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This is my first try in making a fan fiction I hope you guys enjoy! :emhh22:

Disclaimer : I'll be using google images for pictures. I do not own any of them.

__________________________________________________ _______

Prologue : The Light of Salvation

*Huff huff* "Run faster May!" said the Knight to her daughter who was carrying her infant brother.

"B-but father is.." replied May, she looked behind to see a huge man in full plate armor fighting against the Dark Lord's minions.

"We don't have time May!" interrupted the Knight as she pulled her daughter and son away. The two of them ran towards the city gates.

A thick black cloud of smoke appeared ahead of them stopping them. The cloud slowly dispersed, as the cloud slowly thinned a enormous figure appeared.

"Aaaahhhh!!" screamed may, she was frightened when The Dark Lord (http://m.artician.com/pu/CRXZDVSF264YRMCVRYGK4XJT25TKS4WE.preview.jpeg)appe ared in front of her and her mother. It had a human like figure but had no flesh, it had 2 huge skulls where it's shoulder should be and 2 huge horns on its head.

The Knight bravely drew her sword "May I want you to take your brother and run toward Geffen." she turned and smiled at her daughter "I will try to keep him distracted while you go, take care of your brother May."

"But mother I-" May cried.

"RUN NOW MAY!" the knight pushed her daughter out of the gate and closed it shut.

May de Salve wept while she ran. Her tears dropped on the clueless infant she was carrying "Don't worry Otouto I'll take care of you" she whispered and continued to run toward Geffen city.

Glast Heim was surrounded by the smell of blood and burning wood. The once famous city of Glast Heim was now being torn apart by demons. Even the proud knights and the wise Magicians were now under the Dark Lord's control.

After two days of walking May had reached the west bridge of Geffen. She could hear the buzzing of the Chonchons (http://www.gamer.ru/system/attached_images/images/000/525/814/original/carta_chonchon.jpg?1335788113) and the plopping of the Porings in the field. "We're here brother the city of magicians." she said weakly as she slowly fainted while walking towards the gate.

A beautiful Professor passed by the west gate and saw May and her brother. She chanted a spell lifting the two in the air "Poor girl she must have been walking for days." said the Professor. She payed a local priest to use Warp portal and brought them to Prontera where her house is.

May had slept for one whole day.

The smell of sweet hot chocolate and freshly baked bread woke May up. She found her self tucked in a soft pink bed, in a well lit room filled with magic books. She suddenly remembered that she was walking to Geffen with her brother, she immediately looked for her younger brother. She then heard a baby laughing outside her room. She went downstairs and found a lady feeding her brother some orange jellopy.

"Who are you?" May asked the beautiful professor.

"Oh, so you're awake now. I am Lizabeth Eldridge, I saw you passed out and your brother crawling around you on the west bridge of Geffen. Mind telling me why you were there?" said Liz as she fed the baby with jellopy.

May told Liz what had happened in Glast Heim.

"So Glast Heim has fallen." Lizabeth frowned "I will report this to the King later. What were you going to do in Geffen?"

May replied "I don't really know, my mother didn't have time to explain to us why."

"Maybe she wanted you to live in the magician's school and become mages, would you like me to take you back to Geffen?" said Lizabeth. The baby was spilling orange juice all over Liz's skirt as the two girls spoke.

May stopped her brother from ruining Liz's outfit any further. "Thank you miss Lizabeth but me and my brother will just stay in the prontera convent. I want to become a Priestess and help people in need." repied May to the Professor.

"You're very mature for a little girl, very well and what shall become of your brother then?" asked Lizabeth.

"I'll take care of him because I promised my mother I would." replied May.

Lizabeth smiled at May "Ok then lets go to the convent.". She took May and her brother to Prontera convent where they will live a simple and holy life. "If you ever need anything just write me a letter and I will come to help."

"Thank you so much Miss Lizabeth." said May.

Lizabeth introduced May and her brother to the Current High Priest Paul. The priest promised that the church would take care of them.

May studied very hard in the convent and helped High Priest Paul with his works and chores while taking care of her brother Azura de Salve.


I'll post chapter 1 tomorrow :D

Azura Nyan
11-24-2012, 09:16 PM
:emhh57: sorry it took so long I had a very busy week.
Anyway thank you for your continued support :emh12: here is chapter 1!

PS: This story's genre is Comedy / Adventure / Ecchi / Action-ish...

Light blue - Azura's Narration
Yellow - Picture Link (except for title)

Chapter 1 : The Mischievous Acolyte

*16 years passed since May and Azura first came to Prontera Convent*

"Just relax ok? Let me make you feel good." a soft voice said as the priestess pushed the young man down the bed.
Crawling on top, the priestess gave him a small grin as she began to caress his chest.
The young man couldn't help but get stiff all over, feeling the sensual touch of the female's smooth skin. "w-why are you doing this?"

"Oh be honest with yourself Azura, I know you've wanted me for quite some time now.." The priestess giggled as she slowly unzip the man's pants and pull down his underwear. The male's manhood sprung to life, ready to enter the young woman with such passion and aggression. "Oh my! well at least your body is honest"

The male shivered as he felt the girl breathing in between his legs. A moment later, he felt it, the moist and tight opening which gives every man pleasure. He simply closed his eyes in ecstacy. "Aaaah! Take it easy, I'm about to-"

"About to what?"

Azura De Salve, now all grown up as a acolyte of prontera, awoke from his rather erotic dream when he heard another person's voice in his room. Standing a few feet away from his bed was his best friend, Daniel Le Blade, with a rather disgusted look on his face. "What?"

"Do you know how disturbing it is to watch you moan with that weird sex face of yours?" Daniel tossed Azura's clothes and rosary at him, with the pants landing directly to his face.

"Haha, I bet you enjoyed every minute of it" Azura laughed as he sat at the edge of his bed and began dressing up.

Daniel grabbed a nearby pillow and tossed it at Azura "Dude, knock it off with the gay **** and hurry up. Your sister is not going to be happy with us being late,AGAIN!

Azura couldn't help but chuckle as he got up and walked to the halls.

This is Daniel Le Blade (http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/3931/roacolyte.jpg), my best friend and partner in crime. I think he likes my sister tho. We go way back, back when he first came to the convent and ,back when my sister May was still an acolyte who studied under Arch Bishop Paul, and back when Arch Bishop Paul still had abs. Now its just... an ab. We did a lot of things together, like putting the latest issue of Playboy Midguard inside the arch bishop's bible, Climb up the tall trees near the girl's dorm to have a good view of the female acolytes dressing up, and replacing the holy water into oil at the Arch Bishop's not-so-secret closet behind the cross.

Inside the convent's class room, it was filled with female acolytes there were only three of us male acolytes. They were all busy memorizing their Blessings and other Healing spells. "Uh oh, heads up Azura. I told you , your sister wouldn't be happy today." Daniel elbowed Azura as the two saw May stare at them with furious eyes fixed on Azura. This is May de Salve (http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/9431/mayt.jpg), my sister, and Prontera's prettiest girl. She won Miss Prontera award 4 years straight since she became High Priestess. Although she was a Nun, she still manages to keep a perfect body and smile at everyone she sees. Shes very committed to her work and helps everyone out. That is probably why everyone loves her, well other than her smoking hot legs, perfectly curved body, dazzling blue eyes and silky yellow hair of course. Not to mention shes so sweet to everyone "AZURA DE SALVE!" May said loudly, making the whole class stare at Azura. "You're late again! Honestly brother, what do you do at night that tires you so much to sleep in every single day?" Well everyone that isn't me..

"Good morning May-chan!" Daniel said with delight "The morning is always so beautiful when I see your stunning face."

May switched her evil gaze at Daniel "You're late too.. but I will excuse you for waking up my Otouto(Little Brother) everyday. Now take a seat you two and start memorizing your healing spells, especially you Azura" she said furiously.

The two boys sat at the back of the classroom beside the wall of maces and spell books. "Your sister is so dreamy" daniel said while googly eyed at May. "Honestly dude you have to stop hitting on my sister, I've seen tons of rich Knights , Crusaders, Wizards and Blacksmiths get rejected by her. Actually haven't you been rejected like a hundred times already?" replied Azura.

"Oh that? She's just shy but deep down she totally digs me."

"Whatever floats your boat pal."

"Hmmm.. 'whatever floats your boat' doesn't sound like a very effective healing spell to me" a soft and familiar voice said behind the two boys. They turned around to see a beautiful priestess in blue behind them. "h-h-hi Miss Andrea... M-me and Daniel here were just talking about healing sailors in a boat near byaland" Azura said while wiping off sweat from his forehead. Miss Andrea Kaine (http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/8236/183210.jpg),in elf language her name means Andrea the Beautiful one, her name suits her well! She sort of looks like my sister but she has sexy red eyes and that charming soft voice. Shes the girl in my dreams. Shes also my sisters closest friend, when they're together they look like twins.

"Well Mr.De Salve you better be ready because your sister and I are sending you on a solo errand." she said softly.

Azura unconsciously said to the priestess "Anything for you my love.." the priestess chuckled at the boy's answer. "The convent is running low on Condensed potions, we have already sent an order request at the Archers guild. Your sister wants you to leave right now." said Andrea.

"Oh, alright. But where is the Archers guild?" asked Azura. They heard footsteps behind them as they were talking. "It's in Payon" interrupted May.

"Ah Payon.. wait.. PAYON FOREST?!!"


to be continued haha i hopped you guys enjoyed chapter 1

Azura Nyan
11-30-2012, 07:13 AM

Chapter 2 : Payon Forest

"Payon forest! But thats seven warp gates from here!" complained Azura "And why do I have to go alone? Why can't Daniel come with me?" he frowned at his sister who was glaring at him with piercing eyes.

May stepped closer to Azura as she spoke "Well my little brother, this was punishment from Arch Bishop Paul! He wanted to punish you for putting thumbtacks on his bed the other night." Andrea tried hard not to laugh while May explained what happened to Azura. "The Arch Bishop Paul is in the infirmary having his butt healed" said May.

Azura and Daniel bursted into laughter and Andrea made a slight giggle. "What's so funny?" asked May.

"Nothing sis. I'm sure Arch Bishop just woke up on the wrong side of bed" said Azura as Daniel and Andrea chuckled. May stared at Andrea making her stand straight and stop laughing. "Enough jokes brother" May handed Azura a piece of paper and a small bag of Red Potions "This should do for the whole mission, you have to depart for Payon at once. Please do not lose that Kafra order slip I gave you, we're counting on you."

Azura sighed "May I at least bring a Pecopeco (http://img811.imageshack.us/img811/496/imageuuj.jpg)?"

"No you may not" replied Andrea and May in unison.

Azura frowned at their reply "Ok I'll get going then." he started at the corridor towards the convent's exit. Outside were the busy streets of Prontera filled with Merchants , Blacksmiths , Alchemists, and all kinds of people trading,scamming and some even hacking! In this world the most precious thing you have is a strange kind of information you get when you are born. Its your Name and Password! If you tell people your "password" they could hypnotize you and make you give all your items to them! It's one of the mysteries of Rune Midguard Azura continued walking toward the southern gate of Prontera city. He envied the Knights who were riding on their over sized noisy mutant chickens called the Pecopeco but of all the knights he saw while he was walking he noticed one knight in particular.

"HEATHCLIFF!" Azura shouted "Hey Baka-Knight, over here!" he waved at the curious knight in full plated armor. This is Heathcliff A. Nash (http://img571.imageshack.us/img571/5678/roknightmale.jpg) a clumsy but strong knight from the elite squad of Lord Knight Aero (http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/3536/311lordknightmale.jpg) he is one of my sisters close friends, and one of the people who fight to protect Prontera. His main job assigned to him was to help out new swordsmen with their spear training outside of Prontera, but he likes to stroll around the town looking at sexy mages and wizards The knight came closer to Azura on his Pecopeco and said "Well well well, if it isn't little Azura! Still pretending to be a knight with that little mace and buckler of yours?".

Azura grinned and replied "Perhaps. How about you? Still hitting on my sister?".

"Wha- I do not hit on your sister! We're just very good friends. Speaking of your sister, how is she?" asked Heathcliff. Azura facepalmed and replied "Shes fine Heath. Could you do me a favor?"

"It depends, what do you want?"

Azura stared at the Pecopeco with googly eyes "Can I borrow your Pecopeco? My sister wants me to go to Payon and pickup the condensed potions they ordered.". The knight said curiously "Why would you walk all the way to Payon? You could have just asked you sister to use warp portal and you could have been teleported in an instant."

"S-s-she could do that?" Azura staggered in disbelief and glanced at the knight as he nodded. "I'll have my revenge when I get back. So would you lend me your peco now?"

Heathcliff grinned "Of course!".

Azura jumped for joy and said out loud "REALLY?!"

"Of course not! You know we can't entrust our Pecopecos to anyone" said Heathcliff "But I know a few roaming priests in Prontera square right now they could warp you to Payon safely without going through the trouble of evading all those monsters.". The knight unmounted his pecopeco and guided Azura to the center of Prontera. Among all the street vendors and adventurers in the street there was one person who stood out. He was healing all the injured swordsmen, guiding the lost novices, and curing the poisoned mages.

"Ah there he is" Heathcliff pointed at the helpful man and led Azura to him. The Knight greeted the helpful priest "Blake! still very lively I see."

"Oh, Sir Heathcliff. I'm very happy to be able to help everyone here in the town of Prontera. How may I be of service to you?" said Blake

"My friend this is Azura De Salve brother of the Current High Priest of Prontera May De Salve" introduced the knight.

Blake took Azura's hand and shook it with joy "Master Azura it is nice to meet you, I am a huge admirer of your sister's work. I was inspired to become a priest after she helped the Morroc thieves get rid of Osiris."

"Pleasure to meet you." Azura smiled.

"Azura here is on an errand for his sister. He is to pick up the city's order for condense potions. We were wondering if you would please cast a warp portal for this young acolyte, so he could finish his task safely" explained the knight.

The priest took out his rosary and a blue stone from his pocket "It would be my pleasure". Blake stepped back and chanted "Cormamin lindua ele lle Kwentra lye i'narn.... PAYON"

A circular ray of white light appeared on the floor. "That.... was... LEGENDARY!" Azura filled with excitement "could you teach me that chant? ching chong chang ching chong?"

The priest chuckled "Actually I learned that spell when I was only a Acolyte, it's taught right after teleport." Azura stared blankly on the ground "Teleport... that was 3 years ago..."

Heathcliff patted the young acolyte's shoulder "It's ok, everyone knows you just stare at your sister's chest all day while shes teaching" Azura quickly elbowed the knight on his stomach and glared at him with angry eyes.

"hehehe... well Mr.De Salve the portal won't be open for much longer please step on it." said Blake

Azura bowed to show gratitude "Thank you again Mr.Blake. I will pay you back some day." he slowly stepped forward towards the bright light. For a moment I could see nothing but the color white. It was if I was in a empty white room, with no walls and ceiling it was a endless room of nothing. After a few seconds Azura blinked his eyes and had a blurry vision, he could only make out the color green and brown around him, but he could hear the sound of picky (http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/8526/avatarorg.jpg)'s chirping and Porings (http://img41.imageshack.us/img41/7795/littleporingbyholysaint.png) plopping. The young acolyte rubbed his eyes and his vision became clearer, he was in a rain forest. He was surrounded by huge trees and green grass everywhere. "Wow it's beautiful" he said to himself. He started walking north til he spotted a wooden bridge.

After crossing halfway the bridge he could make out some sort of stone bridge. When the young acolyte finally crossed the bridge he was astounded. "Oh.. my.. golly.." Azura unconsciously made a sign of the cross when he saw the beautiful town of Payon (http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/5913/payonh.jpg). Payon was beautiful and lush, set like a glittering emerald in the crown of the forest. The structures were based on a tribal chinese design. It was once seen as the frontier by the people of Glast Heim. It kept a tribal system and it's people were peaceful.

"Kirei.." Azura muttered as he slowly approached the town entrance.

*Swoosh* an arrow passed by near Azura's ear and hit the ground behind him. "Who goes there.." said a soft but masculine voice.

Azura looked up and saw a man standing on top of the gate. The man drew an arrow from his quiver and readied his bow "I won't miss the next one... now tell me who are you."



Azura Nyan
12-11-2012, 02:42 AM

Chapter 3 : Marshmallows!

Azura hid behind his buckler, "My name is Azura de Salve." he proclaimed. "I'm a Acolyte from Prontera Church. I was tasked to pick up a few things from the Archer Guild.". The archer returned the arrow in his quiver, and hanged his bow on his shoulder. He jumped down and landed in front of Azura. He could now see the archer's slim figure clearer, he had short blond hair, he wore a brown leather jacket, and baggy blue pants. The young archer extended his hand to Azura, "I am Louise Schneider (http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/3558/roarchermale.jpg) a student of the Archer's Guild, most of my friends call me Zero.". Azura shook the young Archer's hand and smiled "Pleasure to meet you."

Zero smiled and asked, "You mentioned about a task? What was it you needed to pick up?". Azura took a piece of white parchment from his pocket and opened it, he crinkled his eyes as he tried to decipher May's microscopic penmanship. "C-co-... cond... condo... Condense.. Oh yeah! Condensed Potions!". The young archer zero rubbed his chin, "hmmm.. I think Karfa Rachelle handles those, follow me."

Zero led Azura north of the village. As he followed the archer, he enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of Payon. The village was huge it was surrounded by trees and beautifully designed houses. The people who walk around wore traditional chinese designed clothes. Despite how big payon was, there weren't many people around. It was a very quiet place, the only thing you could hear were the chirping birds and the leaves as they wither with the wind.

"We're here.." said Zero. Standing before them was a enormous archery range.

"FIRE!" shouted a female voice *swoosh* a flurry of arrows came flying and hit their targets at almost the same time. "Looks like miss Helena isn't taking it easy on us first years again." Zero managed as smile as they continued walking. When the two finally arrived, Kafra Rachelle (http://i47.tinypic.com/qnwljn.gif)'s house was filled with Novices and Merchants, ready to take their Condense potion requests today. Azura navigated his way through the crowd. "Dude, is everyone here to claim their condense potion supply today?"
Zero replied with a fake smile, "yes, we better get as close as possible or we won't hear the instructions."

Zero and Azura finally managed to stand beside Merchant May's stall. It was the closest they can get. Azura tapped Zero's shoulder and whispered. "You think any of these Novices and Merchants are strong? They look very intimidating."
"Really? I can't tell. Everyone looks just like us. We only have like 5 hair styles to choose from."

