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02-02-2017, 12:20 PM
This rom-com drama is a bit over the top and quite entertaining. It's about this difficult writer named Lee Jin Soo (played by Kang Ji Hwan). He is a thriller thriller novelist contracted with Go Publishing which is run by his closest friend, Seo Eun Young. however, this writer doesn't seem to like the spotlight and continuously causes problems for his friend by disappearing when important events are set up. During one of these disappearances, Lee Jin Soo finds himself in a small, family run cafe where he meets Kang Seung Yeon, a young woman who seems a bit naive and kind of air-headed. Lee Jin Soo decides to take Kang Seung Yeon on as his secretary in order to pay a debt to a friend the two of them have in common. But Lee Jin Soo is very particular and not the easiest person to work with. These poor women have their hands full with this sarcastic, witty, and very difficult writer. What will they do? Will Kang Seung Yeon become the professional secretary she wants to be? Will Seo Eun Young ever get her wayward writer under control? What crazy and wild schemes will he come up with? Don't take this drama too lightly from this overview. While my synopsis may make the drama seem uninteresting and kind of flat, it's not. But how much more can I reveal without giving it away? Don't worry, this drama is worth watching. Just give it a try. It may surprise you, Writer Lee seems to be full of a number of them just to keep you guessing.