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A long time ago, a demon fox had attacked Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves, in the land of fire. To protect the village from absolute destruction, the village sent out a military power known as ninja. Their goal was to stop the giant demon from destroying their village, to protect their kin, and to preserve what they call home. However, the nine tailed fox, Kyubi, was not to be easily defeated. Together as a unit, they tried again and again to no avail. Kyubi killed their units in numbers at a time. After several hours of fighting that led into the shadows of the night, a crash from the distance was heard distinctively. The ninjas of Konoha rejoiced as they heard the familiar sound of the summoning jutsu. The Fourth Hokage had arrived. In an epic battle locked in life or death close combat, the Fourth Hokage performed one last jutsu, sealing the powerful beast within a baby boy. That boy would grow up a hard life of being alone. After the demon was sealed, the Fourth Hokage died. Many years passed and another tragedy occured. The most prestigious clan, the Uchiha clan, was wiped out by a single ninja that they had called their own. The story goes only one survivor, besides the killer, however this is where our story begins for Ayomi Uchiha.

Ayomi Uchiha was not present at the time of the attack. In fact, she was given to another clan at birth, and only a few even knew who she really was. No one knew that she knows who she really is. She also carries a dangerous secret from both clans, the one she was born into, and the clan she was given to. She possess two gekai genkai's (blood traits), that were passed on one by experimentation, and the other by birth. She slowly starts to figure out the truth of what happened to the Uchihas and will stop at nothing to protect those that she cares about. She is trying to become a full fledged ninja of Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves. She will face the path of the shinobi, full of betrayal, suffering, loss, cruelty, and pain. Even with all that, she cannot show emotion. It is against the shinobi way, to show feelings toward a friend or enemy, even if a comrade dies. Tears show weakness, weakness means a tool that is broken, and there is no need for a broken shinobi. However, Ayomi has never been one to follow rules, let alone an order. She is known as the rebel of Konoha. Even her teachers get annoyed with her sarcastic remarks and her smartass comments. She's feisty and always ready for a fight. Her goal in life is to unlock the past and find the truth. Then find a reason to go on.

Chapter 1 -Awakened-

As early morning creeped over Konoha, sounds of life began to be heard. Konoha is located deep into the forest of the Fire Country territory, so naturally insects and birds and much much more could be heard as dawn approached nearer. It wouldn't be long before the ninja academy would be reopening their doors for the next level of ninja in training to take the exams to become a Genin, a full fledged ninja. Two blocks from the Academy, lived a girl named Ayomi, she was not present when the Uchihas were wiped out, she holds a secret most don't know, and she remembers and knows who she really is, not what others know who she is. Only the Elite Jonnin and the Hokage himself knows the truth. Her best friend Asami, was also in training to be a full fledged ninja. What others knew of Ayomi was that she was in the same clan as Asami Hotaru.

-Buzz Buzz Buzz- The sound of an alarm went off in the small one room apartment, and with a jolt Ayomi sat up, hair flopping in front of her as she sighed. " Tck... I don't know why I even bother getting up at 5 am." She mumbles as she slowly turns her head towards the alarm in annoyance. 'Maybe I should just skip... but then Iruka would track me down and humiliate me in class.... tck, damn it.' Ayomi started getting slowly out of bed, and trying to get ready to go to the ninja academy. She didn't loath school, and it wasn't her grades. In fact, her jutsus were outstanding, she even knew advanced moves that even the teachers didn't know about. She was just an outcast, not really interested in anyone and perferred no other company, except her bestfriend's, but she wasn't the only one though. Though Naruto Uzumaki actually wanted to be acknowledged by his classmates, he was often times ignored. Sasuke Uchiha "the lone survivor" seeked solitude and yet was never left alone and had girls fawning over him. The same went for Asami and Ayomi, who only prefers each others company, but had boys all over them, begging for their attention, and while Asami was too kind to reject them, Ayomi wasn't and she stood up for Asami, scaring the boys away when needed. It was obvious that both them and Sasuke were annoyed by it, but they were blind. Technically, Sasuke was too. He hasn't even noticed how much he and Ayomi looked alike, of course no one else did either. But Ayomi knew she was his sister, his twin sister. But what was she going to do? Walk up and say "Hey Sasuke, I don't know how to say this but um... yeah, I'm your twin sister." Like that would go over well.

