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*DISCLAIMER! The story is based off the video game Halo. I don't own any rights towards the work of Halo; I'm here as a fan of the Halo franchise and express an additional point of view towards the Halo timeline. One of many stories about the conflict between the humans and the Covenant!


Current Date: 29 October 2551 (Earth calender)

History data retrieved. . .

Subject number one:
[Name] Bianca Cedillo
[Birth] 13 December 2526
[Height] 5' - 4"
[Weight] 124lbs
[Background Information] Born on planet Madrigal, family income estimated $400,000 United Republic of North American Dollar (URNAD) from increase investments on farming equipment on the planet Harvest. Family lost 89.884% of income when Harvest was attacked by the Covenant on April 12th, 2525 and later was deemed uninhabitable by October 7th, 2525 by the United Nation Space Command. Cedillo family saved the remaining income ($30,000 URNAD) to leave Madrigal and head to planet Earth. Cedillo family arrived at Port New Alerina on June 28th 2528. Lived on planet Arcadia until Covenant attacked on March 2nd 2531. Family soon left Arcadia on July 2nd 2532; January 12th 2533 near planet Coral (from the XI Bootus A System) Interstellar Flight T807 was breached by three Kigyar pirate ships. 3,973 out of the 4,000 people including flight personal were killed while defending the ship. January 22nd 2534 Flight T807 is discovered by UNSC Independence Lake frigate.
[Current Action] Office of Naval Intelligence will retrieve Bianca from Independence Lake in five days.
[Additional Information] Three family members (out of 27 survivors) survived T807 attack. Cousins: Sophia Cedillo (5), Allie (4) and Jane (5) Ortiz will be extracted with Bianca for Spartan training.

Subject number two:
[Name] Sophia Cedillo
[Birth] 5 March 2528
[Height] 5' - 6"
[Weight] 132lbs
[Background Information] Born on planet Madrigal before leaving the planet on June 28th 2528. Lived most of her life in Arcadia until the Covenant attacked the planet in July 2nd of 2532. She is one of the 27 survivors from the T807 attack.
[Current Action] Retrieve Sophia from Independence Lake and take her to planet Reach for Spartan iii training.
[Additional Information] Bianca (6), Allie (4) and Jane (5) are the only family members to survive the T807 attack. All three will be extracted for training.

Subject number three:
[Name] Evan Ruiz
[Birth] 14 January 2534
[Height] 6' - 2"
[Weight] 192lbs
[Background Information] Born in New Alexandria, Reach; family issues affected his academic's during his primary school. Ruiz Family moved frequently in the New Alexandria area, transferring to new primary schools to keep his academic's from falling behind. Eventually led to increase in school fights with other students, disrupting class and throwing fits with his teachers. Primary school struggle subjects include reading and writing. Family members were on planets destroyed by the Covenant, increasing his anger and mourn towards his two closest cousins and one aunt. Usually got into fights with other kids around the Triton Plaza Square. Very few friends that he communicates with; Jerry is one he usually talks to.
[Current Action] Retrieve Evan and send him to ONI's B3380 Chamber for Spartan iii training
[Additional Information] IF Evan becomes difficult to retrieve, sterilize him. Use New Shawn Road as the extraction point (8 June 2540). If his friend Jerry is with him, retrieve Jerry as well.

Subject number four:
[Name] Jerry Contrea
[Birth] 4 May 2534
[Height] 5' - 8"
[Weight] 174lbs
[Background Information] Jerry is Evan's friend; Jerry goes to Greene primary school with Evan as well. Family lives on planets Reach, Coral and Earth. Can be mischievous at times, somewhat gets in trouble during school. Somewhat important trainee.
[Current Action] Only extract IF Jerry is with Evan (8 June 2540).
[Additional Information] NA

Subject number five:
[Name] Trevor Denis
[Birth] 15 September 2520
[Height] 5' - 10"
[Weight] 155lbs
[Background Information] Born on planet Harvest, four years before the Human/Covenant War began. Father John Denis, worked on Tri-x farm production plant. Annual family income estimated $80,000 (URNAD) living in the rural lands of Harvest. When Harvest was under attack by the Covenant, Trevor saw bloodshed at the age of four. Father was sniped by an elite kigyar, John was trying to get Trevor and his mother and brother (John the second) to safety. August 28th 2525, Trevor later lost his mother from a sangheili ambush 2.46 miles north of Port Esterville. On October 5th 2525, Trevor lost his only brother when a Covenant phantom breach Interstellar Flight T786. Two Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST), Trevor and 3 people were the survivors of the 4,300 personal of T786.
[Current Action] Currently undergoing phase four of Spartan iii training. Coexisting with other Spartan iii's in recon missions and high target operations (12 February 2540).
[Additional Information] Trevor will be put under Canyon Squad for high sniper/recon position.

. . .History data complete. . .

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[14 January 2552, 13:08, ONI Facility B3380, New Alexandria, Reach]

"Finally," Evan said to himself, "after twelve years of gruesome training. Twelve years of my life spent in this bland lifeless facility to make me a super soldier for humanity's sake of existence." Evan laid on his worn out bunk bed, awaiting for the graduation ceremony. His nano suit inner layer made him somewhat uncomfortable. He stares at the ceiling and thinks about the past, something that seems like a blur compared to the intense training that every child faces in many facilities owned by ONI. His eyes begin to droop when he heard the door open, his friend Jerry enters the room. "Hey buddy!" Jerry smirked, his light grey nano suit had small dents from an early brawl with another male candidate. "It's been some time bro." Evan said, risen slowly to avoid the annoying squeak the mattress makes. The last time Evan and Jerry talked was two days before they got abducted by three ONI officials. Busy with the four phases of Spartan training and trying to survive the chaos and dismal conditions.