A minute later, a beautiful woman with a clipboard and a pen exits the house with a enchanting aura. "Good day everyone! I am Rachelle from the Kafra Agency. As you all know supply for Condense Potions has been short lately, due to the lack of adventurers willing to farm the extract inside the Payon Cave.." Kafra Rachelle continued to explain and enchant every man around her with her angel like voice.

As Azura and Zero began to listen to Rachelle's instructions, a short monk with an over-sized Baphomet helmet walked passed them. The person seems to have impaired vision as the monk bump onto everyone. "E-Excuse me," a muttered voice said.
Zero whispered on Azura's ear. "Definitely a noob monk."

Azura looked at the clumsy monk for a while before returning his attention to Rachelle. Suddenly, the person loses footing and trips. With a split-second reaction and in an attempt to regain balance, the monk grabbed onto Azura, pulling him to the ground as well.The two crashed on a pile of wooden boxes. Azura slowly got up and placed one hand on the back of his head. "Ow, that really hurt." His curiosity was aroused when he realized that his other hand was touching something rather soft. Marshmallows? When his eyes followed his arms, Azura's jaw dropped. On the ground was a young female with long, shoulder-length brown hair and in monk clothing. A girl? That's not possible. Girl's aren't allowed to be warriors.Azura was lost in thought as his left hand was firmly on top of the unconscious woman's chest. An unknown reflex made him continue to grope it. Quite firm.
When the female finally came to, the first thing she saw was Azura's red face and his hand on her chest.She let out a shriek and punched Azura square in the jaw, launching him up in the air, a good 5-stories high, and crashing on the center lake. Blood from Azura's nose slowly colored the water red as he slowly drifted to unconsciousness. That was a level 5 Tiger Knuckle Punch! And, a plus 10 gauntlet! Yes, definitely a plus 10! Oh and it's a 36-B. :emh23:


Azura Nyan
12-12-2012, 04:14 AM

Chapter 4 : Refining is good!

You know what they say when you die, your life flashes in front of you? 17 years ago I was born into this world. 12 years ago I learned the difference between males and females in full detail. 10 years ago I experienced the joy of flipping up skirts. 8 years ago I groped an older girl for the 1st time. And an hour ago I was murdered by a vicious woman in men's clothes.

Azura found himself drifting lifelessly on the side of the lake which was now blood red, his body still numb from the force of the impact. "So this is what it feels like to die." he murmured.

"a-ano.... are you ok?" a soft voice echoed.

Azura's 's eyes opened widely, realizing he was still very much alive. He felt soft hands pull him out of the lake as he slowly regained consciousness. After a rub on his face, he looked at the female who aided him. Almost immediately he stepped back. "W-who are you?"

"I-I just came to apologize! You were touching me so I uh.." she stared at the ground as she explained to Azura.

But you pulled me down remember.He shook his head. "Don't mind it, I understand." He then carefully observed the female infront of him from head to toe. Those armors conceal most of the obvious parts. No wonder I didn't realize she was a girl. But, now that I think about it..

Azura glared at her chest.

Then her hips.

"Boobs.. Curves.. Definitely a woman." he whispered to himself.
The female looked at Azura curiously, "Is something the matter?".

Azura stuttered "..A-ah, no. It's just that, why are you dressing up as a boy?"Don't tell me it's her fetish or something.
The young woman looked away, clearly not interested in answering the question."I have my reasons, okay?"

Azura scratched his head. "uh..Okay. By the way, I'm Azura.. Azura De Salve."
"Maika... Akarui Maika."The female then took her sword and sheathed it on her back. "I was wondering if you could keep this a secret from everyone else."

"I'm not the type to blurt out secrets." Azura gave Maika a small smile before walking back to Rachelle's . "Well, see yah."

"W-Wait!' Maika exclaimed as she inched closer. "You're taking your Condense Potion quest today am I right?"

"Hmmm? Yes I am, why?"

"I'm coming with you."

Azura's 's eyebrows arced. "You're a girl. Girl's aren't allowed to be Monks in the first place."
Maika stomped her feet. "Just because this stupid world doesn't have a sex change option doesn't mean I can't take a job that I wanna do!"
Ah yes, the gender locks. Apparently in this world, males are allowed to be any job that concerns Physical ability , Archery and Priests, while females are allowed to be any job that concerns Magical abilities , Archery and of course Priestesses. I don't know why, there must be some serious gender discrimination issues going on around here. It's not like us guys aren't smart enough to read a book and shout stuff like "Fire wall!" or just plain laugh while burning monsters to death. And aren't the female archers having issues with their boobs getting in the way of their arrows? Azura found it pointless to even argue with the girl, so he just shook his head and continued walking. "Don't say I didn't warn you."

Back at Rachelle's, Zero walked towards the two as the rest of the crowd dispersed. "Where the hell were you Azura-kun? Everyone's doing part one of the quest already!"

Azura scratched his head. "I was, uh.. helping out a new friend of mine, Mai- I mean Makoto here."

Maika looked at Azura 1st before facing Zero. "Nice to meet you." she said.
Nice attempt to making your voice sound manlier Maika.
Zero nodded. "Louise Schneider. But please call me Zero, nice to meet you. Now we have to get going. Apparently we're doing a test where we have to fend of orc attacks within a time limit."

Azura rubbed his chin. "Seems easy enough. Let's do it."

Maika chuckled. 'Not with those weapons you aren't."

Azura and Zero looked at each other then at their weapons. "What's wrong with our stuff?"

Maika showed them her plus 10 Mace which was glowing in a radiant blue color. "You guys need an upgraded weapon if you plan on taking this test. Go take your swords to Blanksmith Yoseph to have it checked."

At the blacksmith shop lies Yoseph, a short and chubby man who works almost 24/7 forging weapons and armor for adventurers. He ceased hammering when he saw the 3 come closer.
"What can I do for you, young adventurer?"

He says that line to everyone, even to adventurers as old as him.
Maika stepped forward and pointed at Zero and Azura's weapons. "I need you to refine my friends' weapons."

"Ask and you shall be given.."
Azura smiled. "It's for free?!"
"..provided you pay up that is." Yoseph chuckled as he took the weapons away.

Azura whispered at Maika's ear. "Hey, can we trust this old geezer to make our weapons stronger? How is he gonna do that anyway?"

"It's easy. Just pay him and he'll hammer your weapon up till the loading bar fills up."

"A loading bar?"

Yoseph began hammering, successfully upgrading Zero's Hunter Bow to plus 1. Zero looked at his bow. "It doesn't look stronger. Just bent a bit."
Maika explained. "You need to keep paying if you want him to keep refining it."

Yoseph continued hammering, successfully upgrading both Azura's and Zero's weapons to plus 6.

Maika cleared her throat. "Anything higher than plus 6 may cause your weapon to break. Just sayin".

Azura beamed with excitement. "As long as I get that super cool glow, I ain't making Yoseph stop!" He tossed in a few more coins.

Yoseph continued until it was plus 8, then he stopped.
Azura's excitement disappeared. 'What's wrong?'

Maika tapped his shoulder. "You need to give him Oridecon to continue."
"Those blue looking solidified boogers? I think I still have some." Azura handed some to Yoseph.

Yoseph then placed the jewels ontop of the Mace before hammering them together. The fat man frowned. "It went down to plus 7, sorry kid."

"What do you mean it went down!? You freaking hammered spikey jewels into my smexy Mace!"
Yoseph continued, bringing back the sword to plus 8. "I need those fragments again."
Azura glared at the old man. 'You better know what you're doing, you old fart.'
Yoseph hammered the two again.

Sudden silence had enveloped the room.

'W-What happened?' Azura asked.
Yoseph gave Azura a big grin. "It broke."

Maika couldn't help but giggle.
"What the f-f-feathers do you mean it broke!?'
Yoseph grabbed something from the floor and handed it to Azura. "Sorry kid, here use this stick in the meantime."
I am gonna murder you!

A few feet away from the 3, stood another adventurer with long white hair and crimson eyes. The person cleared its throat before slowly making its way towards the group with its hammer held close. "I hope these people can help."



Azura Nyan
12-17-2012, 04:21 AM

Chapter 5 :Traps!

"Bash!" Azura shouted as he swung his blunt piece of wood in front of him. Why do we have to scream out our skills anyway? This is stupid.
Maika couldn't help but shake her head. "Don't worry, we'll get you a new weapon as soon as we leave town."

Azura gave Maika a rather annoyed look. "You're telling me to bear with this piece of crap till later? Look at it! My attack dropped to a mere 10!"
Zero grinned. "Ya should have stopped at +6 man."
"Rub it in why don't ya?"

Maika clapped her hands. "Alright, alright let's go out of town 1st before trying to take the condensed potion quest. Now, do you guys remember how to get to Payon Cave?"
'Ofcourse!' Azura boasted.
"Okay, meet you guys there!" Maika waved and ran off.

Azura laughed.
"What's so funny?" Zero asked, partially surprised at the random laughter.
"Mai- I mean Makoto's going the wrong way. C'mon, I know where Payon Cave is." Azura pointed as the two began walking towards the gates of Payon Village.

"What took you guys so long?" Maika stomped her feet.
"W-What the? How did you?" Azura and Zero looked dumb-founded.
Maika tilted her head a bit. "Why do you guys look surprised? Ever heard of a warper before?" She then pointed at one of the random guards standing still in the corner.

Azura stood infront of the guard who seemed expressionless at the moment. "This guy warps people now? Though he was like one of those imperial soldiers who aren't allowed to move or something."

"Silly, just tell him where you want to go. It can either be a place or a person."
Zero stepped forward. "Payon Cave" *A short period of silence enveloped the group..* "Nothing happened."
Maika placed her palm on her face. "We're already at Payon Cave."

"Oh, oh my turn!" Azura cleared his throat. "Rachelle!" He vanished in a blink of an eye.
Zero looked around. "Where'd he go? Did he really warp to Rachelle?"

Maika pointed at Azura who suddenly reappeared beside her. "Ask him yourself."
Azura had that look on his face again. "Heavenly Melons..."

As the 3 began stepping out of the village, a white haired Merchant ran towards them. "W-Wait!" The person stopped and began breathing heavily. "Are you guys going to party and level-up? C-Can I come?"

Azura looked at the Merchant. Until now I don't know why people call groups as parties. I mean, do we look like we're going to any form of social gatherings with bloody swords? And why do people call hacking and slashing monsters as leveling up? "Yeah, I guess we have room for one more."

The merchant beamed as the 3 began walking towards a bulletin board. 'I'm Ariadne by the way." she said softly
"The name's Azura."
"Zero, nice to meet ya."
"Hi ya. I'm Mai- err Makoto."

Zero faced Maika with a skeptical look on his face. "You keep making that same mistake everytime you say your own name."
Maika gave an uneasy laugh. "I-I don't know what you're talking about. Wait did he just say his name was Ariadne?"

The merchant shook his head fast. "I-I said Andre! My name is Andre!."
Azura gave a gentle cough and pointed at the bulletine board. "Hey guys, what's this? Looks like a huge note pad or something."

Maika walked passed Zero and faced everyone. "This is a bulletin board. It's where people leave their requests for adventurers to take in for a bit of extra cash."
Zero rubbed his chin. "Like a help wanted post."

Azura began looking at the papers posted. "Looking for a female orc, must be 6 feet, and has at least 2 years experience beating up humans. Hey Zero, you qualify!"
"Oh shut up."

Maika suddenly tore a piece of paper off the board. "We'll take this one. Finish Payon Cave 1st - Cave."
Why the hell would anyone wanna make random people finish only the 1st cave?
Azura tapped Maika's shoulder. "Can't we just lie and tell them we finished this already? It's not like they'll know or anything."
Maika kept quiet for a while. "You sir, have a very good point."

As the 4 barreled through Payon Cave with ease, the group found themselves near the Warp Area. Azura swung his trusty stick around. "Alright, who's the boss around here!? I'mma shove this stick up your ***!"

Suddenly, a group of barely dressed dark elves emerged from the shadows, with razor sharp claws and fiendish looks on their eyes. Their clothing was barely enough to cover their privates.

Zero and Azura's jaws dropped. "That's so hot.." The two watched the elves dance seductively closer and closer, making every shake wobble their chests and every bend emphasize their curves. Maika blushed as they saw Azura and Zero's bulge on their pants. Andre covered his face.

It's like they're inviting us in or something.
"I can watch this all day." Zero said as a small drool mark began to flow off his lips.
Azura's arms we're as if moving on its own as he tried to reach for the elves' chest. "Come to daddy. Come to-oof!" A bone-crushing kick landed directly on Zero and Azura's manhood, causing both guys to curl up in pain and lie on the floor. "I.. can't.. feel my balls."
"I'm gonna need to test my junk if it still works when I get home. Dammit." Zero squirmed.

Maika chuckled as she unsheathed her sword. "You guys are hopeless." Andre followed soon.

When Azura and Zero finally came to, the whole area was already clean of monsters.
"About time you guys got up." Maika said as she continued to loot things on the floor. She then went closer towards a drumstick lying near a dead dark elf.
Azura gave Maika a disgusted look. "You're not about to eat that are you?"

Maika picked up the piece of chicken and began eating it. "Why not? It regenerates health."

"So you're saying, food on the floor can regenerate health?" Zero couldn't believe it.
Andre placed some silver coins on his pocket. "N-Not just health, s-some regenerates mana and some b-boosts your damage."
Azura stood up immediately. "Really?" He then grabbed a random piece of meat on the floor and began munching.'

Andre began waving his hands. "N-Not all food are-"
Azura puked.

As the 4 slowly made their way out of the den, a baby dessert wolf stood by the exit. Azura bent down in front of the barking 4-legged creature. He then poked it with a stick and stepped aside. "It's just another harmless dog."

The hound suddenly leaped over their heads and began spraying them in warm, yellow liquids before digging a hole to hide in.
"Did that mutt just pee on us!?"
"Aww I smell like dog piss now."

Azura suddenly had an idea. "This is Payon right? Why don't we just take a bath on the river?"
Zero agreed instantly. "Yeah!"

Maika was giving hand signals to Azura, who seemed to be pre-occupied in taking his pee covered shirt off. "No you idiot!" she thought
Andre seemed to fumble his fingers.

Zero and Azura dashed towards the river bank and jumped like little kids at the cold, clear water below. Zero waved at Maika and Andre. "C'mon guys! Water's great!"
Maika placed her hands on her chests. "No way I'm taking off my clothes infront of these boys." she thought
Andre's face flushed red as he continued to fumble his fingers together.

Zero grinned and ran back up to shore in his birthday suit. "What? Are you two scared or something? C'mon! Take.. these.. off!" He then yanked Maika and Andre's shirt up high, revealing their dark little secret. Boobs?
Azura couldn't help but face palm. But the biggest surprise was that Andre was actually a girl as well.



Azura Nyan
12-18-2012, 01:52 AM

Chapter 6 : Real Men!

Zero's nose couldn't help but let loose a bit of blood as he slowly released the two shirts he just took off. Boobs. Firm. Well-shaped. Boobs.
Maika and Andre let out an ear piercing shriek as they both punched Zero right in the jaw, launching him up towards the clear blue sky.

Azura made the sign of the cross. "May you rest in peace." As he returned his attention to the two topless ladies in front of him, his manhood began slowly waking up. Calm down, calm down! I don't wanna get my *** kicked by these girls again. He quickly looked away, but his curiosity was getting the best of him. He silently swam ashore and crawled into a nearby bush to get a closer look.

Maika looks amazing without a shirt on! And this Andre guy isn't a guy at all! She's super hot! Azura gulped as he inched closer and closer to get the best possible view of the two ladies who are now looking for their shirts. Suddenly, like a meteor from space, Zero falls down head first into Azura with a bone crushing crash.

"So, care to tell us your real name now?" Maika said as she dragged the two nude and unconscious boys aside.
Andre wore the shirt and faced Maika. "I-I'm Ariande, and I w-wanted to be a Blacksmith b-but they would never let a girl take the test."

Maika giggled. "You're not the only one." The two girls laughed and looked at the boys on the ground. Their faces flushed red. "I think I should look for their clothes. Be back in a sec Ariande!"
"W-Wait! You can't leave me with-" Ariande stopped as she watched Maika disappear in the bushes. She looked at the two young men again in their birthday suits. Ariande let out a small shriek as she noticed that both guys still have a hard-on for some reason. "W-What do I do? Waaaa.." She looked around and saw Maika's back pack nearby. Inside was a bunch of loots taken from defeated monsters earlier. Ariande managed to take out a wool cloth and a handkerchief and placed one on the boy's stiff manhood. "Ew.. ew.. ew.." The pieces of cloth now forms a tipi or a tent in between the boys' legs.

"Hey Ariande! I found their clo-" Maika dropped the clothes on the ground. "What's my handkerchief doing there?"

As the two ladies kept themselves warm by a fire while patiently waiting for the guys to wake up and dress up, Maika gave Ariande a gentle bump. "Say, we don't get this opportunity often. Why don't we abuse it?" She giggled.
"A-Abuse? Abuse what?" Ariande stuttered.

Maika simply grinned and pointed at the two nude men a few feet away from where they sat. "C'mon, there has to be something you wanna do to them."
For a split second, Ariande's shy and timid expression shifted into a dark and evil smile.

Back at Payon Village, the two ladies dragged and dumped the two boys inside Ariande's house. Ariande looked out the window. "Good thing it's dark outside, otherwise people would think we're dragging dead bodies to my house."

"Ohoho I wanted people to see them stripped on the street. Too bad."
Maika smiled. "Yeah, well anyway, what do you have in mind for these two?"
Ariande's eyes beamed as she opened her rather large cabinet filled with costumes of all colors, shapes and sizes.

"I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Maika's grin reached her ears as she dragged the two unconscious adventurers closer to the closet.

"Hey, take it easy ladies."
"I thought you wanted to touch them?"
"I do, but if you all press it up my face as the same time, I won't be able to."
"You hear that girls? All together now!"
"Hah, ladies please!"
Azura continued to drool as he and Zero hugged each other on the floor. When both guys realized what they were doing, they immediately sat up and screamed at each other. When they realized what they were wearing a second later, they screamed again at each other.

"What the feathers is going on!? Where the hell are we!?" Zero said walking around in circles.
Azura tried to remove the frilly, pink dress he has on right now but was unsuccessful. "Get these girly clothes off me!"
Zero attempts to remove the apron on his maid outfit but the bow was knotted tight. "No, you get this outfit off me!"
As the two tried to help each other out, they both tripped on each other and crashed back down on the ground in a loud thud. When both men saw what they were wearing under their skirts, they screamed one more time. G-Strings!?