Meanwhile Asami was up, and already on her way to the academy. There was only a day left until the exams to become a Genin, the beginning of every ninja. She was looking forward to getting her head band with the Konaha Fire symbol engraved in the middle. Asami wanted to be the first one there, due to the boys that usually surrounds her and Ayomi. And she likes to read in the peaceful classroom before everyone else begins barging in.

As Asami walks on to the Academy, she looks at the cloudy sky and her thoughts wander away.


She had ran into something. She looks up to find Sasuke Uchiha staring down at her. Her eyes widen.

"I'm so sorry." She sweetly apologizes while backing away. "I didn't see you there...."

'Whatever" Sasuke interrupted coldly, his eyes glaring at her.

She never really payed him any attention to him in class because of all the 'fan girls' trying to date him. However, now that she had a close up look on him, she had to admit he was attractive. But her intelligent blue eyes also noticed something strange. Sasuke looked scarily similar to Ayomi. She thought about saying something about that but quickly changes her mind.

Instead she smiles up at him. Even though he was a jerk she could relate to him. Her parents had died during a mission when she was young. She felt like she should somehow comfort him. He had that same look she had before Ayomi saved her. Besides Asami wanted to say something but wasn't sure what to say, so she simply smiles.

For once, Sasuke looked surprise, his cold facade gone. But it disappeared as quick as it appeared. He turned around with a "hmmmphed" and continued walking. Asami giggled to herself and continued walking, trying to match her pace with him. She realized that Sasuke probably thought she was another fan girl. She knew he preferred to be alone in solitude, but for some reason, she wanted to walk next to him.

When they got there, Sakura had already arrived, eagerly waiting for Sasuke. Sakura Haruno was the Academy's brainiac, all books and no skill. Asami knew that she and Ayomi were far more intelligent then her though. Sakura was also overly obsessed with Sasuke and literally could not keep her eyes off him in class. Asami found this quite funny. Sakura never got the hint that Sasuke wasn't interested.

As they walked in, Sakura glared at her, an aura of hatred and jealousy surrounding her. She began to approach Asami. But Asami had quietly walked away to her seat, smiling apologetically while trying to avoid her. Sakura, angered, starts to say something but realizes Ayomi would arrive any second. Sakura knew that facing Asami would mean facing Ayomi and no girl wanted to mess with her. Plus, she wanted to snatch a seat next to Sasuke, who had ignored them both and went to sit by himself at the window. She knew that Ino, her rival would arrive anytime.

At the same time, Asami sits down, staring at the door, wondering where her bestfriend, Ayomi, is. She normally walked with her to the Academy, protecting her from the boys who wasted no time flirting with her and Ayomi. Her thoughts wonder off, thinking about what Ayomi would do this time, to annoy Iruka. Between Naruto and his annoying pranks, and Ayomi and her rebellious streak and sarcastic comments, they could be quite the handful. But it never fails to get a laugh out of the class.

Asami smiles to herself, thinking about it. She looks around the classroom and catches herself staring at Sasuke. She couldn't help but chuckle at his annoyance towards Sakura, who was currently "talking" to him. As she did, Sasuke looks back at her, an eyebrow raised. She smiles at him once again, feeling a strange attraction to him. But before she could wave or say something, she was interrupted by loud noises. She smirks. Ayomi has arrive.

"Ayomi, stop!" cries Iruka-sensei, as he had found the source of the crash. Ayomi, in a side stance, had a kid pinned against the wall with her forearm, looking bored but angry. Iruka knew Konahamaru probably pulled another prank, as all young kids at his age did to all the older kids who are about to become Genin, but this time he feared for Konahamaru's safety. Anyone who stood next to Ayomi for more than a second, knew she was not to be crossed. She didn't pay Iruka any attention, but glares at Konahamaru with a cold stare that sent shivers up at everyone who was watching, except Asami.