BAM! SMASH! BOOM! Trevor was hit twice on his right side chest plate by the Type-55 Directed Energy Rifle. Rain of plasma bolts were jolting left and right by the Insurrectionists. "Damn Innes! Keep blind firing me and I cant get a good shot at their leader!" Trevor was dodging plasma bolts as efficient as possible without losing his outer armor. "344 we'll provide you some smoke from the Wolverines! Get to the top of that hill and take out Reya!" Sierra 250 exclaimed, her exterior armor was nearly gone, blood stains began to show near her stomach, right ribs and left shoulder. His other comrades, Joe and Cliff were caught in the explosion from an Inne anti-vehicle bomb. Now it was just him and his near lifeless commander getting pelted by plasma bolts. He knew he had to take out Reya; Reya is one of the high praised Inne leaders that committed high crimes against the UNSC in planets Paradise Falls, Coral, Sansar and Reach. Very notorious in clearing out UNSC military facilities and production plants. Now she has acquired Covenant weaponry from who knows where? "Alright Reya, I'm coming after you. You Reckless Inne!!" Trevor charged up the steep luscious hill. His mixture of light green and light tan paint could help him camo with the forests of vegetation in the hill. This was Reya's last stop; New Sonia, Paradise Falls. The UNSC sending out five Spartan iii's, two Wolverines and four Warthogs to take down this cruel intelligent woman. "I can't believe my team died for this FILTH!!!" Trevor's temper began to catch up with his adrenaline.

He risen from the large leaves of the Tomodin shrubs, sets up his Sniper Rifle S99-S5MA silencer, takes aim as he sees Reya appear from her rustic white vehicle, increases his scope to 4.8x, slows his breathing and pulls the trigger CLICK!.

Evan checked the time on his transparent clock. 14:35 the clock read, Evan was feeling irritated and isn't the patient type person either. "Can't this thing go any faster?" He punched the wall behind him, making a small imprint of his fist. "Come on Evan!" Jerry said, sat next to Evan and patted his back, "Cheer up man! All that's left is the ceremony for completing phase three, and then a short session for phase four and we finally get to be in our squad!" Evan wasn't amused over the fact that phase four was the tactics of developing skills and weaponry. Working together with other Spartan iii's and getting a chance to listen to two Spartan ii's. Evan laid his back against the cold steel wall, "Yeah Jerry I know, but I just wished this stuff is over. Seeing other kids dies in front of our eyes? Doesn't that bother you? That could of been one of us." Evan sit himself upright. Jerry turns to him with a blank face, "Well Evan, tis was not us, so you can stop your whining. And besides, we still got those sexy cousins from Madrigal remember?" Jerry raised his eye brow, "Cedillo cousins. Evan, my man! Wake up! we got good looking women here IN THIS BUILDING! The Cedillo cousins!" Jerry quickly rose to his feet with a loud thud. "They are and amazing pair of smarts and looks!" Evan rolled his eyes in carelessness, "And I should care why? They would never talk to you. I mean, yeah man you can try to flirt but I bet you they will reject you so hard, not even your Spartan suit will be able to recharge that burn!" Evan started laughing at the thought.

RING! RING! Attention all personal! The ONI P3 will begin in three minutes! I repeat, the ONI P3 will begin in three minutes! Both guys' eyes widened and started to dash to Hall 36G. "Oh man it's time already?!!" Evan was trying to focus on the ceremony. His head was beginning to pound and Jerry's focus was all but ready.

Trevor Walked slowly down towards the blooded battleground. Nearly all the UNSC forces were destroyed if not barely operable. He then fixed on a body, slashed and torn by plasma bolts. "Oh my god." He inched towards the body, his heart was pounding louder and louder. Trevor couldn't bear to see his commander lifeless face. Her body was nearly torn in half by the amount of plasma damage she took. Her lungs collapsed and her flesh was poking from her waist. "No, no no no no NO! Commander, commander!!! COMMANDER!!!!!!" He knelt down next to her. Tears were beginning to appear inside his Recon helmet and takes it off to wipe what little tear he shed. "MIA Commander. It was fun being part of Canyon Squad." He lowered his left arm towards her neck. He searched for her dog-tags; felt a nudge and broke the chain that held them. "Any UNSC force out on the ground? Please respond! This is Pelican A37 for evacuation! What is the status?!" Trevor's COMM picked up the signal, "A37 this Sierra 344, there are no survivors. The target has been KIA, repeat target is KIA. I am the only survivor of the UNSC Army 34th west branch." He looked up at the near night sky. "344! I heard you loud and clear! Will be at LZ around 4 minutes! Hang tight! Trevor acknowledged and continued to look at the smokey sunset wondering if the plan that had been executed was the best option to run with or if there was other options that could of lowered the fatalities in this mission.

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[14 January 2552, 15:00, ONI Facility B3380 Grand Court A, New Alexandria, Reach]

"I congratulate the remaining 125 out of 350 in the Spartan iii program. All of you show true strength, dedication, wits, and courage during these difficult tests that surpass standard military boot camps. Your physical strength will no doubt give hope to humanity throughout this war we face against a great threat. But the training isn't over yet. There is one more rigorous course that blockades even the most talented of future Spartans: Team Missions. This course will test all of your combat skills, communications, reaction times and stress with other Spartans. Few have made this course unscathed and others never made it out alive." Lieutenant Joyce said. "Once all of you have finished this course well will put you under squads of five Spartans.And for the others that will not not make it," she began to glare around the crowded grey room of Spartan trainees, checking to see who would be the ones to fall in defeat, "I wish you nothing but great sadness and luck if you should have survive this test. Now! Let us begin with the final step! And congrats to the 150 spartan trainees!!!" The lights flickered off, ONI officials clapped with mediocre joy and the ceiling skyline began to introduce the bright sun's rays atop of the trainees and ONI officials. "Well she knows how to scare the crap out of everyone in the room." Jerry replied as he nudged Evan back to reality. 'So I might not make it out of this final phase?' Evan thought to himself, his perception of reality was waving back and forth, his mind was similar to someone spinning around a merry-go-round. "Yo Evan, you there? Ceremony is over dude!" Jerry was patting Evan's cheeks to wake him up.

