me of nature. I travel a lot in is search of beautiful music.?

The girl made a quiet smile and gracefully walked towards me. I follow her with my eyes and she sat beside me. She looks up to the sky and said, ?I wish I could travel too but I?m stuck in this island.? She began to look at me and asked, ?Are you traveling as well??

I give her a nod, ?Yeah? I am sort of traveling. I was on my way to Nihan but I got lost in the fog. I want to know why that place is called the place of murderers.? Her expression changed. She bows down her head and quietly cries. ?Is something wrong?? I uttered in curiosity of why she is crying.

?I? I?? The girl dries her tears, ?I?m dead? I can?t find peace!!!? I moved away a bit in shock of what I?ve just heard, ?May I know you?re name?? I asked in spite of my fear.?

?Losaly?? The girl said while crying. ?Losaly Twilight...? I cannot believe what I have heard. She is very different from the portrait. Is she really dead? It is already three years since she has been lost, maybe that is the reason.

?May I know how you died?? I ask her.

?I? can?t remember? All I remember is that I went out to find medicine for my father in Nihan. I was in a hurry that time that instead of going to the port to get a boat that I ran into this forest. I fell into an underground cave and when I woke up I was like this.? Losaly look at herself the mirror she has on the pocket.

I can?t help but feel sorry for her. ?I will find you peace? I think I should tell you my story?? I took out the Flute. ?The truth about my disease is not true. It is something much more than that...? I took a scroll out of my pocket. ?It is actually to stop me from turning into a monster? Stand up Ms. Losaly Twilight, I will help you.?

I held her hand. It is cold yet so gentle. She might really be dead, I don?t really know yet. All I know is that she is someone I need to help find peace. I might be pushing it, a love between a monster and a ghost? I better get ready. ?Can we get out of this place first??
?I?m sorry? this is a dimension that I couldn?t get out. It resembles the island but it is a timeless place. Unless my emotions bend or try to disturb the powers in this dimension that only makes the time here move but it moves fast.? She said to me while standing up. ?It is timeless in here but things that are affected by time move when I try to use my power but it seems fast-paced.?

?Hmmm?.? I gathered my thoughts. ?It seems that this is a loophole dimensions created at the time you fell from the cave. It appears to be a sealed timeline. Although it seems to move fast, it actually goes back to the time where you fell as you can see here.? I pointed at the sky and Losaly saw the sun rising up to the sky and suddenly stopped before it reaches the top of the sky. It stopped at the time of 5:33 PM, the time of sunset in Laguna.

?Yes, that?s right. It was sunset when I was on my way to Nihan. Right now, I?m running at this area and a few minutes later, I?m going to fall into the cave.? Losaly uttered slowly. I know what to do now.

?Follow me.? I have grabbed her hand and we ran away from the cliff. We went straight into the cave where she fell in. At that moment, we saw another Losaly running exhaustively. And then, we saw her trip into a rock and fall to the ground.

The ground shattered. It is already twilight. I glanced at Losaly to see her reaction. ?Are you shocked? You?ve been here for three years and you have not realized this?? She only gave me a nod. I continued, ?It must be that the cave you have fallen in is a time capsule. It traps everything that has fallen in it and seeing that this dimension trapped your soul, it means that you are not dead. The sealing of your soul in this dimension has caused your soul to deform into a lower form. It means-? I paused for a second when I felt a presence watching us. I look around me to see who it is.

?Who?s there!?? I blurted out loud in suspicion. Losaly got caught with my reaction and she starts looking for the being watching us. I began to lose my temper at that time that I reached inside my pocket for the scroll I am about to use earlier. I took out my dagger. I began to chant,

?With my blood, send people into the Light,
Throughout my life, I will be darkness.
With my name before chaos, will reveal me,
Eternal Daybreak, The Baphomet!?

As I have said those words, the scroll surrounded my body; slowly wrapping me as if I was a mummy. I could feel power surging within me, my body slowly transforming. I could feel pain yet I kept silent. I could not see a thing yet I know what will happen. I am prepared yet afraid of the outcome.

Meanwhile, she is in shock. Waiting for what will happen while I am wrapped around the scroll. I could feel pain as horns grow at the back of my head. I could feel as it rips out of the scroll, hearing a short shriek as it happens. I held my breath to endure the pain. I could feel my heart beat faster than usual. I feel like I?m being torn apart as my heart continues beat. Beating faster? faster? then? it stopped for a moment? then a sudden surge of heartbeat! My muscles contract involuntarily, a coat of fur started growing around my neck. My teeth turned into fangs and my arms grew longer. My shirt got torn apart and is replaced by a long black, leather jacket. It is only buttoned below the waist but the coat of fur around my neck that seems more like a necklace covered my body.