"Ahh I see the boys are finally awake. Slept well, princess?" Maika chuckled as she walked and sat on the bed with Ariande who was grinning in delight while taking pictures.

Azura struggled. "Y-You did this!?"
"Well, it's actually more of Ariande's idea. Consider it punishment for peeking and touching us."
Azura looked at the white haired female with red eyes. "Y-You're Andre? I mean, Ariande now?"

Ariande blushed and waved at him, then continued taking pictures of the cosplaying boys on the floor.
"Stop that!"

Maika placed a foot on Azura's chest. "We won't release these pictures to every bulletine board in town in two conditions."
The woman is an extortionist!
"One, you keep our true genders a secret."
That's managable.
"Two," Maika and Ariande grinned. "..you boys do whatever we tell you to do."



Azura Nyan
12-21-2012, 12:36 AM

Chapter 7 : She's back!

From the frigid plains of Loutie, a female with long, blonde hair and an eerie smirk on her face emerged from the snow storm with a crimson gleam on her eyes. The woman placed her right high-heel boot atop a struggling Dark Shaman on the ground. "You know what's more pathetic than your attempts to stop me?"

The shaman growled and shook violently.
The sorceress extended her right hand forward, creating a ball of yellow light which grew larger every second. The tip of her heels emitted a cold mist, freezing the beast from beneath her feet. "Your attemps to run away from me." She released the holy light. A large eruption shook the land, sending crows flying in all directions as they blended into the night sky. "Wait for me little brother."

Ariande beamed as she snuggled the pictures of the cosplaying boys. "They're sooooo cuuuute!" She began putting them on a pink photo album and slid it on her pocket.
Azura and Zero cried on a corner. "I don't wanna live anymore."
"I'll never get married."
Maika patted both guys on the head. "Silly, we were just having a bit of fun. Cheer up!"
Azura faced Maika with tears all over his face. "How do you expect me to live with this humiliation?"
"Hey, if you ain't man enough go jump off the window."
Azura immediately dashed towards the nearest window and jumped off the ledge, only to land on the ground instantly.

Ariande snapped out of her day dream and looked at the open window. "W-We're already on the ground floor."
Now she tells me.
Zero got up and scratched his head. "Alright, alright. You've got a deal."
Maika grinned. "Good boy!"
Ariande motioned towards the window and dragged Azura back inside the house. "Are you o-okay?"

"Yeah.. just ran out of self esteem that's all." Azura remained on the floor. I think I'm going to need to watch Die Hard several times to gain my manliness back.
Zero clapped once to get everyone's attention. "Okay, now that that's settled, can we go do our quest now?"
Ariande dropped the ice bag on Azura's head. "Oh, you're right. We have to take our quest today."
Maika looked out the window. "At this late at night? Sounds like fun."

"What about my mace?" Azura muttered as he removed the ice bag from his face.
Maika sighed and shook her head. "C'mon lets go meet Sherlock."

A crowd now surrounds a short man in a tall, blue top hat and an outfit which pretty much looks like a blue dress. Some people would think that he came from the circus on the other side of town, but with his serious tone and love for money, he is definitely not a clown. "Alright! Next item on the list is a lovely pair of plus 11 Kobold Boots! Bidding starts at 200z's!"
A random archer raised her hand.

"200! Do I hear 220? 220?"
A random archer raised her hand.
"220! Anyone up for 250?"
A random archer raised her hand.
"250! Do I sense 300? 300 Z's?"
A random novice raised his hand.
"300! Anyone for 450? No one? Going once! Going twice!" The blue man clapped his hand and pointed. "Sold! To the man who has no good reason for purchasing an item that is not for his job!"

Azura looked skeptical. "That's Sherlock?"
Maika smiled. "Yep. That's the Auction guy. He sells your stuff for a portion of the earnings."
"He looks like he's going to scam me or something."
"Oh don't worry. I'll talk to him." Maika raised her hand. "How much for the +8 Orc Mace?"
Shylock faced the crowd. "Bidding starts at 10 Zenny!"
A random acolyte raised his hand.
"10! Do I hear 20? 20 Z's?"
A random cleric raised her hand.
"20! Anyone up for 50? 50?"
A random cleric raised his hand.
?50! Do we raise it to 100? 100?"

Maika raised her hand. "How about you give me the mace and I won't tell your wife you cheated!"
"Sold! To the evil woman on the corner!"
Azura cleared his throat as Maika handed over the mace to him. This girl is freaking the **** out of me.

As the group began making their way towards Rachelle, they noticed a small crowd by the entrance, some cheering some gasping. Zero stopped to check it out. "Hey guys, it looks as if these guys are welcoming an actor or something."

Maika quickly stabbed her sword on the ground and sat on its hilt to get a better view. "More like an actress or something. It's a girl, and she looks good."
Azura's eyes widened. "Really?" He then dashed with Zero and plowed through the crowd of men like a lawn mower through a patch of grass. But as soon as Azura saw the woman everyone's talking about, his smile disappeared. It can't be.. No.. Not her..
"Ah there you are little brother!" The gorgeous woman ran towards Azura with her large chests wildly shaking in every direction. She quickly trapped him in a powerful head lock, squishing his face between her arm and her motherly figure.

"No, no, no, no! Stay the hell away from me Oneechan!"
Ariande tilted her head. "Did she just say, little brother?"


Azura Nyan
01-01-2013, 04:55 AM
I'd like to remind that the
light blue color is Azura's thoughts
__________________________________________________ __________

Chapter 8 : Watermelons!

Azura finally managed to pry himself off his sister's large bosom and catch his breath. May, my oh so lovable older sister. She's what most men would kill for, a woman with a beautiful face, gorgeous blonde hair, and an unparalleled bust size. She's often found posing in a bikini for prontera men's magazines, promoting her smooth skin and amazing curves. But if you ask me, whoever my sister decides on having as a boyfriend will surely experience a living hell. Outside, she's a goddess in human form. Inside, she's a witch, the worst one you'll ever meet in your entire lifetime. She often bosses me around, making me do embarassing things that I rather not be exposing right now. Not to mention she's extremely good with her hands and feet. No! not in a sensual manner! I mean, she's a priestess who can kick serious *** up close and unarmed. I was her punching bag.

"Oh, I see my little brother made more friends." May covered her mouth and laughed.
Don't make it sound like I'm a loner or something.
"And I see some of them are female!"
Now, you're making me sound like I'm Gay!

Maika walked infront of May and extended her hand. "Maika, nice to finally meet Azura's sister!"
May shook her hand. "Oh? And what has my little brother been telling you about me?"
"Nothing! Although I think I over heard him say before that you're an evil b with a sadisti-"
May faced Azura with a forced smile.
Oh ****.

Azura started running.
The ground lit up from beneath Azura as the light slowly encased him.
"Do you want to die early?" May glared through the light.
Ariande whispered at Maika's ear. "Did Azura really say that?"
Maika giggled. "No, but I had a feeling these two had a very nice childhood together." The two girls watched as Azura got burned while being trapped in a ray of light.

Zero was drooling the whole time. "I think I'm in love!"

Back inside Ariande's home, everyone settled near the fire place. Ariande was tending to Azura's 3rd degree burns while May brought her luggage inside the house. She dropped her heavy hand bag on Azura's burnt chest. He screamed in pain.
"Quit your whinning, it's not that painful. Make yourself useful and carry my stuff upstairs."
despicable sister.
Azura got up and left Ariande as he carried all of May's stuff upstairs.
Ariande stuttered. "Uhm, Azura.. you're injuries."
Zero suddenly popped out of nowhere and wrapped his arm around Azura's neck while he was carrying the bags. "Hey ya buddy! You look great today! Have you been working out?"

Azura gave Zero an annoyed look. "What do you want?"
"Straight to the point, I like it! It's your sister. Long story short, I want her."
"Sure, if you wanna die early." Azura dumped all the bags into an empty room.
Zero tailed him. "So, does she have any interests? Hobbies?"
"She loves inflicting severe pain, both physically and mentally upon all those she finds deserving of such torture while maintaining a sophisticated sense of grace, elegance and beauty."

"Dude. English."

Azura slammed the door shut from behind them. "She likes hurting people, okay?"

"A dominatrix! I love her even more!" Zero drools as he imagines May in dark leather straps with high heel boots and a whip.

Downstairs, the 3 ladies sat by the table, staring at each other in silence. As soon as May finished sipping her tea, she cleared her throat and spoke. "So, what do you girls like about my little brother?"
Maika and Ariande spitted out their tea. "A-About A-a-Azura?"
"You heard me. I wanna know why you two are still hanging out with him."
Ariande fumbled her fingers. 'Y-You see, he can be quite dependable at times. A-And he usually livens up the group.."
Maika crossed her arms. "But he's still a pervert! That idiot's never gonna grow up. Along with that archer friend of his." She then smiled a bit. "But yeah, Ariande's right. It'd be boring not to have them around."

May snickered and sipped her tea. "I see he hasn't made a move on any of you yet. Such a silly brother."
"Oh nothing."
Ariande then placed her cup down. "Why are you always mean to Azura?"
May giggled. "Simple. I'm his older sister. I'm supposed to turn his life into a living hell."
Maika and Ariande stared at May with a shocked expression, and May returned their gaze with a wide smile "I'm only joking, I love my little brother. I just want him to be stronger and be more dependable."

Back upstairs, Azura continued to fix the vacant room for his sister to sleep on.
"Why are you so OC when it comes to your sister's demands?" Zero asked as he sat on the bed.
"Put it this way. It's pointless to argue with that woman. Best option is to just let it slide."
"You're turning into a man-slave."
Azura faced Zero. "I know you wanna be on my shoes right now. But I'm telling you, you really should reconsider."
Zero lied down. "No way man, I think she's the one. She's my one and only!"
Boobs doesn't make her credible to be anyone's wife.
Zero suddenly sat up and pointed at one of the bags. "That's your sister's clothes right?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Wanna check it out?"

Azura gave Zero a skeptical look. "Do I look like I'm interested in my older sister's clo- Hey!"
Zero was already unzipping the bag. As soon as he opened it completely, he saw what appears to be a treasure trove of eye candy. I'm in heaven! He pulled out a yellow g-string and started rubbing it on his cheek.
Azura quickly tried to put them back in the bag. "My sister's gonna kill me if she sees this!"
Zero continued to ransack May's stuff, revealing a ton of seductive clothing. "Oh.. my.. god.." He pulled out a very large black lacey bra.
Azura gulped as he saw the enormous brasierre. 36-D!

Back downstairs, Ariande and Maika couldn't help but stare at May's large chest. It's gigantic!
May gave the girls a grin. "You ladies curious about something?"
Maika touched her own chest. "How is that even possible!?"
Ariande shyly covered hers.
May giggled. "Oh some are naturally blessed with such figures." She gently caressed hers. "But there are ways to gain bigger busts ladies."
Maika and Ariande beamed. "How?!"

May slowly walked towards the two. "Exercise." She made the two sit closer to each other. "Proper diet." She gently pushed the two down the sofa. "And this.." She smirked as her hands slowly crawled their way to Maika and Ariande's chests


__________________________________________________ __

Azura Nyan
01-06-2013, 03:02 AM
__________________________________________________ ________

Chapter 9 - Manly missions

"Can you believe the size of those things? She makes Carmen Electra's boobs look like pacifiers!" Zero exclaimed as he walked with Azura back downstairs. "I bet those jugs can whack as strong as an Extremety Fist!"
"And you're telling me this, why?" Azura didn't even bother looking at Zero.
"Because! You're one lucky brother!" Zero elbowed Azura gently.
"I bet at one point in time, you fantasized with your hot sister have you?"
Azura glared at Zero. "I never-" He paused for a while to realize that there was a time he did entertain such unacceptable behavior between siblings. He violently shook his head. "Dude, can we please go downstairs and eat? It's been a long day for me."
Zero sighed and smiled a bit. "Fine, fine. But you're doing the dishes."
"Me? I just had one of the worst days of my enti-" Azura's ranting stopped as the two heard soft moans from downstairs. "Ah! Not there!"
"Ohh.. sensitive here are we?"
"I've never done this before!"

Almost immediately the two boys searched for the source of the erotic noises. The sound quality is too good for it to be a DVD! They crouched down and noticed the girls cuddling in the sofa. Upon closer inspection did they realize what they were doing. Their pork swords sprung to life, almost in unison.
May continued to lick Ariande's neck ever so slowly as she gently caressed Maika's chest. "You girls have such cute reactions."
Maika opened one eye and stared at May. "S-Stop this.. If the guys see us like this.." Ariande has her eyes shut tight as she bit her lip, trying not to moan out loud.
"Isn't it more exciting that way?" May giggled and continued.

Azura was already sweating. "I-I think I'm going to need tissue."
Zero handed him a roll of tissue. "Way ahead of you bro."
May looked at the staircase for a second then grinned. I see the boys are here. She quickly stood up, and in an instant, changed her facial expression. "What are you perverts doing over there!?"
The guys panicked, bumping onto each other and rolling downstairs. The 3 ladies stood by them with both embarrassed and furious facial expressions. Without saying a word, Maika and May stepped on Azura's face.

The next morning, Azura was having difficulty eating his oatmeal as the pain on his face continued to throb. Zero was having the same issue. "Dude, you have like.. a high heel print on your face.."
"You have a Monk's boot.." Both guys paused. Then chuckled. What happened last night..?
Maika came into the kitchen wearing a cute apron and holding out a plate of eggs. "Who's hungry?" She gave the boys a sweet smile. Ariande too came wearing an apron with her holding a pitcher of cold orange juice. "T-Thirsty?"
Azura scratched his head. "Seriously, what happened last night?"
Suddenly, May went downstairs wearing nothing but a small towel around her. "Hey, Ariande. Do you still have shampoo around here?"
Everyone stared at May. Her towel slowly undid itself and fell to the ground, exposing her bare flesh. Maika dropped the plate. Zero and Azura's bowl became a basin for their nosebleed. Eventually both guys' faces were on the soupy mush.

"You're really accident prone, Azura." Ariande said with a worried look on her face. Azura just gave her a big grin while he rubbed his nose. "I prefer to be called, adventurous."
Maika let out a small chuckle. "More like prone to stupidity."
"Ohoho I'm not surprised my silly brother get's you guys into all sorts of troubles." May crossed her arms with her boobs resting on top. "One time, he tried to sneak into the girls' bath and got caught climbing a tree. His hard-on got stuck on a nearby branch and eventually needed medical assistance to get out."
"ONEECHAN!" Azura's face flushed red.
Ariande covered her mouth. "Oh my."
Zero gave Azura a big grin and a thumbs up. "Nice job!"
Maika sighed. "As expected. Well anywho, we're here." She pointed at Rachelle who was still standing outside her door.

Azura stepped forward. "We're ready to take our Condensed Potion Quest continuation today Ma'am."
"Do I look like a old lady to you!?" Rachelle said with an enraged look on her face. The whole group shook their head. Rachelle then began to laugh. "I was just kidding. Anyway, the test is simple. I will send you guys in the middle of nowhere and all you have to do is defend yourself for 3 minutes. Orcs will continuously attack you guys. You must survive while keeping a minimum of 6 orcs at a time in the area. Got it?"
Zero faced the group. "Seems easy enough."
Azura nodded. "We'll do it."
"Excellent!" Rachelle smiled and wrote something in her clipboardand in a flash, the group gets warped in a deep forest. "Begin!"

The ground trembled as a horde of 6-foot orcs stormed the area, with large iron maces and wooden shields at hand.
"I thought this quest was supposed to be easy!'" Azura exclaimed as he kicked an orc in between his legs.
Maika barrel rolled to the left and slashed an orc from behind. "This is the 1st time I've heard of a whole party doing a potion quest!"
Ariande ran up a bunch of wooden crates and smashed her axe hard on the ground, creating a small shockwave to knock down nearby orcs. ?It is a lot more fun this way though."
Zero crouched to dodge a swing then followed up by releasing 2 arrows to the groin. "It would be a lot easier if your sister came to help!"

May sat atop a large tree branch and watched the adventurers scramble for their lives below. "I wasn't registered for the 1st part sorry.?"
She ignored the rest and continued reading her book. After 3 minutes of endless fighting, the 4 worn out warriors leaned on each others' back, breathing heavily.
May jumped off the branch and landed gently, causing her enormous bust to shake. "Had fun?"
"Yes!" Zero's eyes followed every vibration May's boobs made.

Back in town, the group slowly made their way back to Rachelle to report their results. Azura once again blurted something irrelevant. "I wonder how many orcs die everyday just for us adventurers to get some condensed potions."
Zero scratched his head. "Now that I think about it, yeah I wonder too."
Maika raised an eye brow at Azura. "Why do you even think about these things?"
Ariande giggled. "Azura's very curious isn't he?"
May laughed. "Curious doesn't even describe him completely."
Azura quickly grabbed May's hand and walked faster than the rest."Oh my. Little brother doesn't want me to reveal more."

Rachell nodded occassionally as she read the report handed to her by the group. "Good job passing-" Azura jumped up high. "Yeah!"
"..the first part of the job change quest."
The male acolyte froze mid-air. Maika crossed her arms. "What do we need to do now?"
"WAIT!! Did she just say job change?!!" Azura looked at everyone around him, hoping they'd tell him no.
Rachelle rubbed her chin and explained part 2 of their task. As soon as everyone understood, the group exited Payon Town again.

Azura placed his arms behind his head and sighed. "Man, Monk job change quests suck. Here I thought it would be more exciting than this."
"Oh believe me its a lot better than our job change quest." May said as she brushed her hair off her face. "We had to protect this half naked goblin who's apparently suffering from hypothermia or something. I failed that test several times though."
Ariande tilted her head. "How? You're pretty strong. I-I'm sure you could breeze through that quest."
May let out a cute laugh. "That's the problem. I'm too strong. You see, more often than not, I accidentally blow up the one I'm supposed to protect!"

Azura had that annoyed look on his face. Accident my ***. There was a time I was surrounded by these wild hounds. I was screaming for my sister's help. She came to my rescue alright. But she also blew me up along with the hounds.

As the group finally reached the end of the path, a towering minotaur in armors stood at the center of the ruins. He swung his axe and released an ear-piercing roar before charging like a bull towards the group. Azura and Zero mindlessly charged at the gigantic beast. "Come at me bro!"
The minotaur simply swept them away in one swing.