Trevor reviewed the mission Canyon Squad received from his Heads Up Display.
Operation: Outtake Fox.
Time- 18:00.
Date- 12 January 2552.
Location- Fort New Thomason, Paradise Falls
Target- Reya Chuyski
Description- High level Insurrectionist leader committing treason against the UNSC war time effort
Crimes Including: UNSC weapon robbery, UNSC satellite hacking, invading two UNSC facilities, and attempt of assassinating a UNSC Lieutenant frigate leader
Mission Completed- Yes
Date Completed- 13 January 2552 at the time of 05:32
Casualties- 18/19


He looked at the time: 13 January 2552 06:30, nearly an hour after the mission was over. Trevor closed the mission report down and retrieved a file screen from his left pocket. In the small flexible 2" by 4" slate, he recorded the battle plans of the operation, now part of history that would be written in the history log books. "Hmmm, if Joe should of kept the medic warthog and stayed on the left side of the battalion charge, at least 4 more soldiers could of been here on this bird." He whispered quietly to himself, concentrating on the successful mission that cost nearly all the lives from the 34th west branch. "Even so," he said to himself, "the two drop pods that landed 15 meters north of us, we couldn't tell at the direction in which they would of impact. Plus," draws out the 1 acre hologram map in which the battle took place. "those three towers had their anti tank fuel mags ready. There was no way to dodge that defense. I can't think of any way to find a counter attack. Reya must of known we would be here. She might of gotten the plans from someone." Trevor's mind was clouded of information detailing each person's actions that displayed on the map. "My position was cleared, but we had been tracked to the point at which we landed at the LZ." His head began to swell and heated up. He took off his helmet to give himself some air. "Hey Spartan, we're about 31 minutes away from the Space port. you'll be shipped to Reach for further instructions." said pilot James Wills. Trevor carefully got up, the injuries he sustained were still taking a toll on his body movement.

Evan got his weapons set up: a BRH55 and M6S, "training for teamwork? You've got to be kidding me!" Evan reached for the training Mark 6 [B] helmet to adjust to the HUD styling. "Damn this thing is heavy! How much does it weigh?" He was surprised that his back wasn't bringing up pains. "Hey! Boy watch your tone! I'll be your commander for this exercise! Fail to follow my orders you'll be out of here before dinner comes to your room!" Evan now fixed on a short small framed female trainee standing to his left side. Her face wasn't showing her youth, and her stare was starting to take a toll on Evan's legs. "Hey! You! What's wrong with your legs?!!! Can't handle a little weight of your helmet?!! I hope you fail this course because you don't belong in the Spartan iii!" she turned him around, grabbed his suit and shoved him against the wall, "You got a problem with that?!! What never met a woman who would overtake like some little punk you are?! What-cha gonna do? Cry over it?!!" She made an attempt to grab his left arm and pinned it against his back. Evan snapped and twirled to his right side, his back now facing the wall he dropped down and left uppercut the female trainee. She was caught off guard by Evan's quick counter attack, Evan's uppercut made a direct hit on her left rib's. She sucked in the air and began to gasp from the sheer shock Evan's uppercut made. She fell to floor nearly whited out and other trainees around came to see what the commotion was about.

"D-damn it. You're lucky I let you go this time." She struggled to get up, her arms and legs were wobbling from the shock of the impact. "That's enough for the both you to. Bianca, do not intimidate other trainee. Let this be a lesson you if this happens again. You do not know this child has within him." The voice of an ONI official echoed throughout the hall. Joyce was walking towards the troubled seen. She lend her hand to assist Bianca off the floor. As Bianca regained her balance, Joyce walked up to Evan and cleared her throat, "and you Evan, do not let this girl get to you. I've seen your performance when something ticks you off. Although your combat skills improves greatly, your control wears off and you could go in a blind rage. Please, improve on that." Joyce smirked and continued to walk towards the ONI oversee room. a couple of steps before she neared the doorway she turned around and yelled out, "Oh by the way Evan! Happy birthday!!!" She smiled and entered the room. Both Bianca and the others glared at Evan, who was staring at the room where Joyce entered. He turned back to face the glares of nearly all the trainees in the hall. He then looked at Bianca, shrugged his shoulders and started to walk towards the room where the final course begins.

The pelican finally landed at the port. the back of the haul where Trevor was waiting for the drop opened. He was standing up with melted armor shining from the lights of the buildings surrounding the port. "You must be the lone survivor from the Overtake Fox mission!" a clean cut captain walked towards Trevor's presence. "I must give my utmost respect for you, your team and the soldiers who were involved to take out Reya. I'm sorry to hear the loss of your squad Spartan, but we need you to come to Reach." Trevor crippling walked towards the Captain. "Sir what is my duty for going to Reach? Shouldn't I be placed with another team?" His voice was cold and near emotionless, like any other Spartan. The Captain looked at the scarred visor of 344 and smiled, "Yes, you'll be put on a rookie squad. Some of the rooks are quite talented this season. You should be helpful in their missions and military knowledge. A war between our own kind and many other species is a tough war. We need some Spartans that have been on the battlefield to give rookies a head start for mission completion, combat efficiency, and team communication." The captain took three steps back to give way of the battled worn Spartan. "Rookie squads? Sounds like the UNSC are beginning to lose the win ratio for both sides of this war." Both the captain and Trevor walked to the shuttle, where they would be taken to the entrance of the UNSC Summer Solstice frigate. Trevor turned back to the captain, "Sir, I have not formally know you!" the captain began chuckled and smacked the worn out Trevor's back, "Son! I forgot to introduce myself! I'm beginning to show my age aren't I? I'm Captain Roger Keyes. Pleasure to to see a Spartan on our frigate."