The scroll that wrapped around me suddenly loosens. With all the pain I have I destroyed the scroll with my strength breaking myself free from my voluntary entanglement. I stood elegantly with my new form. I now have eyes of yellow, of sparkling, of sharp and of cold. My face look more matured as if I?m twenty-three; even though I?m just nineteen. I felt like I grew taller? I feel so light? The pain I always feel is gone? Again, I transformed into a monster. I raise my hand and a giant weapon showed up. It is in the shape of a giant gothic cross, metallic in look but trust me it is lighter than a feather. It has four spheres in each end except the lower part of the cross is a handle extending up to four feet making its size up to seven feet.

Losaly is just gawking at me. I do not know yet whether it is fear or something else until? ?Waaahhh!! You look so cool!!!? She blurted out in admiration. She has started walking towards me making me feel nervous. ?You know?? She said. ?You look handsome in that look. Are those horns real?? She continued as she walks to my back and started touching my horn. She started poking my horns and I just ignored it. She kept on poking and poking until I grew irritated.

?It?s real alright! These are real horns!? I blurted out in anger. My face is emotionless when I blurted it out. That?s because one-fourth of my brain is focused on attending to Losaly while three-fourths are focused in finding out who is watching us.
My yellow Baphomet eyes are different from normal eyes. It pays attention to every detail it captures much like the humans? motion detectors only mine are super sensitive that I can increase my detection that I can detect the movement of atomic structures but I haven?t tried it yet or I might go dizzy and faint if I detect more than billions of movement at a time.
I held my weapon with my right hand and started raising it. My eyeballs involuntarily moved to the left. It detected a 0.5 millisecond movement in the grass. Only three things can move the grass at that point, me, Losaly or the tearing apart of the dimension but none of the three elements have caused it to move.

04-20-2010, 07:51 AM
?I can see you hiding there! Please answer me why you are watching us?? I suddenly said it that it made Losaly stop poking my horns. The enemy vanished from my sight. I got a glimpse of it. It is a short man, far different from a dwarf or a gnome. It is something new than I usually solve then.
I used one-eighth of my brain to talk to Losaly, ?About what I said regarding my travels, they are all true. But besides music, I also search for lost souls?? I have started jumping in the air as I continue, ?people like you who are in need of salvation from the darkness?? As I fall down from the sky I continued, ?Salvation from people like me?? As I land, my weapon is already held back to the small man or rather? an earthbound trapper.
?What are you doing here earthbound trapper? Speak why have you imprisoned this girl here for three years?? I jolted my weapon a bit. It made the earthbound trapper move a crawl backward.
It replied with a hissing voice, ?I was paid by someone to take her body without her soul. I took the payment he gave me so I went on as planned. Since the payment would last for 20 years, I did it right away? Hehehe? I never thought it is so easy to grab her body? After three years I guess her body is already being used by that man as a container?? The greedy bastard. You could say earthbound trappers are a sub-species of goblins. They find souls of humans and separate their souls and bodies and use the souls they capture as toys.
At that moment I realize who the earthbound trapper is talking about. He is ?that? man. The reason I am a Baphomet right now. I thought he is lost in time, but now I have a lead. She uses this Losaly?s body as a container? A container for what? My yellow eyes detected movement from the earthbound trapper?s nails. From it, snakes began to come out.
With my instinct, I used my weapon. ?You made the wrong move, padre!? I swing it lightly and the snakes disappeared. I let my hammer fall unto the trapper and say, ?Rest in peace under my Demon Bell!? The moment my weapon hit the earthbound trapper?s nose, he disappeared and later on? the strongest wind began to move everything.

I look at Losaly and have grabbed her hand instinctively. We run into the cave in which she fell. The next thing I knew, we are falling from the sky. We have landed on the same spot where the cave was only it disappeared. It is already evening and the fog is already gone. ?Are you alright, Ms. Twilight?? I said to her while I was looking away.