"Azura! Zero!" Maika returned her attention to the beast. She dashed towards it and rolled sideways to dodge the swing, only to get backstabed by a roaming skeleton.
"M-Maika!" Ariande ran towards a pillar and used it to elevate her leap before smashing her axe above the minotaur's head. Before her attack could even connect, the bull swung his large weapon at her. May knew at that point she needed to help, but before she could cast her spell she noticed the guys crippled in pain right infront of the minotaur. The minotaur poised his axe back, preparing itself to deliver a charged swing at the demoralized boys.
"SHEEP!" May quickly teleported infront of the two and in a matter of seconds, she absorbed the full force of the swing, sending her and Zero out of the ruins. Azura yelled out. "ONEEECHAN!!!!!"

__________________________________________________ __________________

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Chapter 10 : Moist Situation!

"Oneeeechan!" Azura continued to call out as he positioned himself as close to the ledge as possible. The bounderies of the ruins were nothing more than a steep drop, around 100 feet to the ground. Azura couldn't see nor hear anyone. "We gotta get them out of there!"
Ariande took a peek of the deep hole Zero and May fell into. The sheer height made her shiver. "H-How do we do that?"
Azura stood still. Silence... "I don't know.."

Maika took Azura's hand trying to calm him down. "You worry too much, Azura. You know your sister more than I do, yet I still believe she can handle things from here. Tell you what, let's camp out here for the night, and if we still do not hear from them in the morning, which I doubt, then we ask for help." She gave him an assuring smile.
Azura took one more glance below hoping he'd find any trace of his beloved sister.. and Zero..

Zero finally regained his consciousness as he slowly tried to feel for signs of injuries in his body. "Oh man, what a fall." He placed a hand on his face, looking for any open wounds or something. His other hand, however, felt something soft similar to a water balloon. He caressed it, fondled every inch. It took him a while to realize what the object was."I assume you have a death wish?" May said, cracking her fingers as a burning aura emitted from behind her.A bone-crunching punch echoed throughout the small cave the two stayed in. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!" Zero's scream echoed through the walls.

The rain poured down hard, covering the ruins in a blanket of white as the thunder roars throughout the sacred grounds. Azura stood by the entrance, obviously worried about his sister... and Zero...
"I'm so wet." Ariande complained as she slowly removed her soaking boots and gloves. Azura's ear twitched. He tried to keep his cool by pretending not to hear."Me too, I'm soaked all over." Maika began removing her shirt, leaving nothing on but a damped inner shirt which visibly exposes her bra. Azura crossed his arms and leaned his shoulder to the arc way of the entrance. He cleared his throat, still doing his best to keep his mind off things. Ariande slowly pulled down her pants, exposing her slightly wet underwear. "W-We gotta leave these hanging somewhere t-to dry."
Maika used her shirt as a towel. "We need to clean up too. I think I saw a large empty fountain over there we can uses as a bath tub." She then faced Azura. "Hey, we're just gonna take a bath. You should clean up too and get those clothes dry before you catch a cold."

Azura quickly looked away from the half naked women who sounded like they were teasing him "I-I-I'm staying here incase they show up."
The two girls then walked away. Their foot steps slowly faded across the stone hall. When he no longer heard them, Azura let out a deep sigh. Stupid! That was practically an invitation! They were probably saying something like, "Oh Azura, please take a bath with us. Let us use our bare bodies to make you feel comfortable." But no, I just had to play it cool. Stupid move, stupid, stupid!

Back at the cave, Zero sat up rubbing his sore cheek as he watched May gently rubbing her legs. His eyes slowly followed her finger tips as she let her palms slide up and down on her soaked legs. He was thanking the sudden down pour for giving him the opportunity to gaze upon May's wet clothes to get a glimpse of her wet body. He watched as one droplet of water slowly dripped down from her hair to her cleavage. He was at the peak of ecstacy, inches away from losing total control and simply jumping the woman. He needed an idea. "H-Hey May, we should like, uh, keep ourselves warm through body heat or something."

May smiled at Zero, giving him a suggestive look. "Oh, thoughtful boy are we? Well, hate to burst your bubble but I don't let just anyone touch me." She held out her right hand and a small yellow ball of energy appeared. She aimed at the wooden planks beside her, the ball of light exploaded creating a small fire. "If you're planning to get laid, then you're gonna have to do better than some cheesy line like that kid."
"Dammit." Zero was crying inside. A moment later, his attention fell to the constant rubbing May was doing. "What's wrong?"
"Must have sprained my ankle during the fall. Hurts like hell."

Zero set aside his pervertedness and realized the situation they were in. The cave was dirty, and there's water passing through it that came from the canals of the ruins above. They cannot stay. "Tell you what, hop on. We're getting out of here."
"Is this one of your lines again?" May looked skeptical.
Zero knelt down and positioned himself. "Do you wanna get out of here or not?" May was in no condition to keep up such a pointless argument.

She got up slowly and limped towards Zero, wrapping her arms around his neck."Ready?" Zero asked as he began carrying the injured priestess on his back. May simply nodded and the two started their long walk back up the ruins. "I'll admit, that was a smooth move." Zero didn't say a word. He was grinning inside, however, as he felt the constant rubbing of May's bosoms on his back. It's like being massaged with a pair of round cushions! The moisture on their clothes made it easy for him to feel through them. Every step Zero took, a few drops of blood spilled from his nose while keeping a smiling face.

Back at the temple ruins, Azura's curiosity got the better of him as he hid himself behind a toppled pillar where the girls placed their clothes to dry. Inches from his face was Maika's wet underwear. Every second he stayed there he was tempted to just sniff it. As he slowly raised his head, his eyes acted like some form of video camera, recording into his mind every rub, brush and stroke the two girls did on themselves and on each other as they took their bath.
"Ariande, you're chest is larger than I expected." Maika said as she observed Ariande's bosom float on the water.
"S-Stop looking at them please." Ariande politely requested as she covered them with her hands.
"You're such a shy girl!" Maika began playfully splashing water at Ariande, making her retaliate as well.

Azura's nose was already blowing steam. "I gotta see more!" He then looked for a more elevated spot. Another pillar with cracks at the back stood just a foot from the pool of water. "Perfect!" Azura sneaked his way closer and closer, then began his quiet ascend towards the tip of the pillar. At the top, he was getting the best seats in the house, from cleavage shots to full body exposures. Immediately, Azura's manhood stood up, causing the pillar to dislodge a loose piece of stone. "Oh fu!.." Azura lost his grip and footing, causing him to fall towards the girls.

A few meters from the water stood a man with a blank expression and snow-white hair. He crossed his arms and began tapping his foot. "And what do you think you're doing in these sacred grounds?" A cold voice said as the person glared at Azura who landed conviniently ontop of the two nude ladies, making it look like a double rape."D-Dude! I-It's not what you think!" Azura protested.

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Chapter 11 : New Guy!

Azura quickly got up from the pool of water and stumbled his way towards the mysterious man. "Okay, before you start assuming things, I would just like to say-"
The girls screamed, quickly covering there soaked bodies with there small towels. Without giving the men a chance to speak, the ladies began throwing anything they could grab at them, from twigs to solid bricks.

Azura dodged the first few items but failed to do so on the next one when Maika threw the large stone slab at him with extreme velocity. The white-haired man simply blocked it with sharp blades wrapped around his arms.
Azura got back up, with his hand on his bleeding nose, and ran out the door, dragging the new guy with him.

"We.. finally.. got away.. from them.." Azura said, catching his breath. He then looked up at the silent man who gave him a curious look.
"Care to explain why your female companions are washing themselves on the sacred fountain?" He crossed his arms, letting his arm blades fall back inside his sleeves. His poise showed both calm and bored at the same time. His face, almost expressionless.
"How should I know? We just took shelter here to pass the storm and-"
"Ignorance excuses no one."

"What are you, the police or something?" Azura's nerves were twitching but he kept his cool. "Anyway, who are you and what are you doing here?"
"I am Sanada Rei (http://img580.imageshack.us/img580/773/assassinue.jpg), a Assassin from the mysterious Sphynx of Morroc Desert. I have come here to investigate the recent attacks on Sograt Desert." The assassin motioned closer towards Azura, pinning him to the wall with one hand. "If I ever find out that you and your.. friends, have something to do with this.."

"Did we come in a bad time?" May said, staring at the two boys who's facial proximity is extremely close.
"Is this Yaoi(boy love) I see?" Zero could barely hold May up, let alone speak. "Dude.. I thought.. you were.. straig-" He collapsed on the floor due to lack of blood.
"I'm not gay dammit!" Azura pushed Rei away.
"Mister Emo here was just discussing how wrong it was for us to hang out here."
"Mister Emo?" Rei's nerve twitched.
May inspected the young man from head to toe. He had long silver hair, calm hazel brown eyes, and a somewhat handsome but scared face. He wore a maroon cotton shirt and jeans,there were mysterious patterns in his clothing. The patterns rekindled her memories for a while. "I do believe we haven't met. May."
"I am Rei, a assassin from Morroc. I have come here to investigate-"
"Yeah, yeah. Investigate. Attacks. Blah, blah. Can we go now?" Azura said as he walked back into the room where the girls took a bath. It was obvious he didn't like the assassin very much. May simply dragged Zero's body as they followed Azura inside.

Maika quickly stormed towards Azura and began strangling him before he could even speak. "You pervert! How many times to I have to-" She suddenly dropped Azura on the ground and faced the silver haired man who was standing by the door way. "Who's your new friend?" She smiled.
Ariadne popped out from behind Maika. "A-An assassin?" A second later, the girls realized they were still in their underwear and quickly covered up.
Rei stepped forward with a short bow. "I am Rei, a assassin from Morroc Desert. I have come here to-"
"..to escort us back to Payon village, right?" Azura interupted as he pushed the assassin out the room along with Zero.
May chuckled. "Oh not gonna stay for the free peep show little brother?"

Outside, Zero slowly regained consciousness. The massive blood loss caused him to be light headed. "Marshmallows. Pillows. Cushions. Water balloons." His head swayed left and right.
Azura quickly grabbed Zero and crouched in a corner. "Do you know this guy?"
"No man, I thought he was your friend."
"I don't have any homosexual, know-it-alls in my facebook account man."
"Hmm, in this case, further investigation is required!" Zero's eyes beamed as both guys pounded their knuckles. "Bro fist!"

"He's quite a dependable leader, huh little brother?" May said as she crossed her arms and letting her boobs rest on top of it. It jiggled in every step they took.
"I don't remember passing the party leadership to him, nor am I planning to! He just might change the looting rules and stuff." Azura quietly grumbled.
Zero suddenly gave Azura the thumbs up signal and both guys latched one arm at Rei's neck. "Hi ya new guy!"
"Huh? What are you two up to?" Rei asked.
Azura tilted his head. "Oh not much, just wanted to get to know you better friend."
"I don't remember asking for your friendship."

Zero clinged tighter. "Whatever you say, buddy! So I was wondering, what's up with your hair?"
"Yeah you look like a paler Assassin version of Justin Beiber."
"You're right, just turn his hair brown."
Rei's nerve twitched.
"Oh cool he even has his own microphone!" Azura began poking Rei's weapon.
Rei's eyes narrowed. "That's a enchanted poison bottle..."
"Dude, you're right! I think this is Justin Beiber's reincarnation or something!" Zero began poking Rei's cheek.
"Baby, baby, baby oooh!" Zero's fail attemp on a fake orgasm sound.
Azura started to sing along. "Baby, baby, baby, nooo!"
"Would you two shut up already!?"

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Azura Nyan
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I would like to thank my little sister melove23 (http://otaku-streamers.com/community/member.php?44953-melove23) for detailing and proof reading this chapter :D the plot was mine but the whole detailing of this chapter was all hers :D hope you guys enjoy!

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Chapter 12 : The Nutcracker

When the group had finally made their way back to Payon Village, Azura quickly motioned himself in front of everyone. "It's finally here, the moment we've been working so hard for all these years!"

"B-But, we've been working for only 2 chapters." Ariadne stuttered timidly, her face buried in her hair as she looked down.

"The point is," Azura emphasized. "That we're about to take the last step to completing an unreasonably hard quest in exchange for condensed potions and job change!"

Maika gave a smile and a slight chuckle. "Okay, okay. Enough of these speeches, Rachelle's waiting for our report." She then pointed towards a woman, dressed meagerly as she stood beside the market’s entrance.Rachelle waved her hand at everyone and gladly took their report. After silently peering into it, she was obviously pleased with the results. "That took you long enough. Everyone else finished their quests, days ago. I guess you didn't follow my instructions!"Azura's nerve twitched. "You told us nothing!"

Rachelle cleared her throat and straightened up. "Anyhow, now that you have satisfied the requirements, I will now ask you which path you wish to take! Choose wisely."Rachelle presented Azura and Ariadne with a piece of paper to write down their choice. Azura and Ariadne propped themselves down on a nearby wooden bench near Rachelle while Maika followed and faced Azura. "Why so glum, chum?"

Azura looked up with a frown. "I've always wanted to be a knight like my parents used to be, but Heathcliff said I was no good with a Sword nor a Spear. So I-""Why not be a Monk like me?"Maika suggested willingly, her tantalizing brown eyes staring at Azura’s. "Monks are expert brawlers and are one of the main damage dealers in every party. Although they lack a bit of crowd control, our normal punches are often painful enough to leave monsters crippled in mere seconds. Another noticeable fact is that we can easily chain kick and punch combos with proper timing."

"But you use a sword." Azura uttered.

"True but this sword is special, I have to use it all the time."Maika remarked with a proud smile. "Doesn't that make you weird?"Maika smacked Azura's head. "The point is,” she exclaimed. “Why not be a Monk? You're already an acolyte, healing and other acolyte spells would definitely benefit you."Azura sighed as his eyes dropped to the stone floor. "Yeah, I'll think about it." He turned to face Ariadne who was smiling broadly as she clasped her paper. "What job are you taking, Ariadne?""I-I always wanted to be a blacksmith,” Ariadne reckoned, her red eyes gleaming with joy. “I-it's my dream!"

"Blacksmiths are hardcore hitters, preferring slow but steady striking and keeping their opponents down on the ground.” Maika deemed with a loud and jolly voice as she began elaborating. “Each swing usually leaves their targets demoralized or immobilized, making them very formidable in one-on-one situations. Oh, and they use axe and hammer specialization skills."Azura and Ariadne dozed off because of Maika’s lengthy explanation. Rei strode towards the two adventurers enjoying their slumber. "Allow me." He plucked a glass vial from his pocket, containing enchanted poison and a thick smoke of greed swayed out from the bottle. Azura and Ariadne inhaled the poison smoke which released a slight shock in their blood like being jolted by lightning from the inside. Ariadne shrieked as her eyes shot up.'What was that for!?' Azura stomped his feet as he awoke, his teeth gritted in his mouth.Ariadne's ashen hair rose up as the shock lingered. When she had noticed, she constantly tried to press it back down.May laughed out loud as she surveyed them with delight. "Good morning sleepy heads!" Her large chest waggled as she walked towards them. She turned to face Maika. "You really should learn how to shorten your explanations. We all know Azura has a short attention span."Zero's eyes were following every vibration May's breasts made, his mind flowing with ecstasy. May sat beside her younger brother and rested her head on Azura's shoulder. "Hurry up and choose!"

Azura nodded hard and shouted eagerly. "I chose Monk!" Suddenly the word, ‘Monk’ appeared on Azura's paper. The once cloudless sky over Payon Village was now being shrouded with a blanket of grey as the group concluded their business with the Kafra Lady. Rachelle crossed her arms and constantly nodded her head. "Are you sure you want to be a Monk, Azura?"

"Yeah!”Azura was obviously excited, repetitively shaking his hands up and down.

"Very well, you are now a Knight!"Azura's eyes widened as he looked back at Rachel. "But I said Monk!""Oh, uh-yeah. Monk." Rachelle cleared her throat. Then a sudden beam of light illuminated from the heavens and bathed Azura in white. When the light had vanished, he was now a Monk. "Uh, that's it? I became a Monk just like that?"Azura frowned. "If I knew getting hit by a random beam of light changes job classes I would have done it myself."

"I choose to be a blacksmith!" Ariadne yelled with excitement, her face lighting up with a wide grin. Rachelle turned to face Ariadne who was trying to hide her face with her hands, knowing she’d been smiling the whole time. "Are you sure?""P-positive..." She stuttered. Another beam of light came down from the heavens, this time bathing Ariadne in white light.Zero looked up, his face flowing with curiosity. "Seriously, how is that happening? Is there someone up there with a spot light or something?"Ariadne finished her conversation with Rachelle in hushed tones before facing the group again. "S-she said she will teach us new skills.""Really!?”Azura grinned ear to ear. “Teach me now!"Rachelle gave a gentle cough before speaking. "I will teach you new skills with the proper fee of course.""Whatever! Take this and teach me!" Azura tossed a few gold coins at Rachelle and began hopping in place.Another beam of light struck Azura, and just like that, a new skill was learned. Rachelle grinned. "There you go."Zero looked skeptical. "That's it? We pay you to instantly make us learn moves without really having to teach us?"

Rachelle hugged her clipboard and smiled. "Why yes! Clever, huh?""Never knew NPCs could scam people like this." Azura muttered. Yoseph, the blacksmith, sneezed for some reason. Rei crossed his arms and leaned his back against the wall, watching Azura spam his new learned ability all around the village. "Why is he doing that?"Maika stood beside the assassin. "He's just excited. Weren't you excited when you learned something new?"Rei clicked his tongue. "I do not get excited over such childish things."Maika grinned at him. "I bet you get excited about other things."Zero took out his bow and drew an arrow from his quiver and faced Ariadne who was quietly wiping her axe. "You, I challenge you to a duel!"Ariadne was surprised, causing her to drop her axe at Azura's foot. "D-Duel? Me?""Ow!" Azura held his right foot and hopped around in pain while Ariadne stood, wide-eyed.Zero tugged hard on the cord of his bow and taunted Ariadne with a mocking smirk. "C'mon baby, show me whatcha got!"