"Give it back...or I will break you like a rag doll." Ayomi said in a deadly but quiet voice. In the back of the classroom, Asami stood up, knowing that the threat was real and if it happens, she was the only one who can stop her uncontrollable rage.

It was then, Iruka notices something in Konahamaru's hand. With a realization, he understood the sudden intensity and anger from Ayomi. In Konahamaru's hand was a necklace with a message in it. It was the only gift she had ever received from her parents before she was sent away. He knew that this was her past, she so desperately wanted to find out about. To his amazement, Konahamaru hands it back to her, acting as if he was in a trance. Then Ayomi threw him at Iruka's feet. Iruka was about to scold them when another Jounin got his attention.

"Iruka! Naruto has gone to far this time....He vandalized the Hokages faces on the rock that hangs over the village!" And with that Iruka left to find Naruto, thinking he would punish them later.

Ayomi's POV

"Release." I whisper, putting that kid out of my gen-jutsu. -I should have just taken it by brute force and kicked his ***, but he wasn't worth it. He was only a kid with no chakra control after all- I continue glaring at the small kid, whimpering on the ground. -But then again, the gen-jutsu is just as bad. At least I wasn't even trying to hurt him.-

"What did you do to me, you hag! I'm gonna tell my grandpa on you, he's the Hokage you know!" the kid shouted through tears.

I smirked, slowly taking a step towards him. I bent down and whisper, "That old man? Oh, please. So tell me kid, when is he retiring? It's gotta be hard for him get up each morning and deal with a pain in the *** like you." The boy burst into tears. "By all means, run along to him." I straighten up and started to form seals for a jutsu. Tiger, ox, bird, tiger, pig, ox, bird, Earth style, Stone shurikan."

At that moment stones sharp as a knife flew and slices Konahamaru across his arm.

"There now you have something to tell on me for." I looked up and saw Asami, her eyes fearful, not from what I had done, but what might happen to me. Meanwhile everyone gasps and couldn't believe it as Konahamaru tore from the room. -Whatever he doesn't belong here anyways, it's not his class. So who cares if he's the Hokage's grandson. It's his fault- I walk over to Aysami and sits next to her, my mind on my necklace. This is all I have from my past. This is the key to unlocking it.

Asami's POV

What is she thinking. I watch her in worry as she sits down next to me, spacing out while gripping her necklace.

"Ayomi-" All the sudden, the boys and a few girls gather around us. I look over to Ayomi already knowing she was in a bad mood. She's going to snap. I stand up and look at the crowd around us. I grab her arm and push my way through, surprising everyone. "I'm sorry but we have to use the bathroom." I mumble apologetically, walking out. We were stopped by Sakura, but Ayomi glared and that was enough for her to move out of the way.

"Ayomi, remember the story you use to tell me to cheer me up?." I ask as we walk out of the classroom and close the door behind us. "About the giant deadly maze and the intricate map of the maze to the exit, and how the Intelligent Owl lost it's way, but t-"

"But the Stupid Lion found the End." Ayomi finishes, bursting in laughter, her back leaning against the wall.

"I just think your thinking to hard about the past, as the owl thought too hard on the map. Be the Stupid Lion for a change. I'm not saying to forget the past. No, never. But to look around and see. The Stupid Lion looked and and just charged every turns and twists depending on his instinct and not caring what dangers lie... I know you found a clue but you're too afraid to approach it. And I have an idea what the clue is." I look towards the closed door of the classroom then back at her smiling. "Go for it. Just not now, people will hear and make it awkward. But definitely the next opportunity you have. I'm here for you, you know. Just like you've been here for me, helping me through everyth-" I was interrupted by Ayomi hugging me.

"Thank you! You're right about everything." Ayomi let go, smiling, a rare thing for her to do. "You know, I underestimated you. I never thought anyone here would figure it out. Except maybe Shikamaru. But I don't think- Wait, what's that?