?Thank you?? I have heard her say. I didn?t make a move and started walking. The pains in my body are coming back again. The horns at the back of my head began to shrink until it is all gone. My eyes returned to its hazelnut color. I don?t know what I can tell her knowing that her body is still not found. That man will pay for having destroyed this girl?s life. She is the last of his family, already thought dead and now found she can?t get back to her old life. I can?t do anything for her right now.

I tell her, ?Your soul is still deformed, you will slowly return to your normal look after a few days. The deformation of your soul is of a different kind it is not harmful to you, it?s just an effect of you being trapped in that dimension. Just stay away from sunlight or it might cause an effect to your form right now since some dimensions alter your spiritual affinity or your ability to adapt to the environment. Oh and by the way, if there are any problems, visit me at your old house, I live there now.?

I continue walking until I finally got back to my house. Arbel is waiting for me. He gives me a bow and says, ?Welcome back, Master Daybreak. Lunch is served. Shall I prepare another table for the young lady or just another chair??

I curiously ask him, ?What do you mean, ?young lady??? He pointed his hand behind me. I look back and Losaly is there waving her hand smiling at me.

?Don?t worry; I won?t cause you any trouble.? She whispers. She is breathing. What did she do? ?I?m using some of the powers that I still got in that dimension. Until I find my body, I?ll remain in this form.? She adds.

I reply with a whisper back to her, ?Okay? He must not know you?re still in ghost form. He might get a heart attack. Can you make that body of yours a little warmer? I can feel your cold aura from here. Arbel is a gentleman from Europe. He might kiss your hand.?

Losaly gave me a quiet smile and whispered, ?That?s easy. I made some modifications for this body.? She took my hand and pulled me towards her. We both fell to the ground and before I could blink. I could feel her cold lips touching mine. She blush in embarrassment that I felt her cold lips warming up again. Arbel is surprised from what he saw but he just shrugged it off with low-toned laughter.

?I see that she is your girlfriend. You are pretty sly Master Daybreak. Shall I prepare a bed for you two?? Arbel teased. I look at Losaly and see her blushing. I return to my sanity after my first kiss. I have made Losaly stand up by holding her hand.

?Arbel, I?d like you to meet my fianc?, Reena Neowater. She?ll be staying with us for a while until her family recovers from a recession. Please treat her well.? I suddenly have uttered still thinking about the kiss. Losaly have just smiled in unison. Arbel didn?t probe deeper since he trusts me. I have to say that I am embarrassed that time.

?Uhm?. Neowater? Could you think of a better family name than Neowater?? She said to me angrily.

?Sorry. I couldn?t think of anything else but my hometown. Don?t worry. I?m sure things would turn out alright. Besides, since I told Arbel you?re undergoing a recession, he wouldn?t probe questions into you anymore.? I confidently tell her.

?Why is that? How can you tell that he wouldn?t? What if he would?? Losaly said right to my face.

I began to blush remembering our kiss, ?Uhmmm? Well?? I pause for a moment to regain my composure. ?Arbel is the type of person who does not want to get involve in business or depressing matters, so he tends to avoid it. Remember your father? He served him well yet he did not probe into the family tragedy which is supposed to be you. To tell you frankly, even if he found out you are Losaly Twilight, he wouldn?t care.?

?Then why did you tell him I?m your fianc??? She told me and tried to whack me in the head with tight-fisted hand. I have not budged from the position. Sweat drops started rolling from Losaly?s forehead and stayed hid at the back of the front door.

I have started laughing at her expression and said to her, ?Well? much like what you did, Arbel is afraid of everything supernatural. If finds out you are a living ghost, what do you think will happen? Whether he might go hysterical and die early. I wouldn?t want that to happen now right and neither do you, don?t you??

Losaly nods in agreement, ?Yeah? He probably might tell me how my dad has died in here?? She stands still for a few seconds, her head looking down the grass on the front yard of the Twilight Mansion. She closes her eyes and smiles at me and says, ?Since I?m now your fianc?, let?s get inside. Our food might get cold.?

I smiled back at her, ?Sure thing milady.? I enter the front door and bow as if I am a clown in. a circus. ?This way to the kitchen, welcome to my humble home.? Losaly smiles and held my hand. As we walk to the kitchen, the sun hits 12 o?clock. It started out as a walk to the other side of the island has been turned into unlocking a mystery that has been kept for three years? As I enter these last words in this journal, I will be traveling again. This time, I?m not alone? It may take me back to the places I?ve been or see new sites but one thing is for sure, I won?t get bored now that I have company.