Ariadne, who was frantically panicking as she grabbed her axe and hugged it dearly like a teddy bear. She positioned herself a good five meters away from where Zero was standing and took her stance. "H-Here I come."Zero's wide grin was very visible. "Talk about an easy win!" He took out a small knife. "I don't even need my bow!" He then barrel-rolled and dashed towards the female blacksmith then quickly executed three horizontal slashes at Ariadne.Ariadne’s survival instincts kicked in and she rolled onto Zero's side. When she got up, a sinister smile crept on her face, her face twisted with malice. Her gleaming red eyes went blank and her grip tightened around the hilt of her axe. A faint sense of bloodlust enveloped her as her legs sprinted towards his direction. And in a blink, she swung her axe in between Zero's legs, launching the nut-cracked archer high in the air. Azura and Rei clutched their crotch and murmured in unison. "Ouch."

As Zero free falls in pain, he groaned as the pain crawled up in his body. Ariadne pulled her fist back, focusing her energy into one solid frontal punch. She connected as soon as the archer's body came into her view, sending Zero flying towards the river. Ariadne's demonic grin faded as soon as she realized what she had done. “Oh, my Gahd. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so, so, so sorry!"Rei tilted his head in curiosity with a captivating smile. "Interesting."May smirked as she crossed her arms. "A devilish side? I love it."Azura hid in a corner, his eyes wide and trembling. After an hour of recovery, a dozen broken bones and cuts, and a few gallons of red potions, Zero was back up on his feet. "Hey, guys! I want to have my revenge on that damn minotaur that whacked me and May off that cliff!""Sounds like a fun way to test your new abilities." May's eyes trailed towards Azura. "Besides, the ruins hold so much fun memories for my little brother."Rei crossed his arms and maintained his walking pace, his pallid face stern. "Revenge solves nothing."

Azura glared at the assassin, a sneer glued to his face. "What are you? Quote of the day or something?"The team then headed toward the ruins again. Azura and Ariadne were psyched to try out their newly acquired skills. Azura smiled at Ariadne and tried to make small talk as they walked. "You seem happy.""I-I am…” She murmured quietly. “I’ve finally fulfilled one of my dreams,--" She gripped her black axe with both hands and looked at it. "--to be a blacksmith like my parents were."Azura smiled, a dimple peeking out of his cheek. Ariadne’s face flushed red as she turned her eyes down trying to hide her face.Maika swerved her sword over her shoulder and pointed her finger towards the oversized bull walking back and forth on the center of the ruins. "There's our gigantic target. First one to knock it down gets 20 gold!" Everyone suddenly dashed towards the beast, except for Ariadne who timidly followed, her face still painted red and Rei who simply walked as he whistled a tune idly."Maika, you ready?" Azura smirked as he rushed towards the huge minotaur."You bet!" Maika shouted back as both monks positioned themselves 180 degrees from each other, sandwiching the boss in between. With every swing of Maika's blade came forth an arc of energy piercing through the air with extreme speed, slashing the monster from a distance. Azura sent out combinations of punches in blinding speed, bluish-white slashes of aura surfaced in the air in front of Azura's fists and gashed the monster.

Zero's looked at them both, openmouthed and wide-eyed. "You guys can do ranged attacks without a bow or gun? Let me try!" He took out his dagger and swung hard, only to accidentally let go of it and send his weapon flying off the ruins. "Fuuuuuuu-"

May laughed nastily as she rode her staff around the minotaur, leaving a blazing trail of fire in its wake. When she finally got off, she quickly followed up with a spear of light coming from the ground dashing towards the creature. "Light Strike Array!!" It froze the minotaur, encasing it in a prison of glass.

Ariadne's wicked grin returned on her face as she poised her ax for another flying swing in between the boss’s legs. She swung hard, shattering the glass all over the place. The boys grasped their crotch again as they looked away in terror. The monster arose and a piercing roar soared out from its throat. The huge monster set its eyes at the assassin who was just standing at the corner. "You die first, human!" It charged at the assassin like mad.Maika dashed towards Rei. "Watch out!""Look out!" Ariadne kept her pace towards the beast."Holy crap, did that minotaur just talk?" Azura yelled in curiosity.

Rei’s lips twitched into a devious smile as he lifted his weapon over his head. "Goddess, protect me!" He took a stand and held his ground as the bull rammed him hard, pushing him a good two meters back. The assassin appeared unharmed though. Enraged, the minotaur swung its large axe vertically at Rei. The force was strong, but it stopped the moment it hit the assassin's blade. Every strike was blocked easily by the assassin as he counter attacks with lightning fast strikes. Eventually, the poisoned bull grew tired of facing him. The beast quickly lifted his gaze and changed its target to Azura and Zero.

"Did you see that?" Azura's eyes never left Rei's arm blades."Not a single damage! It must be some kind of hack!" Zero rubbed his eyes, disbelieving the scene he’d just observed."Maybe it had something to do with the skill he shouted out.""If we say it, we can be using that hack too!" Zero suggested.Azura rubbed his chin. "Did he say something like, ‘Gal…Guh...durr…’I didn't hear it properly.""I think it was something like, 'Goddess, Protect Me!' or something." Zero watched the boss get closer and closer. Almost in unison, both boys pressed each other against their backs and faced the beast boldly while shouting."Goddess, Protect M--Aaaaaaah!!" Both boys got ran over by a raging 10-foot minotaur.


Azura Nyan
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Sorry it took so long!

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Chapter 13 : I Scream!

"Well that was fun!" Maika said as she stretched her arms above her head, momentarily emphasizing her chest under those warrior clothes of hers.
May tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. "If you guys keep that up you just might be able to catch up with me." She began to laugh like an evil princess.
"And why do I have to be the one dragging these idiots back to the village?" Rei grunted as he pulled the two unconscious warriors by their legs.

Maika gave Rei a smile. "You could say its because you're the only man standing in the group."
May crossed her arms. "And it was your display of skill that caused these boys to do something stupid."
Rei's eyes narrowed. "How is that my fault?"
Ariadne followed closely behind, watching the two boys get dragged. "D-Do you think they'll be alright?"

"Oh I wouldn't worry too much about my little brother." May grinned. I've done worse.
Ariadne's eyes fell on the boys once more. For a brief moment in time her smile grew as thoughts of embarassing the knocked-out boys entered her mind.
Maika looked at Ariadne for a while. "You okay?"
"Oh, uhm.. I'm fine. Just a little light-headed." Ariadne gave her a weak smile before hugging her axe close.
May inched closer to Maika, bumping her large boobs onto her shoulder. "You see what I see in that girl?"
"She has been acting a bit strange lately." Maika said before glancing at Ariadne.
"At some point she does remind me of myself when I was still roaming around Prontera." May's gaze fell on the silent Blacksmith walking at the back of the group.
"But I have to admit, she is starting to disturb me." said Maika.
Rei, who was still dragging the boys by their feet, looked at the two whispering girls infront of him. "What are you two blabbering about this time?"
Maika waved him off. "Oh nothing."
Rei gave them a skeptical look.

The sun slowly sank into the horizon as the group made their way towards a small, quiet village at the end of the path. The steel gates creeked as the wind blew the window shutters. Ariadne hugged her axe tighter. "A-Are you sure we're anywhere near Payon Village?"
"This path is unfamiliar to me." Rei said as he dropped the two boys on the ground and began opening the steel gate.
May stood nearby, observing the awkward silence coming from a town filled with old houses and buildings. "That's odd. I don't remember this place being here. I thought for sure we were heading the right way."
Maika crouched down near the two boys and began poking Azura on the cheek. "We must have taken a wrong turn when we were talking about Ariadne's-"
"My what?"Ariadne tilted her head.
"N-Nothing, nothing." Maika continued trying to wake the boys up.
Rei went back to the two knocked out boys and took out a small green flask of poison. "Allow me."
"I hope you're not trying to shock them again." Maika peered over the Assassin's shoulder to see what he was doing to the boys.
"Believe me, I want to." Rei slowly began to raise his flask up high and exhaled. "Detoxify!" A soothing aura filled the two boys as they slowly opened their eyes.
Azura gazed at the man who was standing right infront of him, bathed in white light. "Is that you God?"
Zero got up wearily and looked up as well. "Dude, that's not God. We must be in some Justin Beiber concert."
Rei's nerve twitched as he rapidly stomped his feet on the two boys. "I told you to shut up about those Beiber jokes!"
May's chest jiggled as she stood infront of the group. "Now that everyone's conscious, we might wanna find our way back to the village. This place is creeping me out."
Maika faced the boys covered in foot prints. "Any idea where we are?"
Zero stood up and dusted himself off. "Isn't it obvious? We're at the Gray Ruins!"
Azura looked around. "I don't think we're in the Gray Ruins."
"What made you say that?" asked Zero.
Azura scratched his head. "I used to pee behind the disassembler. I don't see it anywhere."
Rei grabbed Azura by the collar and shook him violently. "You imbecile! I use that disassembler often! Now you tell me you cover it with your filth!?"
"S-S-Sto-op t-t-touch-ing m-me with y-your pee-covered ha-hands!" Azura tried to push Rei away without touching his hands.
"And who's fault is that!?" Rei continued to strangle the struggling monk.

Maika suddenly recalled something and walked towards Ariadne who was obviously scared. "I just remembered, I found this book. Thought you might find it useful."She handed her the dusty old book.
Ariadne flipped through the pages and read silently. A moment later, she screamed. Everyone quickly ran towards the frightened Blacksmith.
"What's wrong?" Azura said as he crouched down and held Ariadne's shoulder.
"I-I.." Ariadne sniffled. "..I learned something scary!"
"Oh cmon now, what could you possibly learn that can be so scary?"
"It's.. dangerous.. I should have not read that book!"
Azura gave her a skeptical look. "I don't think you can learn anything more dangerous than your nut-cracker swing. Show me."
Ariadne wearily stood up and took her axe. She motioned closer towards Azura. "H-Here goes.." She positioned herself as if she was playing golf.
Azura chuckled. "You learned to play golf?"
Rei slowly motioned towards Azura, giving hand signals to get out of the way. "I don't think she-"
Ariadne swung hard, launching a round projectile towards Azura. "Punishing Swing!" The tiny ball exploded, sending the male monk flying towards a nearby wall, smashing him through.
Rei placed his palm on his face. "What a moron."
Ariadne let out a short, low-tone laughter.
May and Maika's attention fell on the blacksmith with a sinister look on her face.
A second later, Ariadne snapped out of it and dashed towards Azura. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

After the group recuperated, they slowly made their way through the center of the abandoned village. The sunlight was slowly fading as the moon crept its way up. The crows sat along the branches of several dead trees which looked like they spouted through the houses.
"Why do I have this feeling like we're being watched?" May said as she continuously looked left and right.
"I know what you mean." Zero said as he constantly observed May's large marshmallows. A loud slap echoed throughout the center of the village.
Suddenly, a large rat ran in between Maika and Ariadne's legs, causing the girls to let out a shriek.
Rei let out his hidden arm blades. "Stick together. Follow me and we'll be fine."
Zero grunted and crossed his arms. "Since when did he become leader of our-"
Azura quickly turned around. "Zero?" He looked behind the nearby house. "Zero? Zero!'Zero's gone."

Ariadne was obviously shaking as the group stuck closer to each other, constantly watching their back as they try to find their missing friend."W-What's going on?"
May's fist was engulfed with a white flame. "I don't know, but this is no time to let our guards down."
Maika and Azura stood in battle stance and leaned on each other's backs.
Rei readied his two blades. On the corner of his eye, he noticed something lurk past the bushes. "I'm gonna check it out."
"Dude, you know what happens to the guy who check things out in scary movies right?" Azura said as his hands began to shake.'You watch too much TV.' Rei faded into the bushes.You watch too little.
Suddenly, a bone-chilling scream echoed from where Rei wandered off to.Rei's gone.

"I told you! I told you it was a bad idea!" Azura yelled as he hugged May from behind.
"Calm down little brother, this is no time for us to panic." May said as she began casting her fireball.
"It's the perfect time to panic!"Maika held onto Ariadne who was now shaking in fear. The frigtened blacksmith clinged. "We're g-going to die r-right?"
"No, no don't say that. We have life stones anyway."Azura muttered.
"Not if whatever's doing this constantly eats us." Ariadne began to cry.
"Way to go, pea-brain." Maika tried to comfort Ariadne as they leaned behind the wall of an old house. She faced Ariadne and smiled. "Look at me. Everything will be fine, okay? I'll stay with-"
A pair of thin arms latched onto Maika's neck and dragged her towards the window of the house behind them. A scream echoed once more.Maika's gone.

May turned her back and looked at Ariadne who was crying alone in the corner. "Where's Maika!?"
"How the hell am I supposed to know!?" Azura said as he began randomly punching anything he saw that moved. "Get back!"
"Stay with Ariadne, dammit!" May yelled out as she hurled fireballs at the shadows that dashed from corner to corner.
"What the frizzies are these things!?" Azura dashed towards Ariadne who was hugging her legs in terror. "Hey, hey don't worry. I got you."
Ariadne gave Azura a blank stare. "That's what she said.."
"W-What?"May looked at the two for a while, hoping nothing happens to them while she's holding her ground. She let out a sigh of relief before facing the other way. The moment she did this however, a disfigured face glared at her and let out an unearthly howl. She screamed.May's gone.

Azura knelt on the ground. "Now she's gone too.." Every passing second he lost hope. His fear coursed through his veins as the darkness of the night consumed him. Every rustle of the grass, every creek on the wood made him wish it was all but another dream. "This can't be happening!" Suddenly he recalled he wasn't alone. When the monk slowly turned his head around, he noticed the spot where Ariadne once sat on was now empty. "A-Ariadne?"
His panic crawled its way back. "Ariadne! Ariadne where are you!?"
A footstep was heard from behind the scared monk, the sound of boots kicking the pebbles on the ground. "Ariadne?"
When Azura's gaze slowly turned to the source, his heart sank. A woman with a large axe soaked in blood and human entrails stood infront of the monk. Her eyes were blank but her smile was sinister. She began to giggle, then laugh maniacally, as thoughts of mutilating the man infront of her and watching him scream filled her mind.
Azura fell backwards and began crawling his way away from the blood-soaked butcher. Eventually, his head bumped on the wall behind him, stopping him from moving any further. His legs were violently shaking as the axe-weilding woman inched closer and closer, raising her stained weapon up above her head."This is fun." The large axe fell down. A bloodcurdling scream echoed throughout the village. Azura's lifeless body lay on the ground as blood seeping out of the large opening on his neck spilled all over the ground.

THE END.....

__________________________________________________ __________________

Azura Nyan
03-15-2013, 06:02 AM

Chapter 14 : Banana Split

"Ghoul Team Win!" said a loud ominous voice.
Ariadne couldn't help but giggle uncontrolably as she looked at everyone's frightened faces. She wiped a tear in her eye before formally apologizing to the group.
"I knew this from the very beginning." Rei said with a calm demeanor.
"Yeah right." Zero told himself as he recuperated from the vicious attack on him earlier.
May felt silly at one point for not being familiar with such a game mode.
Maika was just laughing out loud, patting Ariadne on the back hard for a job well done.

"This girl is seriously freaking me out."Azura muttered as he let out a nervous chuckle. Despite the fact that their blacksmith could turn into a murderous psychopath at any moment, he still finds something comforting in her innocent little smiles every now and then.
Zero remained staring at Azura. Then at Ariadne. Then at Azura. A grin crept on his face. "Dude, don't tell me you-"
"I don't know what you're talking about." Zura quickly dismissed the thought.
Zero raised his shoulder. "Alright, alright. Guess someone's still shy about it." He then faced everyone while scratching the back of his head. "So, how does this Ghoul Mode work anyway?"

Maika cleared her throat. "Allow me to explain. In Ghoul Mode, one or more players, depending on the team size, randomly turns into a ghoul, in this case Ariadne turned into Evil Ariadne. Ghouls are to turn every human into one of them by killing them. The humans are to try and stay alive within the time limit. Kinda like playing tag."
Azura then sat up and glared at each and everyone. "So, when will someone poof into a ghoul or something?"
"Just wait for it." replied Maika.

Suddenly Zero felt a small tingling sensation on his arms. His hands began morphing, turning his skin from flesh into decay. His jaw widened and his teeth grew in size and number. After an unearthly howl, Zero transformed completely into a ghoul. "Woah! Guys check it out! I'm a ghoul!"
Everyone stared at the jumping ghoul in between them. All they could hear are growls.
Zero looked at his quick slot. "I have new skills too! This is fun!"
Everyone continued to stare at the jolly ghoul.
"Guys?" Zero said with a uneasy tone.
Everyone began kicking Zero hard and repetitively. "Die! Die! Die!"
A loud angelic voice from the heavens shouted "Human Team Win!"

The group finally reached Payon Village before the sun sets on the horizon. The girls sat on the fountain while the guys went their separate ways.
Rei and Zero made their way towards Blacksmith Corin for repairs.
"Since Maika and Ariadne are female, do you think its possible for the guys to take up jobs only females can?' Zero asked out of curiosity.
"Do I look like someone who would take up female jobs?" Rei said without even facing the curious archer.

"Hey I was just wondering. I mean, those two managed to fool those NPCs. Why can't men do the same?" Zero added as he walked beside the Assassin.
Rei ceased for a while. "Do you know how awkward you sound right now with these questions? Think about it. Male Gypsys? Male Sorceress?"
Zero thought of a very muscular man, a body builder in a yellow one piece suit with a whip held on one hand. "Oh god.."
Then an image came to mind. The same male gypsy dealing the finishing blow on a boss right infront of Zero. A slow motion high kick, emphasizing how tight the clothes are especially in between the man's legs. "Oh my effing god! My eyes! It burns!" Zero squirmed in pain on the floor.
Rei just watched. "Thought so."
Zero glared at Rei and gave him a mental image as well. "Muscular male gypsy! Dancing Gypsy's Kiss!"
Rei imagined a buffed male in gypsy clothing doing a dance with the music "You Go Girl" by Lee Hyori.
"My eyes! Damn you!" He too squirmed on the floor.

Azura returned to the fountain after a quick visit to Rachelle. He was excited for some reason as he hurriedly made his way towards the girls. "Anyone seen Zero?"
Maika faced the grinning Monk. "Oh he left with Rei just a few minutes ago, why?"
"I just learned something new and I really, really have to show him!" Azura's smile grew.
A minute later, Zero and Rei came to view. Both men had tears in their eyes.
"What's wrong with you two?' May asked.
Ariadne tilted her head a bit. "You two looked as if you were pepper sprayed."
Rei simply walked passed everyone and headed for the fountain. "Long story." He submerged his head on the water. "I cannot unsee this for some reason."
Azura pounced on Zero and trapped him on a head lock. "Dude! I just learned a new skill you might wanna get your hands on!"
Zero tapped out. "What kind of skill?"
"A skill totally unrelated to being monks or anything to do with a fists or maces!" Azura pointed at a blond girl wearing a short skirt, on the other side of the fountain. "Hurricane Kick!" A huge gust of wind followed by a 2-story tornado appeared and stopped beside the blond girl, causing her tiny skirt to fly up uncontrollably.
Zero and Azura's eyes sparkled. "It's so beautiful!"
The girl's nerves twitched.
Zero shook Azura violently. "Do it again! Do it again!"