The door to the Academy had opened, and we could hear the sound of a complaining naruto being brought in. That Idiot. But I couldn't help but giggle.

Ayomi's pov

He must have done something terrible to have Iruka come after him.

"Aori" I whisper, activating my second Gekai genkai. As I activate it, my eyesight starts to increase in depth of vision. I could see the water droplets in the air and I could make out the water condensing over Iruka's body from his body heat. Naruto must have given him quite the chase.

The amazing thing about the Aori, was I could see the moisture of water through obstacles such as walls. Which also allowed me to see the water inside the body.

"That idiot, he must have had half the village chasing him. Look how rundown Iruka is and judging by the motion I see through the water patterns, he's tied up and being dragged. I wonder what he did... whatever he did he saved my *** for now at least." I murmured, shaking my head as I formed the seal of the tiger "Gen-jutsu shadow mesmorization."

I made sure to include Asami as well. We could now move without being seen or heard, and nothing would look out of place which would allow us to sneak back into class unnoticed. I looked at Asami and I could hear her say, "You are soooo going to pass that exam tomorrow, I don't know anyone that knows more jutsu than you do in this academy." I smiled and said "C'mon let's go, we're wasting time." and with that we snuck back into the classroom. And thanks to the gen jutsu even when we entered no one even knew anything was different. Illusions were a specialty of mine. No one would even know we would have come in and when they realize we were there, they won't remember us coming back, but they won't be able to crowd us like normal. We made our way back to our seats and sat down

"Release." I whisper and with that, the gen jutsu disappeared.

Iruka was standing over naruto scolding him, and sure enough, Naruto was tied up. "Naruto you have wasted valuable class time making me come after you. Everyone here has mastered the Transformation Technique... Except you! If anyone should be here, it's you." Iruka looked hard at Naruto, who looked defiant and uncaring at those words.

I noticed the class was being normal towards him, annoyed, angered, hateful, unforgiving, and they treated him like he was an unwanted beast. I felt bad but i wasn't gonna let anyone know that. -The feeling of being alone... no one to hold you, to comfort you. Feeling like your falling in endless darkness while everyone acted like you didn't exist. It must be hard.... it must be painful. He's like Asami and me, his eyes....his eyes are like ours. I found Asami, and she found me. Would we do things like Naruto if we were alone? Just to get attention, even if it was bad? Or would we intentionally go out to strike back at those who made us feel like that. I know what I would do, especially with my power. I would cause them pain beyond pain. Poor guy...-

"Ayomi" Iruka said "Your up first to do the Transformation Jutsu." We were lined up in an alphabetical order according to our last names. But my last name was unknown to the Academy, so I had to go first.

I noticed everyone was staring at me, as I was lost in my reverie. "Tck, why? What is the point proving I can transform into something or somebody, when you already seen me do it?" Iruka glared at me.

"Ayomi, you know why. If one person in the class messes up, we all mess up, so we all cover our end. Now perform the Transformation Jutsu." I stared at him. I was about to say something smart but then I got an idea. I smirked.

"Fine, you want a transformation jutsu? You asked." I began to form the seal of the tiger, bird, tiger. "Shadow Clone Jutsu." I made a replica of myself, then I form the tiger seal once more with the fake me.


Standing next to me, was a perfect copy of Iruka. I smiled and formed the ox seal to the tiger seal. "Gen-Jutsu" and I made an illusion of the fake Iruka being wrenched apart by an Unknown Source. I heard everyone gasp. Someone said "What the hell!" I smiled and spoke the words to release the gen jutsu.

Standing there, was the perfect copy of Iruka, unharmed. I saw Iruka's shocked face and I knew I had gone to far.... oh well. I took my kunai knife out and flung it in a side throw to the Iruka clone beside me -snicker- and the Iruka clone proofed as the knife fell to the floor.

"Happy?" I said in a mock tone of innocence. Iruka's face had veins throbbing out of his forehead as he was shaking.