Both men arrived at the entrance deck of Summer Solstice. "Reach huh?" Trevor said to himself, "it has been awhile since I've seen the second crown jewel of the UNSC. I wonder what has changed." The lift began to hoist the soldiers, Trevor and the captain to the main lower deck of Summer Solstice. "Alright now boys! Begin the main thrusters to get us out of Paradise Falls' atmosphere and set a course to Reach!" Keyes COMMed to the crew. Roger turned to Trevor and patted Trevor's shoulder pad, "Alright son, we'll be arriving at our destination in two months. Lets get you to the infirmary to bandage your wounds and put you in the cryo sleep." Trevor nodded and Keyes turn to reach the main deck of the frigate. Trevor walked towards the infirmary room to begin his recovery for the two month travel to Reach.

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<I know the story is getting pretty a bit slow. Around the next two chapters the story should start to increase in pace. Plus I will be messing around the color of the chapters too. I think the bright green is kind of hard to read. So I think choosing a dark green would be nice to read. Again thanks for taking the time read this story and I promise you the action will intensify by the next two chapters!> -Happy


[14 January 2552, 19:00, Evaluation Room A-02, ONI Facility B3380, New Alexandria, Reach]

"Damn it! Why do these stupid droids get in the way of my cover?!!" Evan's rage began to show its color. He was outnumbered by five bots on his left side. His cover was soon being eaten away by the firepower of the enemy bots. Evan looked straight at Bianca's position; she too is pinned by the number of bots aiming at her. "Well Evan if you did not charge full on thirty minutes ago, we wouldn't be in this hell hole!" She grabbed a frag grenade on her her utility belt and threw it towards the direction of the fire. BOOM!Bianca poked her head out to see the aftermath. "Only two bots out of the five killed?!!" She squinted her eyes to get a better sight from the smokey location. Evan looked over his shoulder to see Jerry charging at the bots firing on Evan's location. "Woo!!!!!!! POW! Man these things are easy to take down! Why are you guys struggling over these wimps?" Jerry famously smirked in his training helmet. Evan knew Jerry was playing off the mission as if it were some arcade game.

Evan rose from his used-to-be cover and grabbed his BRH55 from the ground. "Alright Bianca, what's the plan?" Gun pointing directly at the bot inching towards Bianca. His grin was soon replaced with a smirk and he squinted his eyes to get a better shot. CLICK!!! "One bot down," His adrenaline was pumping, and his rage started to reside. He started walking towards the remaining two bots taking cover 5.2 meters in front of Bianca. "Hey Sophia! How's your side going?" Bianca reloaded her M6 pistol. Sophia wasn't having a bad run on the east side of the urban city theme training field. "Well cuz, I'm waiting on your side to continue forward. There are two mechas in this building and I need one of you to get them out of cover."

Joyce was glancing at the monitors, checking each state of the trainee's vitals, stress, adrenaline, kills, and reflexes. "Hmmm, seems that Bianca knows how to set the guys' focus don't you think Commander?" She swung her chair to face the towering bandaged Spartan. "I guess you can say that. I've already know how women can affect a team's performance." He points at Bianca's stats, "Kat was a serious member towards missions. Wanting to know the full details and took each mission seriously. If this Bianca girl can straighten those two slugs then this team would do ENORMOUS amounts of successful missions. They are there, but the team isn't unified to find some common goal." Carter leaned towards the screen which showed the current battle from below. Joyce lowered herself to see Carter's injuries and gave a playful smirk, "well Carter you shouldn't be stretching your body now correct? Didn't the doc tell you to relax a bit? It's only been a few days from your major battle against a Innie invasion and yet STILL ignore proper orders from the doc."

Evan noticed the remaining two bots from his radar on the lower right corner of his HUD. "About 12 meters southwest from me." He turned directly to the location where the radar bleeped. "Game over," click! Bangbangbang! one bot halted and collapsed. On the corner of his HUD, saw Jerry joined Sophia's position. "Hey Evan! Leave that bot over there and come give Sophia some backup!" Jerry waved his hand to signal Evan for a clear run. Bianca popped her head to see the bot fixed on the other threes location. "Oh no you don't!" She sprinted at the bot, retrieved her combat knife and struck three blows; two on the chest plate and one to the head. She dropped to the ground with a loud thud and quickly regained her balance. "Okay guys we need to see what's inside the building before we go in." Bianca COMM the others. "So who's it going to be then?" Jerry shrugged, he dropped his T90 shotgun on the ground near Sophia. "Well I was thinking of having Evan and I enter the building first, get Evan to scout for empty rooms and you Jerry, stay behind us for close quarters protection. And cuz, you will be behind Jerry okay? Make sure YOU DON"T DO ANYTHING TO HER JERRY!!!" Jerry began to blush, "Aw Bianca! You know I would NEVER do anything to distract Sophia." He tried to hold back the laughter. Evan watched with displeasure and lowered his head in disbelief. "Whatever Jerry just know your role okay?!" Bianca tapped Jerry's helmet before her and Evan pried open the steel door.

SCREECH!!!! "Arrrrr!!! There!" With all of his might, Evan finally opened the doors. the squad soon entered the corridor quickly to set up the plan. "Alright guys you know what to do," as Bianca laid on the column checking to see any enemies within fire range. "Alright Bianca I'm rolling out!" Jerry readied his shotgun, he studied his radar for two dots bleeping 22 meters at northwest of his position. "Alright Evan, get your BR out and take out one of the enemies. I'll tell which one once we get 5 meters of space." Evan nodded and scurried next to Jerry, both men crouched as they walk towards the last enemies. "It seems too easy Jerry. I don't know if this is a trap." Evan focused in on his scope, aiming to check if any undetected enemies are waiting for an ambush. "Alright boys, we'll be behind you in case of any strays come out. Both men started to check their surroundings as they inch closer to the targets. "alright Evan take the one on the left and I take right." Evan nodded and aimed his gun on the bot near Jerry. BANG BANG BANG!!! One bot is down, POW!!! the second bot is down. "ALRIGHT! We got this!" Jerry jumped in celebration, but little did he know this was a set up. "Oh god, oh no, oh no, oh no, OH NO!" Evan's radar soon scanned multiples of enemies surrounding them. "There's five no twelve, NO! eighty six targets on us!" Evan and Jerry looked at their horizon but nothing was spotted. Bianca heard the commotion, as her radar picked up 25 enemies. "Wait this can't be right!" Sophia's radar also bleeped. She looked up to see if the enemies were above the squad. "HEY!" she COMM'ed, "They're on top of us!" She pointed to the ceiling where the bots soon lowering down towards the squad.