May tapped both boys' shoulders. "You guys should stop embarassing yourselves and us infront of all these people."
Azura simply smiled at his sister. "Oh cmon sis, this is fun!"
May suddenly tapped her staff on the ground, freezing the boy's legs in place. "I warned you two."

Suddenly, an eerie aura was felt from behind the perverted boys. The two turned their heads to see Ariadne and Maika glaring at them. "You idiots never learn huh?" Maika grunted.
Ariadne tilted her head. "You two like harassing women in public?"
Almost instinctively the two boys tried to pry their legs off the glass of light.
"Cut your feet if you have too!" Azura shouted.
Almost in sync, the two ladies jumped high in the air. "MAMMONITE!!" The boy's screams of pain echoed throughout the center of town.



Azura Nyan
04-10-2013, 10:38 PM
Hey everyone I'm sorry it took so long, My little sister MeLove23 made me a beautiful fan art of her character Ariadne so i'd like to share it here with you guys! if you have any fan arts for me please don't be afraid to add me up on facebook and PM me your Fan Arts i would love to have them! and of course i will show everyone your beautiful art :D

oh almost forgot my facebook details is : http://www.facebook.com/IamAKDP

__________________________________________________ __
The Battle for Rune Midguard - Fan Special 1 : Interviews

So, how long have you guys known each other?
Rei: 3 Chapters. starting from Chapter 11.
Maika: Hey! Atleast you're in the story right? *smiles*
Rei: *tsk* Who said I wanted to be in it?
Maika: *grins* Oh you know you love every minute you spend with us.
Rei: *looks at everyone with a serious expression* I despise all of you.
Ariadne: Uhm.. I've known them since-

Next question, who's the leader of this rowdy group?
Azura: I a-
Rei: *clears throat* That would be me, ofcourse.
Azura: Hey! Who died and made you party leader?
Rei: You did.
Azura: *nerves twitch* I'm still here you know.
Rei: Not if I stop saving your useless ***.
Azura: Why you-! *raises fists*
Zero: *pushes Rei and Azura away from each other* Cool it! Both of you! *smiles and faces the interviewer* I'm the real party lea-
Rei: *repetitively kicks Zero in between the legs*

Ladies, what's your ideal boyfriend?
Ariadne: B-B-Boyf-friend? *stutters and face turns red*
Maika: Heh, that's easy! I want my boyfriend to be sweet-
Azura: I can be sweet.
Maika: ..understanding-
Azura: I am a very understanding person.
Maika: ..and very dependable and responsible! Like Rei! *blushes*
Azura: *sulks on a corner drawing random doodles in the soil*
May: I want my man to be strong-
Zero: Oh that's definitely me!
May: ..enough to do my bidding 24/7 no matter how back-breaking and irrational my demands are!
Azura: *taps Zero's shoulder* Dude, give it up. There's no way yo-
Zero: Are you kidding me!? I was born to be May's love slave!
Azura: I thought you said before that you were born to be a pornographic director?
Zero: That was yesterday's dream. I dream a lot, Azura.
Ariadne: M-My ideal b-boyfriend w-would be-

And the guys? What's your type?
Zero: 3 words man, 'Big Boobs'.
Rei: That's 2 words.
Zero: Shut up, homo!
Rei: I assure you I am straight.
Zero: Oh yeah? I dare you to ask any of the girls in our group straight forward for smex! Then I'd take back what I said!
Rei: Fine. *walks towards the nearest girl which was Ariadne* Excuse me miss.
Ariadne: H-Huh?
Rei: *gentle cough* I would just like to ask if..
Ariadne: *starts shaking and keeping her distance*
Rei: ..if I can put my chicken in your kitty.
Azura: *facepalm*
Ariadne: *shrieks and smacks Rei with her axe, sending him flying off screen*
May: That man needs to go out more often.
Maika: Aw.. *pouts*
Azura: My ideal girl would be a sweet chick with a cute face and a nice personality. She'd be very approachable, social and friendly. An angel in public, but a succubus in bed! Oh yeah, I want her to play rough, loves staying on top and in control. A girl who likes to-
May: Silly brother, please stop watching ****** and masturbating about it.
Azura: Hey! There are girls like that in real life! *looks at everyone else* R-Right?
Maika: *whistling*
Rei: *clearing throat*
Zero: I've heard that women are only good for 3 things. That would be cooking, cleaning-
Azura: ..and v***nas. *laughs*
Maika: *uses Extremety Fist on Azura's nuts*
Ariadne: E-Excuse me Mr. Interviewer sir.. I-I haven't answered th-the q-questions ye-

What are you guys planning to do in the futu-ah! My god! It hurts! Ahh!! Stop! Stoooooop!!
Ariadne: *viciously attacks the interviewer with her axe*

Azura Nyan
05-01-2013, 10:39 PM
Okay everyone I decided to mix a little more comedy to the story. I'm adding a bit of humor from other games as well since i'm running out of ragnarok jokes.. don't worry the story will still be based on Rune Midguard itself but i will add a few jokes from other online games as well i just hope some of you get the jokes hehe.. :swt:
__________________________________________________ ____________
Chapter 15 - Troll Cakes!

Azura finally came to after a few hours of lying unconscious beside the fountain. He rubbed his head and felt a rather large bump on it. God those girls can hit hard. He stood up and dusted himself only to realize that he was alone, not even Zero was beside him. I better look for those guys. For starters, I'm gonna need to ask around. A few feet from where he stood was a sorceress standing idly beside Merchant May. "Excuse me, miss? Have you seen a spunky, hyper-active girly monk, a timid blacksmith with an axe that always seem to be blood-soaked, a big-busted priestess with a stalking archer, usually drooling, beside her, and an emotional, PMS-ing, anti-social assassin walk by here?'
The short sorceress remained silent for a while before she faced Azura with a smile that made him uncomfortable. A second later she began to speak. "Free zeny! Visit www.rofreezeny.com!"
Azura motioned closer. "I said, did you see a bunch of weirdos pass by?"
"Free zeny! Visit www.rofreezeny.com!"
"Are you broken or something?" Azura began shaking the sorceress' head with one hand.
"Free zeny! Visit www.rofreezeny.com!"
Azura's nerve twitched. "Alright! Alright! I'll visit your stupid site! Just shut up already!"

Maika stood infront of the commission board and sorted through all her finished and unfinished quests. She had an annoyed look on her face.
Ariadne tapped her shoulder. "W-What's wrong, Maika?"
"I really, really don't like leaving unfinished quests. I wanna finish them all before moving on to another area."
Rei crossed his arms. "I don't know whether that's called being thorough or being obsessive compulsive."
May brushed her hair aside. "Whatever the reason, I think we can help you clean up easily. Besides, we might get something nice on the way."
The group then made their way towards the capital of Lutie and stood by the front door of the X-mas Toy Factory . Maika stepped forward and faced the group. "Okay the job is simple. We go in, we beat up stormy knight then we go home, okay?"
Zero placed his hands behind his head. "This would be too easy for us, let's do it in Ultra Hard Mode."
May crossed her arms under her boobs. "Ultra Hard Mode would be fun compared to a mere normal difficulty."
Maika rubbed her chin for a while. "Fine, Hard mode it is! Let's go!"
After a minute of plowing through hordes of toy soldiers and attacking gift baskets, the group finally made it to the Stormy Knight's chamber.

Stormy Knight is a humanoid reindeer with Ice covered skin. It uses a 20 foot long frozen spear as a weapon. The group charged without hesitation.
20 seconds later, the gigantic frosted reindeer is dead. Zero suddenly picked up something orange on the ground. "Epic.. Accessory Code.. What is this thing?"
May ran towards Zero, causing her chest to jiggle uncontrollably. "An Epic item Code! I want this! Can I have it?" Zero was too happy to even think straight. "O-Ofcourse! Anything for you!" He was doing his best not to get another nose bleed.
Rei looked at the two. "You do know those things cost a lo-"
May froze Rei's lips with holy light.
Zero extended his arm and handed the item to May. The Epic Code remained latched in his hand. "Huh? It won't come off." He tried to pry it off. "It's stuck on me or something!"
Maika pointed at the item glued to Zero's palm. "Read the fine print."
"Binds.. when.. obtained.." Zero's eyes widened. "You're saying this thing is stuck on me forever!?"
"Pretty much, unless you decide to use it yourself. But you don't have any epic accessories for this."

Zero began running in circles. "Get it off! Get it off!"
May let out a sigh. "I too have the same problem as Zero. I picked up 2 Codes that's not for my class and now they're stuck on me too."
Maika faced the sorceress. "I don't see anything stuck on you."
May exhaled and slowly began to remove her top, exposing her large cleavage to everyone. There, she had the items placed on the center of each boob. "See?"

Zero's nose became a blood fountain.

Back in town, the group made their way to the tables and chairs just outside Yoseph’s blacksmith shop. Zero slumped and looked at the object still glued to his hand. "So, how do I unbind this thing?"
"You need to buy seal stamps to seal the item once more. Maika said as she sat on a chair. "You can usually get them at the Cash Shop or the Trade House."
"Cash Shop?"
"Yes. It’s the only place to get premium items in exchange for real life hard-earned money."
"You can get costumes there too. I’m so sick and tired of looking like everyone else here." May said as she continued to browse.
Maika let out a short chuckle before returning her attention towards Zero, who was staring blankly into space. "So Zero, have you decided on what to do?"

Zero remained staring.

"Hey, Zero. You there?"

Zero didn’t budge.

Maika kicked him hard between the legs. "Hey!"

Zero didn’t react.
"What the.." Maika rapidly kicked Zero in his manhood several times before getting tired.
Zero suddenly blinked. "Oh so that’s what the Cash Shop looks like."
Maika felt a bit embarassed. "Oh! I didn’t notice you were still browsing."

Zero suddenly felt a searing pain between his legs. "What the fart! Why does my balls feel like it’s been mashed by a sledge hammer!?"

Ariadne suddenly sat up and pointed from afar. “It’s Azura!”

Azura dragged his bare feet towards the gang before walking right past them. His nude appearance caught everyone’s attention.

"Little brother, why are you strutting around town in your underwear? Where are your clothes and weapons?" May asked as she tugged Azura’s boxer shorts.

Azura looked at them with a straight face. "Don’t ask."


Azura Nyan
05-05-2013, 06:01 AM
__________________________________________________ _______________
Chapter 16 : Fappucino!

Azura returns to the group with an annoyed look on his face. Clearly he did not like what he’s gotten himself into.
"Why am I forced to wear Noob Armors?"
May circled her little brother and gave him a smirk. "Don’t you look rather dashing in those clothes?"

"I look like I’m wearing pajamas! Or, or some kind of gay tracksuit!"

Ariadne observed Azura, her eyes scrolling from head to toe. When her attention finally reached just below his abs, the blacksmith let out a shriek and covered her eyes.

Maika walked towards Ariadne and held her shoulder. "What’s wrong?"
The female blacksmith simply pointed at Azura, who also doesn’t know what was going on.

"What? What?" Azura asked as he looked around him.

When everyone else searched for what was wrong, their eyes all landed on the same spot. Some looked away, some chuckled.

"Seriously! What!?"

Zero motioned towards the monk and patted him on the back before whispering. "Your pajamas love emphasizing your manhood, brother."

After browsing through the Trade House for a more decent set of clothing, and around half an hour of ranting at the NPC’s fashion sense, Azura returns with a blush on his face. "Monk clothes are very, very weird. I should kick the designer hard in the nuts."
Somewhere in a random gaming company, a person sneezed.

May clinged behind her brother. "Oh don’t look so down. Just look at our clothes!" The priestess stepped back and spun a full circle infront of everyone, showing off her full wardrobe. A top which looks a lot like a one-piece swimsuit, arm warmers and leggings that only cover half of their legs, and boots with a razor sharp heel.

Zero saw nothing but boobs and a small emphasis on the crotch area.

Azura handed him a tissue and pointed at a nearby bush. "Fap away."

Rei sat up from the wooden chair he sat on and crossed his arms. "Quit your whining people. Clothes still serve their purpose, no matter how little it covers."

Zero shouted from the bushes. "You’re one to talk for someone who wears layers and layers of coats and jackets!" The bush continued to shake.

Maika too spun around. "I don’t mind wearing these clothes. I kinda feel comfy in them!"
Azura’s eyes narrowed. She’s a freaking reverse trap. I wonder how many victims she’s claimed already.

Ariadne was about to make her statement when her foot got caught in the corner of the center fountain, causing her to fall into the water with a big splash. She then sat up and rubbed the back of her head. "Oww.."

Azura extended his arm. "You okay? You should be more-" His attention quickly landed on the female’s wet clothes like a heat-seeking missile. That firm, circular shape. That embosed tip. This could only mean..! "N-N-N-No bra!?"

Maika pouted. "Well duh, if we did then our chests would be exposed. We usually use bandages and-" She looked around. "Where’d Azura go?"

Azura hopped inside Zero’s bush and it began to shake more violently.

"Get your own bush!"

It was getting late again and the group made their way back to Ariadne’s home. The place became their usual hang-out spot and resting place every night. Rei stood by the fireplace flicking a small circular object like a coin.

"I fapped so much I think I broke my disco stick." Zero said as he remained lying on the carpet.

Azura observed Rei and threw a peanut at him. "Yo, what’s that?"

Rei stopped flicking and glared at the mink. "In case your idiotic brain didn’t know, this is called a code."
"What? Morse code? Da Vinci code?"

"No you moron! This code has 3 varieties, namely Green Codes for armors, Blue Codes for weapons and Red Codes for accessories. They’re used to unlock an item’s potentials."

Zero’s eyes motioned towards the assassin while he remained on the floor. "What now? Items have potentials? To do what? Dance?"

"I swear you people get dumber by the minute." Rei massaged his temples before continuing to speak. "Potentials meaning additional stats. Watch." The assassin took out his Poison Flask and placed the blue code on top of it. A flash of light and the deed is done. "Now look at my weapon."

"Your mic you mean."
"Shut up! It’s a Flask! A FLASK!" Rei regained his composture and continued. "Now it has a strength boost ability and it increases my chances to paralyze my enemies. The results are random so if you do not like what you got, you can uses these Reset Cubes to remove the potentials and try again."

Azura looked at the objects. "They don’t even look like cubes."

The whole group piled up all their collected codes in a table and one by one they began using them.

Maika jumped for joy. "I got a physical attack increase and a strength boost! Yey!"

Zero scratched his head. "Increased intelligence? Are you saying I’m stupid or something?"

Azura scratched his head. "More agility huh? I wonder if this increases fap speed.."

May grinned. "Increased magical attack and holy damage. You know what this means, huh little brother?"

"Lord, save me."

Zero looked at Rei. "Hey, I kept reverting and I always get the same crap over and over again! Is this thing broken or something?"

Rei didn’t even bother looking. "It means you have sh*tty luck."

Maika elbowed the assassin. "Hey, is there a limit to the number of potentials an item can get?"

Rei cleared his throat. "For magic tier items you can get up to 3, rare tier gets up to 4 and epic tier can have up to 5."

Azura motioned towards the silent blacksmith and poked her in the shoulder. "Hey, hey. Whatcha get?"

Ariadne mumbled something inaudible.


The timid girl simply handed her axe to Azura.

Everyone went closer. Maika stood by Azura’s shoulder. "So, what did she get?"

"Increased physical attack.."

Zero sighed. "Lucky."

Azura continued. "..increased magical attack.."

Maika tilted her head. "I didn’t know it was possible to get both."

Azura continued. "..increased critical.."

May grinned. "That makes 3 juicy stats. Very nice, Ari-"

Azura interupted. "..increased stun.."

Rei suddenly stood up. "That’s too much already! Are you even reading it right?"

Azura continued. "..increased paralyze.."

Everyone remained silent.
"..increased strength, agility, intelligence, stun resist, paralyze resist, critical resist, max hp, max mp, mp recovery.."

Ariadne fumbled with her fingers. "D-Did I get something good?"

Azura Nyan
05-15-2013, 01:51 AM
__________________________________________________ _______

Chapter 17 : Night Shift Sessions!

The moon glowed brightly above Ariadne’s house as the group began eating dinner together. The whole chicken’s aroma filled the kitchen air with its captivating scent. Azura and Zero both latched their hands on the last chicken leg.
"Let go dammit! This is my 30% HP regen item!" Zero protested.
"Now that I think about it, how the hell does eating food on the dirty ground dropped by monsters heal somebody?" asked Azura
May rimmed her finger around a glass filled with a spiked red potion. "You guys sure eat a lot, yet you people seem to remain physically fit." A small grin crept on her face.
Azura placed one foot on the table. "You bet we do!" The two boys suddenly lifted their shirts, exposing their hardened abs.
Ariadne blushed and looked away.
Maika smirked and began running her finger Azura's belly. "Oho, someone’s been working out." She chuckled.
Zero pulled down his shirt and had a smug look on his face. "Hell yeah. You have no idea how vigorously we train everyday to keep in shape! Remember how MP is not consumed in towns? Well all we needed to do was dash in circles and viola! An instant treadmill!"
Azura too covered up. "Some monks carry around maces,you know how heavy those thins are? So, naturally I’d be the most physically fit one around!"
Maika rubbed her chin for a while then punched Azura in the gut, causing him to fold. "Boo-yah!"

May toyed with her drinking glass in one hand as she propped her head on the other. "I’ve seen every shape and size when it comes to men, and I mean everything."
Zero inched closer to the big chested priestess. "I knew you were the one peeking on me at the bathroom. No chick can resist my powerful dingdong!"
"On the contrary, I find yours quite small."
Zero self esteem face shattered like glass.
May laughed and turned her attention towards the silent assassin in the corner of the table. "Now, I wonder if mister shadows and poisons over here is buffed as well."
Rei glared at May. "Don’t even think about it."
"Oh don’t be so moody."
Maika grinned and crept behind the assassin. "Gotcha!" She suddenly tackle pinned the white-haired man to the ground and took off his multiple layered clothing, revealing Rei's built body. The female monk liked what she saw.
Zero quickly huddled with Azura and began whispering. "This katar-swinging sissy is actually a formideble foe! We musn’t lose to him at all cost!"
"You’re right! Mister emo over there isn’t gonna steal our girls from us!" Azura said with fiery determination. The two pounded fists in agreement.
"Get off me you hormonally unstable women!" Rei demanded as he used his Katar to shove the two girls away from taking off any further clothing.