"Ayomi. I have had about enough of your games. You're staying in this academy on a suspension. Do not leave that chair. And Naruto you will be cleaning up the mess you left on the Hokage's faces and I'll be watching. Ayomi, you will not be here alone. There will be a jonin watching your every move." He finishes, out of breath and clearly pissed.

"Wow, Iruka.... I don't think I've ever seen you get that mad before." I said in a smaller tone, then smiled, "Can I ask you something?" Iruka looked taken back but unsure. He nodded his head in approval. "Are you.. off your meds? Having family issues, or are you just mad because no one recognises you as an important ninja?" Iruka glared at me. His face was funny as hell, and yet I knew i was in deep trouble. But it felt good to vent my anger from konahamaru on Iruka. then he did what i least expected him to do.

"Ayomi, your acting this way because it's that day, isn't it?" He sighs. I was so off guard, I didn't know how to respond. "Ayomi go home, get some rest, relax, and come back for the exam tomorrow." I couldn't believe it, this was so not the reaction I wanted from him. "Fine, doesn't matter. There's no one at home anyways." With that, I left.

Asami's POV

I can't believe Iruka-sensei brought it up. I sigh. She was struggling so hard to forget it. I want to chase after her, but I know she needs time to cool off. I space out, my thought on Ayomi. I didn't hear Iruka-sensei call out my name.

Sakura Haruno, who had recently done hers, jerked me back from my reverie, after bragging to Sasuke. I fall back into Hinata Hyuga, who catches me.

"Sakura!" Iruka-sensei shouts. Sakura mumbles sorry before going back to her seat.

"Are you alright?" Hinata asks in a shy voice. The boys began to surround me, asking the same thing. I can hear Akamaru barking in the background of the noise.

"Yes, I'm alright." I say, my voice chiming. I smile as I politely and gracefully move my way through the surrounding boys. When I arrive next to Iruka, I expertly do the transformation Jutsu with one hand and transform myself into Iruka-sensei. I heard everyone gasp in surprise at the fact it was one handed. It wasn't the first time they saw that but it was a rare and incredibly skillful.

"As expected of Asami-chan. She's perfect." I heard the boys say with hearts in there eyes. I turn to Iruka for his approval. He smiles proudly looking tearful.

"Great job, Asami! The best I've seen so far." Iruka-sensei beamed. "Such incredible talent. You and Ayomi both."

In the corner of my eye, I saw Sakura looking angered. I sigh. I don't know why she hates me so much. I can also see Sasuke looking impressed. I smile. As I returned to my seat, Naruto smiles at me and I respond by smiling back. He looks so surprised that I giggle. I space out once again only to be interrupted by a loud commotion. When I look at Naruto's Sexy Transformation Jutsu and Iruka's nosebleed, I laugh out loud. I was incredibly stressed with worrying, and to see something that funny cheered me up. My silvery sing-song voice echoed through the class loudly, as I continued to giggle. Ayomi would've doubled over laughing so hard she'll cry.

When I was done, I look up to see everyone in shock. The boys once again had hearts in their eyes. I look confusingly at them, my blue eyes wide.

"You have the most cutest laugh. It's adorable." A boy behind me said. People nodded in agreement. I smile, thanking them. Iruka begin yelling at Naruto and before I knew it class was over. Sasuke approaches me as I gather my things and tie my long dark, wavy hair back from my face.

"How do you do that?" He asks cooly, although not as cold as before.

"It's a secret." I wink. I know I should give him a better answer, but I had other things on my mind. "If you want, I could teach you sometimes."

He nods before walking walking away. I grin somewhat happy and excited. What is wrong with me, I sigh. I knew the fangirls were glaring. I try to look appolegitically while walking out and avoiding the guys. When I made it out, I decided to give Ayomi more time. I knew she was at the training ground venting out by traing. So I walked around the peaceful village of Konoha. When I came to the mountain, I saw Naruto scrubbing hard at the paint. I join him up there. It surprise Naruto so hard he almost fell..