"Evan, Jerry!!!" Bianca yelled, "TAKE COVER!" The two men leaped into the side isles of the corridor. Evan slammed his head into the wall and Jerry slid across the floor. "Ow! Damn blast! Hey Jerry you okay?!" Evan got up, head is throbbing and is balanced is yet to be regained. "Evan start taking out some the marksman! Sophia and I will blast the rest!" Bianca ducked as a explosive round took out her cover. "Evan quick take out that explosives enemy!" HE took two deep breaths to concentrate his accuracy. "Alright I got this," he slowly turn to face the ceiling as time started to slow down in his vision. His eyes gradually studied each enemy slowly inching towards the ground, blast of bullets sprayed the foggy air as he kept on looking for his intended target. His eyes widened as he noticed a bright blast coming from a ledge directly across from him, "BINGO!" he whispered as sweat began to drip down in his helmet and his HUD began to fog slightly. His focused continues to intensify as all the surrounding noises muffled and the sight began to blur. Pulled the trigger and watched as the bot paused for a second and crashed down near Jerry. "Woah man!" Jerry stepped back a few feet from where the bot landed. "Great job Evan! Sophia light up the rest!" Sophia smiled as she grabbed her RPG and aimed at the columns where a dozen or so bots took cover. BOOM! Explosions lighted up the interior and the second floor crumbled onto Evan and Jerry's area. "Run Evan!" Jerry violently grabbed Evan's arm and sprinted towards the cross section of the building. "Alright Evan, split up and take out the remaining bots. They'll be here eventually." Evan patted Jerry's shoulder for the 'thank you' notion.

Hey got up and dashed to the stairs to meet the remaining survivors. BANG BANG BANG!!! Took three down, seven left were behind cover. POW! POW! POW! Jerry took out six enemies and threw in two grenades to double check no one survived. "They keep coming Jerry! I'm reloading!" Evan had one clip left for his BR. "I'm out of ammo for my shotgun! I have two clips left for the pistol!" Jerry sprayed his surroundings, barely getting any enemies down. Evan gritted his teeth, he knew that his pistol was low on ammo. "Where's the girls when you need them the most!?" Jerry dropped his pistol and took out his knife. "Alright bots, let's tango." He sprinted towards one to his left. Ducked to avoid a melee, uppercut the bot in the chest and shoved the knife in the right collar plate. He spun around to chase after two bots across from his original position, "EAT THIS!!!" He crouched down to ready himself and jumped towards the bot on his right. Stabbed it twice in the rib plate and jumped to the next bot. "Dang Jerry, didn't know you could be this serious." Evan smirked as he was behind cover.

Rumble rumble the ground shook by some unknown force. Rumble rumble rumble the rubble near Evan and Jerry began to collapse; out from the smokey cloud was two hazy characters. BOOM! BOOM! two blast aimed near both men. "Holy!!!" Evan jumped out of his cover and Jerry slid down the rails. "Ah! There you are!" Bianca and Sophia walked towards the guys. "Bianca! Sophia!" Evan was relieved to see the girls. Jerry walked to meet with the girls. "Alright guys, sorry about the separation back there. But we're okay, our time is two hours and thirty four minutes. good time and all we have to do is get that flag!" The group huddle together to check for the remaining 12 enemies. "Alright guys, this is it."

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<Okay so we are going to side track to a different character. No, not other hero's of this war but the villains and some of the semi-important ones. Take a trip to their point of view towards the Human/Covenant War and see why they oppose the Humans. try to understand BOTH sides of the war. Enjoy!> -Happy


[25 February 2552, 18:00, Coral]

Grishou slowly walks towards the limping marine. "Die you bastard! You can't beat us!" the marine raises his rifle. Within seconds Grishou unleashes his energy blade and cuts through the marines's rifle and upper torso. "Hmph! These pesky bugs are proven worthless! in battle! Why do the hierarchs require us to dismantle these useless enemies that do not give difficulties in combat?" his mandibles weaved back and forth as Grishou inched towards the dead marine. "Deacons!!! How goes this progress?!!" many unggoys soon appear from the wrecked UNSC fort. "Ship commander! It seems the humans are hiding some sort of message within the planet! We are working as hard as we can!" Jer was the first to speak from the unggoy group. Grishou stood firm, towering over the flimsy 5 foot creature that dared question his view. "See to you and your other brothers that once we get on the ship! You will be tortured by your rebellious acts against MY order!" He quickly grabbed the corpse and slowly rose it to eye level in front of the shaken unggoy. "This will be you if you don't get back to your duties!!!" He grabs the right side of the corpse and tore the body in half, showing his full strength if any deacons got in the way of his order. This made nearly all of the Purify Crystal ship members cower in fear from the ship masters brutality. "Y-y-yes Ship Master! We will decode the messages and retrieve any relics!" Jer quickly scurried away towards the destroyed UNSC fort.