It was an hour before midnight and Azura found himself awake and sleep-deprived. Zero’s snoring became too unbearable for him. "This is ridiculous. And how the hell does Rei sleep through this noise!?"
The frustrated monk dragged his pillow and went out of the boy’s room. Half asleep, Azura made his way towards the bathroom yawning. "I seriously need to get some sleep." His body began to tilt left and right as he fumbled along the hallway. Infront of the bathroom, the tired warrior yawned one more time before slowly opening the door with his eyes closed."A-Azura?" A voice stuttered.

Azura partially opened his eyes to see a young female, nude hip down and sitting on the toilet who was in the process of wiping herself with a tissue. He blinked a few times before turning around. "Guess it’s occupied.." He slowly turned around and left.
"Excuse me.." The girl with brown hair was dumbfounded. Azura continued to drag his feet towards the downstairs bathroom, still on the edge of consciousness. "I wonder if that person is done with the toilet by now. My bladder can’t hold my pee for long."
Suddenly, an eerie silhouette bathed in a dark red glow rose from behind the half asleep monk. "So.. you like barging into bathrooms while a girl is peeing now, huh?” The voice echoed through the dark hallway.

Azura’s eyes suddenly widened as he tried to look back without moving his head. He heard a dragging of steel on the floor and cracking of fingers. He swallowed his throat and turned around to see Maika’s eyes glowing red and an indescribable facial expression filled with intense anger. "OMG...."
Maika lifted her sword high and smashed it to the ground where Azura stood. The boy managed to roll away before hitting him though. "Stand still so I can break every bone in your body."
"Like hell I would!" Azura dashed away, keeping his distance from the raging female monk. In his panic, Azura dove inside one of the rooms. He crouched down and hid himself under a blanket on the floor. "I should be safe here for the rest of the night. "

Suddenly, he heard short moans nearby, then felt someone moving close. Azura remained still as he felt a smooth and soft hand slide its way on top of his chest, caressing the area. "Oh my god, this is like one of those scenes from that ero-game I was playing before! This is the hot smex scene where the gir-woah!" The hand slowly crept its way down, inches from his crotch. Azura crawled his way up a bit to pop his head out of the blanket. When he faced to his right, this face flushed in a deep red. "A-A-Ariadne!?" he thought to himself The female blacksmith remained asleep. Her lips, small and pinkish, opened a bit in every inhale she did. Her hair framed her face as some of it fell to her side. Azura was actually tempted to kiss the sleeping girl with every second he stared at her. As he inched closer to her face, a pair of hands latched to his cheeks and pulled him to the opposite direction.

"What the!?"
"Come here you lil cutie.." The figure cuddled Azura, burying his face deep between her boobs. SIS!? Azura tried to pry himself off the priestess’ bonds. Despite seeing such an amazing half-nude figure with a large chest, the monk was quite used to seeing his older sibling in such a manner.
"Don’t run Mr. Fluffy.."

"Fluffy?" Azura just gave her sleeping sister a narrowed look before sitting up. He exhaled deeply, glad to be out of the awkward sandwich. Although part of him was loving every moment. He then noticed a small tent forming in between his legs. Looks like his manhood agrees. "I guess I’ll be doing more than just peeing on the bathroom tonight."
Just outside the walls of Payon Village, a figure emerges from the shadows. The silhouette jumped and tumbled its way over the wooden blockade, avoiding the guards' attention. The shadowy figure continued to hop from one roof to another like an assassin, gently landing on its feet just above Ariadne’s house. The mysterious person grinned as it bit one side of a rope which was attached to an arrow. The silhouette took out its short bow and aimed directly at the boy’s room window. "Found ya.."


Hey everyone thank you for reading the new chapter!! Anyway I'll be introducing a new character on chapter 18 now i still don't have a physical description of her so if possible i would like to ask you to draw a fan art for the next chapter the next character is a Female Archer! ohhh now we have 2 archers in the gang

c'mon now please Visitor's Message me or Inbox me your Drawings here on Otaku Streamers or Add me on Facebook click here (http://www.facebook.com/IamAKDP)! and I will base her physical appearance on your fan art! The faster you guys send me a fan art the faster i can post the new chapter!! please and thank you!

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Chapter 18 : Fap Trap!

Azura threw the sticky tissue in the garbage can and washed his hands thoroughly. His face showed both tired and satisfied at the same time. "Who knew thinking about those girls would be so.." A grin crept on his face as his hands remained dipped in the sink which was now overflowing with water.
"Ah fark!!" He quickly turned off the water and looked at his pants which was now soaking wet.
"Well this doesn’t look good.. not to mention the smell inside the bathroom..At the hallway," the young monk made his way towards the boy’s room, careful not to attract Maika who was still searching for him.

As he slowly closed the door behind him, Azura was once again lost in thought. "So this is what Zero feels towards my sister. I never did look at these girls above being friends. Is this what they call friends with benefits?"
A dirty image came to mind. His pants created a bulge again. The boy remained idle by the window, looking at the cresent moon and the horizon lined with trees and rooftops. Suddenly, at the corner of his eye, he noticed something shining just above the roof of a nearby house.

It was like a sparkle from a small silver coin, or-
"..an arrow?"
Almost instinctively, he barrel-rolled to the sided, dodging the projectile that smashed through the glass window and pierced the wall behind him.
"God that was freaking close!"
He then noticed something attached to the end of the arrow which looked like a knotted rope. The rope then began vibrating as if someone was rappeling towards the boy’s room. The shaking became faster and faster every second.
"What the-!?"
A loud crash echoed throughout the house, causing everyone to jump out of their mattresses. The girls dashed towards the boy’s room and kicked the door wide open.
"What happened!?" Maika shouted.
Zero’s attention moved from Azura to the girls by the doorway. "Someone just dove in our-" His nose gushed out blood like a fountain when he realized what the girls were wearing. Pajamas that looked a little tight around the chest, clearly exposing their cleavages and their hairs were quite messy, giving out a dirty impression to the males.
May had one button of her top removed for breathing space. Everyone then returned their attention to Azura who was lying on the floor with someone else.

As the debris and dust cleared out, the group was in shock to find a young blonde girl, wearing a rather revealing one-piece and had a bow and quiver on her back, lying on top of the monk.
Ariadne shrieked. "W-W-W-Wha-What are you d-d-doing!?"
Azura shook his head after recovering from the crash. "Ah!" He panicked. Then he saw the girls staring at thim. "Ah!!"
Maika’s eyes narrowed. "Don’t act like we’re strangers to you!"
"I-It’s not what you think! I-I’ve never seen this girl in my entire life!"
The female rubbed her eyes as she regained consciousness. A moment later she gleamed and hugged Azura tight. "I found you! It’s been a long time!"
Ariadne and Maika glared at Azura in a skeptical manner.
Zero crouched down beside Azura and whispered. "I thought you were after one of these girls already? Who’s this chick you’ve been hiding from me?"
Azura protested. "I told you I don’t know this person!"
The female archer pouted. "Don’t be mean Azura! It’s me! Don’t you remember? We trained at Prontera Fields together!"
Maika stood behind Azura with her eyes shrouded behind her hair. "Trained...Together?.."
"Stop adding emphasis to make it sound like it’s something dirty!"

May stepped in between. "Little brother, who’s this girl you’ve been keeping hidden from us? Must I torture you even further for you to tell me everything?"
Rei crossed his arms and looked like he could care less. "Innocent until proven guilty.."
Azura nodded. "Thank you! Atleast emo boy here understands!"
"..but in his case, he’s mostlikely lying."
"You a**hole!"

It was already passed 2 in the morning and everyone was yawning every now and then as they sat around the kitchen table watching the blonde girl eat and drink to her heart’s content. May propped her elbow and stared at the archer. "So you’re saying, you’ve been following us all this time because you wanted to join a party but you barely know anyone so you decided to talk to the only person you knew and that would be my perverted little brother right here?"
"That was a mouthful." Zero thought to himself as he tried to repeat everything May said in his mind.
"Why must you constantly imply my non-related perversion towards every conversation with a new female?" Azura grunted.
The archer laughed. "Oh I knew Azura was a pervert a long time ago! He wouldn’t stop looking at my boobs whenever we visit West Izlude field. He also loved watching me do a Willow Kick."
Maika’s eyes fixed itself on Azura. "If there was a title for being a female molestor, you’d have one over your head right now."
Zero suddenly raised his hand. "Question! What’s a Willow Kick? And why would my best buddy here like seeing it?"
The blonde girl wiped her mouth and stood up. "Let me demonstrate."
She then made a short dash towards the living room, dove towards the floor, do a hand stand, split her legs wide and began spinning like a tornado, exposing her panties to everyone for a good 3 seconds.
Maika and Ariadne were at awe. "She's so daring!"
Zero’s smile widened. "I think I found my favorite skill."
"You’re an Acrobatic Archer!" Rei suddenly bursted out.
"Yup, yup!" The archer nodded.

Zero poked her short bow. "If you’re an acrobat, what’s the bow and arrow for?"
"Well, technically I’m still an archer."
Zero was clearly confused. "Why would an acrobat need to be an archer first!?"
May then suddenly wrapped an arm around the female archer’s neck. "Well then I guess you’re part of our family now." She then gazed at the female’s pointed ears. "You’re an elf?"
Azura and Zero’s ears twitched. The two huddled.
Azura whispered softly to his friend "I heard rumors that all elves are female! And all of them are hot!"
"I heard that they’re very sensitive! Especially when having smex, they make all kinds of kinky noises because they feel things far more than normal humans do!"

Maika knocked the two boy’s heads together. "You idiots call that whispering!? We can hear you, you know!"
Azura’s eyes widened. "Ah! You’re right Maika! Thanks for reminding me!" He then faced Zero. "Dude, say '/' then W, space, my name.."
The elf simply scratched her chin with a finger. "Ehehe.. Uhm I was wondering if I could take a quick shower."
Ariadne then snapped from her momentary trance and escorted the archer to the bathroom. "T-This way please."
Rei crossed his arms. "We never got your name by the way."
The elf smiled. "It’s Taira."
As the group made their way back to their rooms, Ariadne suddenly tapped Azura on the shoulder. "Uhm, A-Azura?"
"Hm?" The young monk turned.
"C-Could you give this towel to Taira when she’s done?" She hand him a pink towel.
"Uh, okay I guess."
"Uhm.. Can I ask? Have you two done anything.. together?"
Azura looked up for a while. "Honestly? I can’t even remember her back when I still lived in Prontera with my sister. Come to think of it how come we never returned to Prontera Church anyway? Hmm.. well I guess we're passed that."
The female blacksmith nodded and walked back to her room.

Azura motioned towards the bathroom door where the sound of the shower could be heard from outside. “Taira? Taira? I brought you a towel."
No response.
Azura then opened the door and stepped inside. "Taira? I have a towel here for you. I’ll just put this on the sink and-"
"No, don’t. I’m done anyway." The elf said as she used the curtain to cover herself as she reached for the towel on Azura’s hand. Suddenly, the moment she stepped closer, she lost her footing on the slippery floor, causing her to trip and crash ontop of Azura again.
"Ah, dammit. That hurt." Azura rubbed the back of his head, feeling it for bruises. When his eyes landed on Taira, his first thought was a sense of being lucky having a nude elf lie on top of him. "KYYYYYAA!!!" Taira shrieked and slammed Azura's face on the cold bathroom tiles, it left a huge crater on the bathroom.



Hey everyone!! thanks again for reading the new chapter! I'm here to thank Karen-Ojousama, My sister Bienne, Aila, Jeisama, and loms for making me some fan art to base my new character Tiara on. Thanks again everyone and i hope you read the new chapter next week!


Azura Nyan
05-22-2013, 03:09 AM
Fan Specials 2

And we’re back with Midguard's favorite gang. I’ll be your new interviewer today since our last one had a very.. gruesome accident. Now guys tell us, how do you cope up with this very aggressive community you guys live in?

Azura: Aggressive community?
Zero: Mmm.. I like aggressive women.

Yes, you know, racists, scammers, that sort of thing.

Zero: Regardless of race, everyone says the same thing!
Maika: And that would be?
Zero: *gleams and faces everyone* Boobs.
Rei: *face palm*
Azura: True story bro.
Maika: *looks down and starts massaging her chest*
Azura: *stares* Mommy, I know what I want for Christmas.

So, you guys haven’t heard of any issues regarding people discriminating others because of their origins and stuff?

Rei: I could care less of what they think. In the end, everyone wants me to be in their party.
Azura: It’s because you’re a Assassin! If we had that kind of attack speed and crits too we’d be just as important as you!
Rei: But you don’t , do you?
Azura: *raises fist in the air*

Uh, guys? I was talking about racism. I haven’t reached the job discrimination issues yet. But since you guys are at it, let’s hear your concerns about people being specific when it comes to creating parties.

May: Hey, just because a single person did something wrong doesn’t mean the whole world should blame the entire race.
Maika: *nods* I agree. People are so simple minded nowadays.
Ariadne: *mutters* Those people should be tied up in barbed wire, hanged upside down and repetitively used as a dart board.
Azura: *keeps distance from Ariadne*

Are you guys even listening to my questions?

Zero: Boob sizes can go as high as the letter D which is a band size 38, meaning E and F is a mere man’s fantasy. May is an E.
Maika: Women have a longer attention span compared to most men.
May: The difference between fire and flame is that fire is the physical state of burning through combustion while flame is the visible part of fire which consists of glowing hot gases. Do you wanna see how fast a human could burn?
Rei: The Katar was designed for mobility and swiftness as compared to the legionairies’ long swords which provided more protection in the expense of movement. I wish I could throw Katars.
Ariadne: Decapitation is not only used to swiftly execute a person, but also used as a means of collecting trophies. I find boys who look like girls very attractive.
Azura: No such thing as ugly to a man who’s extremely horny.

*faces the camera crew* They’re not paying attention!

Azura: *faces the interviewer* Oh I’m sorry, what was your question again?

*strangles Azura as the camera crew tries to pry the interviewer away*

Azura Nyan
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Chapter 19
Santa’s Kinky Helpers

"W-W-W-Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. All this time, you’ve been following me around in an Archer’s uniform hoping to join my party of traps and reverse traps without blowing your secret to everyone else?" Azura asked as he distanced himself from the transgender elf sitting on the sofa.
"That about sums it up." The Taira smiled.
May crossed her arms. "So you’ve been observing us then?"
"Stalking is more I like it." Zero blurted out.
"Hey, I meant no disrespect. I was just making sure you guys were keeping each other’s secrets that’s all. I wouldn’t wanna join a party who would announce to the world that I used to have a hotdog down there." female archer chuckled nervously.
Ariadne stuttered. "S-So yo-you’re not Taira?"
"The name's Taison! Nice to meet ya. But I don't use that name anymore call me Taira" The elf archer extended her hand as Ariadne nervously shook it.
Rei tilted his head. "Why didn’t you just follow Azura back at Prontera? Saves us the trouble of having to interrogate you like this, and pay for the window repairs."
Taira rubbed her chin. "Well.."

A few years ago back in the town of Prontera, Azura and Taira just came out of the uncharted parts of Payon Forest tired and slightly bruised. The acolyte smiled at the archer as they limped back to the vigilante training camp. "I swear I’ll never get used to that willow kick of yours."
"Oh you just like looking at my panties." Taira giggled as she walked ahead of Azura. "You almost died at one point when I did that skill infront of you and that minotaur nearly squished you."
"White, cotton. It was all worth it." Azura laughed.
The two were the best of friends, but one wanted something more. When they both reached a point where they were ordered to head out for Izlude Village, Azura asked Taira to meet him by the town gates.
"Oh good, you came." Azura said smiling.
"What’s up?" Taira asked as she double checked her stuff before heading out of town.
Azura swallowed and faced the archer with all seriousness. "Taira, we’ve known each other for a while now, and I just wanted to.."
The archer tilted her head. "Want to what? Oh god, don’t tell me you wanna do it."
"N-No! I mean yes I do, but no! I mean no, that wasn’t what I was about to say." Azura was sweating all over. "I just w-wanted to say.. I.. I lo-"

Ariadne squealed. "Did Azura just confess!?" She was smiling and hugging a black stuffed animal bunny in excitement.
Rei looked skeptical. "Wait, didn’t he know that Taira is actually-"
Maika covered Rei’s mouth.

Taira was speechless. She didn’t expect things to go so far. She wanted to tell him her secret, but now that things developed into this, she couldn’t bear to say anything.
Azura waited for a response, wondering if what he mentioned ruined their friendship or something.
Taira began to open her mouth. "Azura, I.."
Suddenly a large crowd of people moved through them, pushing and shoving them apart. The mob was a batch of adventurers also heading out for Izlude Village. Azura shouted from the crowd. "Taira! Taira where are you!?" He couldn’t see her anymore. As the crowd dispersed, the warrior found himself alone. He waited, waited till the moon was the only light he had left. He wiped a tear in his eye and lifted his mace over his shoulder and began his journey alone back to Prontera Town back to where his sister was.

Zero couldn’t help contain his laughter. "You fell inlove with a dude!? Man! That’s epic!"
Ariadne was still squealing in excitement, thinking of who’s the seme or the uke in the male couple.
Maika glared at Azura. "And here I thought you were straight. You homosexual pervert."
Azura protested. "How was I supposed to know Taira was actually Taison!? I fell for a trap, big deal!"
Rei looked away. "You’re a failure as a human being."
Taira just scratched her cheek. "Sorry, I ran away when the crowd came. You looked so serious, I didn’t wanna humiliate you infront of so many people."
Azura’s face flushed. 'I’m pretty humiliated right now as it is.'
May shook her head. "Silly brother, next time you want a real female I suggest stripping them first. In this world of Rune Midguard, most females here used to have sausages."
"What kind of suggestion was that!?"