"Asami-chan!" He cried out, surprised. "Wha- What are you doing?"

"I just want to see if you needed any help, Naruto-kun." I reply sweetly. He looks genuinly shocked but then breaks out into a huge grin and looks around for Iruka.

"Thanks Asami-chan, but I better do it or Iruka-sensei will get mad at you too." He says. Then I ask him why he did it. "It's because I'm going to surpass them. I'm going become the best Hokage this village has ever seen and make everone acknowledge me. One day my face will be up here too. Believe it!" He replies, grinning. I can't help but smile.

"I believe you. I know you will become the best Hokage ever. I'll be cheering you on." I say truthfully. With a bye, I left to find Ayomi at the training grounds.

When I saw her lying on the ground, staring at the clouds, exhausted and sweating, I ran to her. She tensed but when she saw it was me, she relaxed.

Ayomi's POV

"Asami-chan." I say between breaths, as I saw her approach. I know she was worried about me. Honestly, I couldn't blame her. I lost control in class today, and I revealed my gen-jutsu, something I held secret. I also noticed the look of confusion on Sasuke's face. An illusion technique like that, is something that ran in the Uchiha bloodline. I chance a glance at Asami through my hair.

"Go on, say it. I screwed up today. I was a total idiot." I wait for her to say something. She kept quiet for a long time. Finally she spoke.

"Ayomi, you did. I'm not going to lie. But everyone screws up time to time. Even I do. I know how hard this is for you. I know that today is the saddest day for you." she said then paused. I look at her, almost knowing what she was gonna ask. "Ayomi, you can tell me you know. What exactly happened. Only if you want though." I cut her off.

"Asami, you shouldn't be afraid to ask. I will read it if you wish or I will show it to you." I say, as I pull the necklace out. I form the tiger seal and tap the locket with my two fingers releasing my chakra to the locks. -pop- as the locket opened a folded note fell out. I unfolded it several times and handed it to Asami.

"Asami, this is the only clue to my past, it reads, 'Ayomi, do not believe the lies that will be fed to you over the years of your development, you were forced out of our hands as an experiment with the Hotaru clan. We feel we are being set up, by who we do not know, but in the worst case scenario, you will have survived us, more powerful than any of us have ever been. My daughter, you have two brothers one older and one twin. A mother and a father that loves you dearly. If all fails keep this as a reminder that you were loved. Do not look with your eyes, or you are easily fooled, look with your heart and your instincts. The sharingan is as much a blessing as a curse. It causes arrogance, and your eyes are your greatest gift, a gekai genkai. You are Ayomi Uchiha. The Hotaru Clan was sympathetic to our situation and took you in. If things don't work out, we are sorry. We will have failed you, and we are all dead.

We love you,

signed mother, father, sasuke, and Itachi Uchiha!

p.s. Do not forget who you are!

Asami was staring at me, as I quote it word for word. I see her, putting on a silent brave face for me, as a tear slid silently down my face.

"I had learned how to open that when I was 7 years old, and within the week of knowing who I was, the Uchiha Clan was wiped out. A massacre that no one survived except ...Sasuke. He doesn't even know who I am. He's my twin brother, and my key to unlocking the next part of the past. He was there after all when it happened. My Aori is a fake copy of the real geckai genkai, it isn't like yours. It came about by experimentation at an early age. My true geckai genkai is the sharingan I mastered it at the age of six. ......tck, I'm a relic of the past that doesn't know her own story." I finish with tears streaming down my face. "Damn these tears.. they show I'm weak. I'm a ninja, I'm not allowed to show emotions like this." Asami put her hands on my shoulders and brought me in, crying with me -At least I'm not alone....-

Asami's POV

I held her as we cry together. The pain of our memories mixing together, as we become one. She's my other half. I feel her pain as she feels mine. It was at sunset when we finally stopped crying. We look at each other, and we burst in laughter. We're both a mess but we feel as though a load had lifted off our shoulders.