Jer and the other unggoys explored the vast dark fort as the sun began to fad into the horizon. "Jer why does the ship master make haste with this planet? What is so special about the heretics that the ship master must know?" Merti asked as both unggoy searched through the dusty panels, skimming through bits of information linking any trace of human plans or more human planets. "I don't know Merti, all I heard from the other sangheilis about the heretics were that they are against our Great Journey. Many beliefs of Gods, no Gods and a belief of one God. This species is quite complex." Jer and Merti heard loud clomps coming from the blown entrance of the fort. Merti whispers, "It's Velgyn, the over seer." Jer sank his head in doubt. Velgyn was one of the annoying sangheili elites from the Purify Crystal members. "He does not know what our goal is. He will distract any brothers from the ship master's order. Velgyn lowered his stance and gave a random roar, "The ship master awaits you deacons!!! Where is your collection from these heretics?!!!" He unleashed his sword to intimidate the unggoy. "overseer, I have collected information regarding these heretics plans and location on this planet!" one of the unggoy stood up to brace the reaction Velgyn might give. "Hmmm, it seems the bugs will try to send reinforcements and evacuate the civilians to nearby space ports." He knelt down near the shaken unggoy and shoved the grunt towards the main map table. "Excellent deacon, you've manage to restore some faith into your group. But as time progresses, we have full knowledge of heretic forces!" he charged the defenseless unggoy and stabbed the creature twice in the chest.

All the unggoy dropped what they were doing and focused their attention towards the fallen brother. "Any useless piece of trash like your fellow deacon gave to me," he pointed out at the dead unggoy, sword simmering from bright blue blood still stained, "shall meet the same faith!" He retracted his energy sword and Jer rose from his cover. "Overseer!" Jer cleared his voice and straighten his body, "I have retrieved additional locations of the forts, planets that have been contacted by the heretics, and some ground forces that they are sending within the next day. They must of sent the signal hours before this fortress was taken over." His knees began to buckle under the pressure that he could land the same fate as the other unggoy. "What is this? A counter attack?" Velgyn walked towards the buckling Jer. "Y-y-yes overseer. They will be sending forces soon and the nearest fortress," Jer taps on the notepad to find the distance, "it's about 22.5 kilometers." Velgyn was pleased, almost to the point where could stab Jer for bringing such valuable information. "Heh, good of you to provide the ship master an important plan that could save our lives from those dirty bugs. Okay deacons!" all the unggoy dropped the items and faced Velgyn, "DEACONS!!! Grab these item from this sloth facility and return to the ship! We will prepare the battle against the heretics! Now hurry with these trash relics!" Soon all the unggoy began to carry tablets near the control table where Jer received the tablet.

"Hey Jer, nice save from all of us." Merti said as he patted Jer's back for a good job. "ship master, it seems one of the deacons uncovered some files about the heretics plans of this planet and sent out a force to this location," Velgyn reported as he checked to see all of the unggoy made it to the lift entrance. "Excellent Valgyn, how big of this planet importance to the heretics?" Grishou shook his head to focus on the main objective of sending forces to anchor some defense and to ready an invasion for the planet Coral. "Alright I will contact the hierarchs and see what forces they can supply us." Velgyn nodded his head, "Agreed ship master, I will send the deacons to the chambers and make them slumber for the battle the next day." Grishou tapped the communication screen from his captain's chair and stretched his body to contemplate about the journey that landed the crew of Purify Cyrstal to planet Coral. "Hmmm, the high Prophets want to eradicate these worthless species that dare fight in combat. The honor of each heretic shows no true warrior when we battle them. But you Prophets show some sort of fear to them? They're mere insects!" Girshou slammed is giant fist on the arm rest, causing a dent on the bright reflective metal.

"What is the meaning of fighting a war that these insects have no place to fight? They show no honor or skill! They are like the rest of Covenant! A weak race that should all be eradicated on the spot!" he soon contacted the the high Prophets to get the okay for glassing the planet. "Ah! If it isn't Grishou! What is the news of your journey?" one Prophet appeared on the screen. Dark room where Grishou could barely see the skinny figure floating on his chair. "Ah Prophet of Mercy! My men have acquired knowledge of this rock! This planet seems to house many of this heretics armies and citizens! Glassing this planet could send the heretics back and we should soon follow them to their home world!" Grishou jumped from his chair over this plan he described. "No Grishou, I will agree to glass this planet under the fact that the humans have populated this section of the solar system. We've already condemned many of their planets and no luck finding their original home."

Grishou's mandibles dropped from the fact that the Covenant couldn't find the human's home world. He then remembered about the counterattack the UNSC is providing the next day, "Prophet of Mercy! I wish to ask of aid! The heretics requested more forces at our location around a full day from once we arrived! I wish to slaughter the maggots and glass this planet with my very own hands!" he again jumped from his chair, blood flowing more and more and his blades appeared from his wrists. "Well now Grishou, it seems that this planet does have an interest of ours. Of course if the humans sent more forces towards you, then that means we are getting closer to our main goal!" Mercy began to laugh, "About how many Super Carriers will you need to start the journey. . . Grishou?"

06-07-2013, 08:15 PM

[4 March 2552, 20:00, UNSC Axius Space Port, Tribute]

Mission: Tribute Emergency Evac Backup
Information- Covenant forces lock down key evac points over various major cities of Tribute. Require major backup
Casualties- Numerous
Ally Forces- Aviation Team, Echo Squad, Omega Team, ODST 200th-230th Task Force Delta and Beta company

In a flash, the moments of their training were in the back of Echo Squad's heads. Evan hunched over to see the bright night sky, the planet was under attack from some unknown enemy to the squad. "F*** is that bad of a situation guys?" Jerry closed the mission menu. His heart rate was steadily increasing from the 'numerous' of casualties. "It looks like it bud," Evan turned to Jerry's side, "we don't even know how these aliens look. The UNSC even deployed Omega Team here. You know this is serious business." Sophia and Trevor nodded in agreement. "I'm surprised how you know something about Omega Team Evan." Trevor relaxed his back, "Omega Team were one of the few remaining Spartan ii teams to this day. I can understand how badly the UNSC needs to defend this section of the galaxy." Nearly all the team's heads tilted in curiosity, "uh why is that?" Sophia asked. Trevor smirked in disappointment, "You guys don't even realized how bad this war is?" He threw his fist onto the wall of the pelican, denting the sheet metal and making the rear of the bird wobble a little. "The Covenant are getting closer to Earth as we speak. The UNSC has little planets left before the Covenant reach Earth. they won't stop at nothing until the Covies exterminate our race!!!"

Everyone's expression dropped to the floor. Jerry's head drooped down and Evan laid on his back against his seat. Sophia and Bianca both looked at each other with a blank face. "So you mean to tell us, this mission is a failure from the start?" Evan said as he looked down, "Well not entirely. We just need to save as many people as we can. All those ally forces are just for this mission. There are other squads trying to drive off the Covenant force and even frigates are in space trying to take out the Carriers. I've done some research a couple of hours before being sent to this squad after your successful exercise." Trevor continued, his lecture start to grow boredom into the squad, but it was better than having doubt. "This planet has a total population of 6.89 million people. The Covenant came down about four or five days ago. The casualties are unknown but assuming for the worst, it's around 10% to 15% of the population and 20% to 45% of the UNSC deployment they sent out." Everyone was in shock, not the fact of how much lives have been lost but how quickly and ruthless these aliens are. "So this has been going on for about a month or so? the casualties of humans period is at least half or 55%, is that correct?" Evan rose up and grabbed the handles before falling out of the pelican.

"It seems so Evan. If we don't save as many lives as we can. This planet will be doomed and all the people died for nothing." The pelican lands at the port of St. Crayt UNSC Operations and Reinforcements building. "Alright boys! Listen up!" Bianca exited the bird. "Our location is to be 254 kilometers northeast of our current standing. Our allied forces are on the ground getting that location! We have the Warthogs and Hornets to escort us and draw back any stray Covenant forces." Soon everyone ales followed out the pelican and checked their ammunition and weapons as their leader took role of the mission, "Our mission, as Trevor and Evan explained, is to get the evac birds up and rolling while taking down the Covenant forces to open up evac points. Understood?" Everyone stopped what they were doing and stood firm, "Sir, yes sir!"

Omega 1 managed to take the sangheili's pistol and broke its right hand before stabbing the enemy in the neck. "Where is the other group men?!" two plasma grenades were thrown near Omega's position. He quickly rolled towards the unggoy in front and broke its mouthpiece and kicking the shaking creature in the head. "Omega 1, I've got the confirm Echo Squad will arrive in 10 minutes. Just keep these monsters where they are at and let the rookie squad handle them." Omega 2 replied as she jumped over two unggoys before pulling the trigger. "a couple of rookie Spartans we are going to have?" Omega 4 said as she swift kick an sangheili general to its knees and wrestled the general. She threw two punches to the its face before being thrown away. "Damn these freaks don't know when to give up!" She quickly got back up and charged with her knife at hand. Bullets were blasting on Omega 4 as she tackled the sangheili down. "Take this elite!!!" she hook left and took it down with two jabs on the back of its neck.

Echo Squad began to notice the smokey scene of the metropolitan, many of the skyscrapers were collapsed and severely burnt and melted. "So this is our first mission? This city looks an aftermath of a volcano." Evan looked as the burnt metropolitan came into view. "Actually Evan, this is the aftermath of intense plasma weapon from the Covenant." Trevor explained, his voice was calm and clear. Evan was surprised about the emotion he heard over Trevor's voice. "It's called 'Cleansing' in the Covenant. We call it 'glassing'. This is super heated energy beamed up above from Super Carriers. What they are doing is burning this planet's cities and towns." Each team began to gulp in shock. Jerry raised his shotgun to inspect the details, "so, they are glassing this planet. This is the weapon that's taking so many lives?" he lowered his head. SCREECH!!!!!!!!!!! Evan and Trevor raised their heads and turned the turrets to face three Banshees on their six. "Banshees! Fast and low!!!" Trevor yelled, he reacted quickly and took aim at one. "What the hell are those things?!!" Jerry turned his head around. Bullets were sent flying at the Banshees, but they were too quick to get any hits. "I think it's our welcome party from the Covenant Jerry!!!"

The turret soon overheated for Evan, "Really? Damn it!" He sat down and took out his DMR. Auto-aim was turned on to get better accuracy, "Your percentage of hits is 54%." An unknown voice replied to Evan. "Wha-? Who said it?" he looked puzzled. One banshee fired one fuel rod missile locked on Evan, Jerry and Bianca's warthog. "Guys quick swerve!!!" Trevor yelled as he released the trigger to cool off the turret. Evan took aim and shot three bullets to blow up the missile. The heat from the explosion disrupted Evan's shields. He aimed again at the banshee that shot the missile and shot four bullets at the left wing. The banshee lowered its left wing, but took two bullets to its inboard flap. "Only two hit." Evan grabbed the chest guard to avoid falling off the hog. Trevor aimed at the banshee Evan shot and fired multiple rounds. The banshee soon dropped from the sky before disintegrating into pieces and crashing to the ground. "Evan, short bursts on the turret!!! Just aim as fast as they react!!!" Trevor next aimed at the two trailing his vehicle. Evan turned the turret towards the two and began to fire. Trevor pulled the trigger and a frenzy of bullets and plasma bolts filled the night sky.

"We're about three minutes from the front!!!" Bianca said as she floored on the gas and swerved to avoid the harden molten rubble. Both men shots were dancing, following the movements of the banshees. "We're not getting anywhere with this!!!" Evan aimed at one that Trevor's been shooting for some time. The cockpit was torn to shreds as it collided with the other banshee. Then out of nowhere two RPGs finished the job. "Those RPGs, we must be near the evac point. Those are Wolverine missiles." Trevor said as both men turned their turrets to the front. Omega 1 walked slowly towards the charging warthogs. "You rookies are late to the party. Get to your positions, defend the evac point and push the enemies far towards the square." He grabbed Jerry like a doll and tossed him to the ground. "Whoa man." Jerry landed on his back as he tried to get the sense of a Spartan throwing him like a rag doll. "Alright men!!! GO! GO! GO!" Bianca jumped out of the driver seat and charged at the blooded front lines. "Good luck Spartans." Omega 1 signaled his team to cover the rear. More ODST drop pods crashed near Echo Squad's path as the night sky began to fill with bright green and pink flashes off of the enemies weapons. "What, what are those weapons?!!" Jerry said as the team took cover from oncoming fire. "We've been engaged!!! Evan and Trevor take mark and scope out the enemies!!!" both men nodded and crawled to destroyed civilian vehicles. "We're taking hea-" one ODST shouted but soon was barraged by needle like bullets. "S*** we've got one ODST down!!!" Jerry grabbed his M6 pistol and fired a couple of rounds.

Evan rose up and turned on night vision. Bang! . . . Bang! . . . Bang! He slowly took down three kigyar infantry that's been taking out the ODSTs. "Easy. . ." Evan heard footsteps from behind him. He felted his left ribs take a blow from a kick and flung two meters to some mangled concrete. He coughed and noticed a towering foe near him. The creature roared and took out its energy sword and began to charge at him. He grabbed his BR and shot 12 rounds into its head. "What are you?!!!" the giant collapsed on its knees dazed and roared louder. Jerry noticed the 8 foot being from the lights caused by nearby explosions. "Evan!!!" he tried to sprint to aid Evan but was tackled by another 8 foot being. Evan reacted quickly and took the advantage of charging the downed foe. He slid down to grab the knees in the attempt of breaking both of them. The foe shook off the shock and pulled out the energy knife and tried to right hook Evan. Evan moved his head to the right just in time and grabbed the left arm and elbowed the forearm, breaking the giants forearm and elbow in the process. He managed to grab the pistol the sangheili stored on its belt and blasted five bolts of plasma energy at the neck, killing the giant. "Oh my god, Oh man," his breathing was rapid and wiggled his way out of the heavy enemy.

Jerry continuously punched the sangheili in the head and front kicked the right knee. The ranger class sangheili dropped to the floor and Jerry got out his shot gun and shot two shells to the head. "Shows what you got moron." Jerry grabbed the marksman like rifle from the dead body and turned around to aim at the remaining covenant foes. He saw to the left of him two ODSTs sliced in half by one of general shangeilis, trying to provide cover for his team. He put the carbine on his back, grabbed his shotgun, reloaded his weapon, and started to walk towards the elite. "All of this." He whispered, explosions were following his movements. Four needles were speeding towards him, all shattered but none pierced through his ultra high strength steel nano exo-armor. "You've killed our men," flashes of the moment when the two ODSTs were killed, slowly replayed in the back of his mind, "killed the innocent people of this planet." Bianca and Sophia drew the fire that was originally aimed at Jerry; they took down three unggoies and a kigyar. "and you've killed other people from other planets!!!" his senses increased and so did his adrenaline. "I-WILL-KILL-ALL-OF-YOU!!!" he switched from walking to sprinting. Maneuvering so quickly that the nearby Covenant forces couldn't get any shot. "I will make sure all the people you've killed have their vengeance!!!" Jerry switched to his pistol and began to rapidly firing on the smaller Covenant enemies.

Evan inspected his rib plates that little major dents from the blow. "Damn those things." He looked up to see three sangheili grunt soldiers walking towards the six ODSTs. He got his DMR and quickly aimed at the middle giant shooting four shots at the neck and left shoulder. He saw the other two figures turn towards the middle member as it flinches from Evan's shots. His eyes widened as as they point at his direction and soon sprayed plasma bolts at him. "No!!!!!" shouted one ODST and charged towards one three meters in the front. Evan ducked before getting shredded by the fire. Two more ODSTs joined in the struggle and started to shoot at the knees of the grunt soldier while the one that charged head on released his grenade and jumped off. Evan rose from the rubble and second later saw a fiery blast. The six ODSTs ducked towards some collapsed concrete columns to check if any shangheilis survived. Evan's scanner picked up one dot moving.

Trevor aimed his sniper at four shangheilis on the second floor from a melted cafe store. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Each one quickly dropped to the floor and before any forces reacted. He reloads his sniper and quickly pulled the trigger to take two unggoies with one bullet and Jiralhanae chief. "Never knew there was a brute chief on the battlefield." He said as he shot two more rounds before reloading to his third to last clip. He contacted Bianca and Sophia over the NAVCOMM channel. "Commander, there's brutes on the field. They look like two legged apes. Be careful as they pose a deadly force just like the elites." Bianca got the message and contacted the rest of the team about the warning. "Hey cousin, we need some back up on our position." Sophia said, she lowered her head a second before a needle strand took her out. She looked at the bullet on the ground, this wasn't an ordinary needler bullet. She then saw two more penetrate the ground. "We got some snipers!!!" Two ODST units were shredded by the needle marksman bullets. Evan saw the six ODSTs take out the last sangheili. He turned to where the tag of S163 noticed the flashes and zoomed to max 5x. He saw two marksmen spraying pink needles similar to the ones he got hit earlier. "Alright freaks, let's see how well you'll do in a marksmen firefight." His adrenaline kicked in and quickly pulled the trigger several times. Both kigyar marksmen flinched several times before falling to ground level.

Jerry screamed loudly as he charged the elite. The elite turn to the left to see the cyborg like figure charge at him. The elite tried to unleash his blade but Jerry's quick movements prevented him to take it out. Jerry kicked the elite in the crotch and round house kick to the face. Breaking the lower left mandible and upper left mandible. Jerry dropped his pistol, grabbed his shotgun and slammed the stock to the side of the elites ribs. Jerry then jumped over the elite, grabbed the back armor, ripped the plate and put two shells on the exposed skin of the elite. The body dropped and Jerry jumped off the back. Evan moved to his right for extra protection. "These aliens don't know when to quit?" he blind fired at the direction of the green and pink flashes. His attention was turned to rubble beginning to move across from him. He aimed his gun in case one of the Covenant were injured. He carefully removed the mesh of concrete and steel rubble to find something astonishing as he NAVCOMM his teammates, "Guys!!! I need some cover and fast!!!"