After hours of pointless conversation, the group decided to continue with their seemingly unending chain of quests. Azura was infront of the group as he opened the front door and stepped out. "I swear, no matter how many times I finish that stupid quest on Master Mode, it ends up still on the help wanted board."
Maika kept quiet. 'Azura, you’re a natural born idiot.'
Suddenly, Azura tripped, crashing head first into a pile of what seems to be like decorations. Everyone looked around and saw Payon Village covered in festive colors and bright lights. The girls looked quite happy as the guys tried not to step on the décor all over the floor.
Ariadne jumped. "It’s the Christmas season!"
Taira gazed at the banners and wreaths on top of window frames and doors. "These guys move quick."
Zero helped Azura up. "When did the villagers find time to do all this?"
May motioned forward and touched a shiny Christmas Ball dangling infront of her. "Must have placed all these things during the last maintenance."
"The what now?" Azura asked.
"Anyway, we should look for Irine and get oriented with what’s going on around here." Rei suggested as he began to walk across the stone bridge.
The group made their way towards the Events Planner and the moment they saw her, Zero and Azura's jaws dropped. "I think santa knew what I wanted for Christmas."
Irine was wearing a red festive uniform with a much shorter skirt than her usual Palace uniform. As she waved at every passerby, a momentary peep show was available for all to see, clearly exposing her white cotton panties to everyone near her. "Nice to meet you! I’m the world events planner!"
Maika pushed the boys aside and asked, "Anything new?"
"Oh yes! You see we need help with our decorating. Would you please go out of town and kill some ducks for us?" Irine smiled.
Taira rubbed her cheek. "Ducks?"
Rei scratched his head. "What does ducks have to do with decorating anything?"
Ariadne tapped May's shoulder. "W-Where do we find these d-ducks? Are they s-strong?"
May rubbed Ariadne's head. "Oh even if they were strong I’m sure you’d have no problem dealing with them at all. And if you kill enough of those, we can have a grand dinner tonight."
Irine interrupted. "The ducks spawn randomly, so keep an eye out!"
Rei exhaled. "Alright, let’s get this over with." The assassin looked around. "Where the hell are those two?"
Zero and Azura remained crouched down behind Irine. "Best seats in the house."
"Do it again!" Zero said excitedly.
"Oh yeah!"
"This is fappable."
"Taira, call the police." Maika requested.

The gang finally made it out of town and regrouped around the quest board. May browsed through the requests. "Hmm, the most claimed quest here is.."
"Another master run?" Rei blurted out.
Maika whispered at Ariadne. "Did he say masturba-?"
May took the sheet of paper pinned on the board. "Guess we’ll take this one. Let’s go."
Azura moved infront of a stone gate which opened the moment he got near it. "So this is the Sanctuary place I keep hearing about."
"What’s so good about this place?" Zero asked as he kicked a few goblins away.
Maika spun a full 360 in a mere second. "Circle Slash!" She sheathed her sword on her back and looted a few things on the floor. "I heard this was the best place to train. Said it was quite easy."
Taira shot a fan of arrows infront of her and tumbled to the side. "I heard that too, so far everything here seems easy."
Azura motioned forward. "Well if this place is filled with just goblins and weaklings, then this is gonna be- ack!" The monk was flung backwards, causing him to roll and crash on a nearby wall. "Dammit, I think I stepped on something!"
The group stood infront of what looks like a bunch of holes on the ground.
"My Adidas has a freaking hole in it now!" Azura complained.
Rei rubbed his chin for a moment. "Azura, come here a minute. Stand on that."
Azura tilted his head. "Huh? Over here- ack!" He got flung backwards again.
The assassin nodded. "Yep, it’s a booby trap alright."
"Why am I you’re test dummy!?"
Taira leaned on Azura. "Oh Azura, you always seem to fall for traps easily nowadays." She chuckled.
Maika smiled. "I see what you did there."

At the end of the path, a pair of trolls began rolling towards the group. Almost instinctively, and as if it was choreographed, Maika jumped up in the air and slammed her sword to the ground. "Ki Explotion!” The slam caused the monsters to stop rolling and launch them upward a good few feet.
Simultaniously, as the trolls were in mid air, Taira dashed forward and kicked the beasts further up, followed with a short volley of arrows.
As the trolls began falling back to the ground, Ariadne turned and swung her axe at them quite hard, launching the monsters up in the air once more.
In the air, the half dead beasts got stepped on by Taira as he performs a solid Eagle Dive and using the trolls as a cushion for his feet.
The rest of the boys were dumbfounded. "E-E-Epic Trap Combo!"

After a short flight of stairs Ariadne found herself in a center of what seems to be like an intersection of closed hallways. In the middle was what seems to be a huge stone button. She curiously looked at it.
Azura sat on the ground. "Man, those annoying dark elf girls really know how to juggle me up in the air! Yet I can’t seem to bring myself to hate them. Mmmm that smexy hip dance."
Rei looked around the circular room and ran his palm across the stone doors. "There has to be a way to open the next path."
Ariadne looked at the button again. "M-Maybe this one?" She pushed it.
A painful scream was heard.
"Ahhh f*rking! Shizzy f*rk!" Azura ranted as he rubbed his buttocks. "I swear one of those iron spikes gave me another butthole!"
Ariadne bowed continuously infront of the aching monk. "I’m sorry! I’m sorry!"
May giggled. "Well atleast we know that activates the trap and opens the doors."
Taira quickly motioned towards Azura. "Here I have some ointment for that. Just let me rub it-"
"Get away from me!"

As the doors open, a flood of monsters filled the center room and began attacking. On one of the paths however, a big round yellow creature wearing a santa hat walked back and forth randomly. Zero moved closer to it and sat down. "Is this.. a duck?"
The yellow monster turned around and faced the group with an odd expression. A moment later, it bit Zero’s finger.
"Ow! What the fark!"
Everyone stared at it for a while. Rei then pushed Azura forward. "Go kill it."
Azura looked back at the assassin. "Why me!? Isn't killing for benefit your job?"
Maika pushed Azura as well. "Quit your yapping and just do it!"
Azura scratched his head and slowly walked towards the duck. 'Here goes nothing.' The monk lifted his hands up punched it hard downward.
Suddenly, the duck seem to have sprung to life as it began to hop and bite at the group. Everyone panicked and ran.
Taira jumped on top of the stone switch in the middle of the room. "Eek! It’s as freaky as a flying cockroach!"


Azura Nyan
07-06-2013, 07:45 AM
HEY EVERYONE! Oh God it's been so long since I last wrote something. I've been very busy with school work etc etc. I never really thought my work would last more than 20 chapters but since a few of you still wait for my work weekly I will do my best not to stop!

I'm currently, yes currently as in right now alt+tabbing, typing the next chapter so I'll post it sometime after lunch when I'm done. Stay tuned! In the mean time, here's a new segment for you guys:
__________________________________________________ _
Rune Midguard Did You Know Facts

Did you know that..
..The Battle for Rune Midguard is a Ragnarok(and a little Dragon Nest) fanfiction based on the crazy relationship of me and my friends i met online? A slice of reality mixed with weird anime-style antics creates the baseline for this story, making it quite easy for most people to relate to the situations in it. 99% of the cast came from people I have chatted with and talked to in a cool anime steaming / forum website called Otaku-Steamers. [http://otaku-streamers.com/index.php]

Did you know that..
..Azura is your typical, straight-forward, captain obvious yet curious monk in the story who often sees life in Midguard as a huge anime fantasy? He likes talking to himself.
..Zero is Azura's first friend in the story, a highly perverted, jouvenile archer, who's main goal in life is to get Azura's older sister's attention? He has X-ray vision.
..Maika is the brains of the group and the first trap shown in the story, portraying herself as a male monk to the public and often gets angry at what the boys when they get the whole party into all sorts of trouble? She's bossy yet girly.
..Ariadne is your typical timid, shy cutie with a vicious split personality and has a huge interest in girly-looking boys, and hides her true identity as a male blacksmith? She's the luckiest person in Midguard.
..May is the devilish, big-busted priestess in the group, portraying a role similar to an evil queen, who enjoys watching her little brother suffer in the most horrible ways imaginable? Every step she takes, her chest vibrates violently.
..Rei is a no-non-sense kind of assassin who believes that everyone in his god-forsaken party is an idiot? He's not emo yet looks like one.
..Taira is a very energetic and optimistic trans acrobat who is often percieved as the gay person in the party? She kicks harder and dances smexier than most acrobats.

Did you know that..
..The Rune Midguard gang is the only group that surpasses the laws of the game, making a party that has more than 4 players? Go figure.

Did you know that..
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Did you know that..
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Azura Nyan
07-06-2013, 07:46 AM
Chapter 20 :
A Cow Gang Bang!

The group found themselves panting as the shadowy figure died infront of them. Azura rested his fists on the ground and sat down, trying to catch his breath. "That.. was.. hard! And people do this over and over again?"
Maika wiped the sweat off her forehead and stood up straight. "Yeah, they say Sanctuary is the easiest and most rewarding. Man, what a work out!" She began to stretch her arms upward, making her shirt hug tightly around her chest.
Zero and Azura observed this. "You have to admit, she still has some, even though they’re quite small.."
Maika glared at the two perverts. "What. Did. You. Say?" She began cracking her fingers.
Zero and Azura swallowed and faced somewhere else. Ariadne caught their attention, who was trying to fan herself using her shirt and drying off her sweat. Her upper clothing is soaked, making it easy for them to shape her boobs and expose her bra. Ariadne continued to rant about how sweaty she was. "I r-really need to take a bath! C-Can we go back home for now?"
The two boys continue to stare at Ariadne with flushed faces. "If only she wasn’t a murderous psychopath.." Azura muttered.
Zero suddenly stood up. "Well nothing’s gonna make me change my mind! I’m still going after your sister!" He exclaimed as he looked for the busty priestess. "Oh I bet she’s also sweaty all over, making it easier to see her ni-Ack!" Zero’s heart sank.

May was dry and well as she sat on a make shift throne of ice. "Are you guys done?"
Zero began to cry. "So much for my hopes and dreams."
"Hey, where’s Taira and Rei?" Maika asked.
Across the other side of the area, Taira and Rei found themselves staring at an odd looking creature with circle, red eyes and black skin. It was wearing a large, white top hat and had long ears sticking out. Taira leaned forward. "What is this thing?"
Rei drew his Katars. "Maybe we should kill it." He swung down hard.
Suddenly, Maika jumped from nowhere and stopped the assassin. "Don’t do that! That’s a Dimensional Rabbit!"
The rest of the group followed with Azura trailing behind. "A Dimensional what now?"

"Rabbit. It’s like a reward for those who finish an Abyss dungeon. And we’re lucky too, it’s a rare Gold Dimensional Rabbit." Maika sat infront of the creature. "See that box it’s sitting on? That’s the Dimensional Box. You need this to open it." She pulled out a drill-looking key and gave it to the rabbit. The creature then gave Maika a bunch of items and began to drink tea.
Zero whispered to Azura. "Must be British."
Azura replied. "Must be a ******."
Maika then faced the group and showed everyone what she got. "See this? It gave me gifts for the people in town, a bunch of fragments I can trade in for stuff, oh! And an epic skill heraldry!"
Rei motioned closer. "I’ve heard of heraldries, they’re like runes that make your skills stronger."
Zero stared at Maika’s heraldry. "You mean like drugs?"
Rei turned away from Zero. "Go die in a hole, please."
Ariadne also walked towards Maika. "W-What heraldry did y-you get?"
"Let’s see.. oh Spirit Release. Now that skill’s gonna get a damage boost."

When the rest heard about this, they ran towards the rabbit and quickly checked their inventory. Everyone suddenly sat on a corner, poking the floor. "We don’t have keys.."
May started laughing at those who couldn’t open the box. "Next time, don’t automatically sell the things you pick up. Just because it looks useless doesn’t mean it is."
Azura blurted out. "How the hell would we know that a drill-looking key could actually be usefull!?"
May simply smirked. "Just remember Gurren Lagann, silly brother. Simple as that."
Taira hovered around Maika as he stared at the heraldry she got. "Hey, can I have that?"
Maika glared at Taira. "No."
"I’ll do a smexy dance for you."
"Hell no!"
"Why not?"
"For one, you can’t even use it. It’s for monks only."
"Then I’ll just sell it!"
"Would you please go somewhere else."
Ariadne tilted her head and checked her pocket. Something poked her finger so she pulled it out. It was a Dimensional Key. As the group argued and ranted, Ariadne gave the key to the rabbit. Suddenly, the rabbit’s box began to violently shake. A second later, it began erupting a fountain of items and epic heraldries non-stop. Ariadne tried to close the box. "H-Help!"
Maika’s jaw dropped. "B-Bunny glitch!"

The group went back to town, dragging a sack filled with dimensional fragments and epic heraldries. Everyone in town thought they murdered a Dimensional Rabbit and squeezed out everything from it’s corpse. Zero then tapped Azura’s shoulder. "Dude, by the way, when we divided all the loots earlier, how come you had more gifts that the rest?"
Azura scratched his cheek. "Ehehe.. remember when we thought we needed keys to open the box? Well, I kinda.. tried to.. open the box with my bare hands and.."
"You what?"
"It turns out that all you need to do is strangle and shake the rabbit long enough for it to spit out atleast gifts."

Taira suddenly noticed something that looks like a huge, red, bug shell on the pile. He picked it up and examined it. "Guys, what’s this?"
May quickly recognized the item. "Oh! It’s a Minotaur Nest Entry Ticket!"
Rei looked skeptical. "That’s a ticket?"
Zero tilted his head. "Minotaurs have nests?"
Azura’s eyes widened. "Minotaurs lay eggs!?"
May cleared her throat. "A Nest is like a very difficult place where a group of people can challenge the owner of the nest and get the chance to earn epic tier equipment."
Maika’s ears twitched. "E-Epic?"
Azura began counting with his fingers. "That’s like.. higher than rare!"
Rei face palmed. "Why do you need to count?"
Taira was too busy using the Minotaur Entries like a pad for her chest. "Look guys! My boobs are larger than Mai-"
Maika did a Extremety Fist on Taira's belly.
Zero took one of the Nest Entries and began walking towards the gates of Payon Village. "I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to that Nest!"

A few minutes after preparing themselves to enter the Minotaur’s Nest, the gang stopped infront of the entrance. A large minotaur, covered in spiky, red armor, stood infront of the path, blocking everyone. Suddenly, the beast began to speak. "Are you the one who defeated Elena!?"
Everyone looked at each other in curiosity.
Zero asked, “Who’s Elena?”
The monster roared. "I will only talk to the one who defeated Elena!"
Rei huddled with the group. "This is bad. Looks like he’s not gonna let us get passed him unless we answer."
May faced the minotaur. "I defeated Elena."
Maika faced the priestess. "You did? When?"
"Long story dear."

The minotaur laughed. "You? You defeated Elena? Don’t make me laugh! Prove it! Bring it on, brat!" The monster swung his axe upward.
Everyone took out their weapons. "Get ready!" Azura exclaimed.
Suddenly, the minotaur sheathed his weapon on his back and a weird disco music began playing in the background. Everyone was dumbfounded.

May giggled. "Oh this? It’s just a short dance battle for him to determine if you can enter the nest or not. It’s like playing Dance Dance Revolution. Don’t worry guys, you don’t have to-"
Zero, Rei, Azura and Taira stepped forward looking like a dance crew. "Oh it’s on, biyatch!"
Above their heads, a bunch of arrows appeared.

Left. Left. Right. Right.

The boys side stepped left twice, and right twice.
The minotaur got enraged.
May scratched her head. "Guys, you don’t have to-"

Up. Up. Down. Down.

The boys stepped forward twice, and backward twice.
The minotaur got enraged.

Left. Left. Down. Right. Left. Up. Down. Right. Right. Down. Up. Down. Up. Up. Right. Up. Left. Left. Up. Right. Right.

The guys did nothing. Taira tried to do it but ran out of time.
The minotaur roared. "Fail! Last battle!"
May waved her hands around. "Guys, seriously. You don’t-"


Rei said, "Q. K.Q. H."
Taira said, "Q. K. Q. H."
Zero said, "Q. K. Q. H."
Azura said, "Q. K. Q. HJK/."
Everyone looked at Azura.
"What? I panicked."
The minotaur stopped dancing. "I underestimated you, brat. Maybe you did defeat Elena. My name is General Ummanba. You will see me again." The beast stepped back into the nest.
The boys slumped on the ground, wiping the sweat off their heads. Azura couldn’t help but smile. "We sure showed him!" He then faced his older sister. "You were saying?"
May stepped infront of everyone. "I was trying to tell you guys that you didn’t need to do that. You guys looked stupid."
They never said a word.


Azura Nyan
07-16-2013, 04:41 AM
__________________________________________________ _______________
Chapter 21
Sad Day to be a Man!

As the group entered the Minotaur’s Nest, they found themselves in a long, stone path surrounded with bull statues in a roaring pose.
Zero touched one of them. "This mino dude sure is vain."
Azura stood by Zero and observed the rest of the identical sculptures. "This is nothing compared to my sister’s room. She has pictures of herself in various positions and outfits."
Zero quickly grabbed Azura by the shoulder. “Take. Me. To. Her. Room. Now!”
As the two boys try to pry each other off, Rei stood a few meters from what seems to be a couple of sleeping minotaur guards. He silently observed the beasts.
"Found something interesting?" Taira asked as she motioned towards the assassin.
"Keep your voice down and tell those two idiots to shut up."
Taira shrugged and face the rest of the group. "Oi minna! Rei said keep it down!"
Maika waved from afar. "Okay!"
Azura yelled. "Sorry!"
Rei wiped his face out of frustration. 'I swear these people have a serious lack of brain cells. Well atleast they’re still asleep.' Before he could even turn his attention back to the guards, a loud crash was heard and echoed throughout the hall.
"What the hell!?" Rei exclaimed, keeping his voice down for as low as he could.
The group faced Azura who then pointed at Zero who was standing infront of a pile of rocks.
Maika quickly grabbed the archer by the shirt. "Are you trying to get us caught!?"
"I-I was just trying to get the axe from the statue! Thought I can make a few bucks out of it."
Taira placed her hands behind the back of his head. "Relax guys, they’re still asleep."
May and Ariadne walked towards the resting bulls and began poking and even sitting on them. "I doubt these guys would wake up."
"T-They smell funny." Ariadne covered her nose.
Azura released a sigh of relief. "Wew.."
Suddenly the two minotaurs woke up and roared, alarming the whole nest of intruders.
The group started running away from the beasts, with Rei shouting at Azura. "What is it with you people and this 'wew' thing!? Every f*cking time! 'wew' this! 'wew' that! I swear, if I ever hear anyone else say 'wew' one more time I’m gonna-"

After miles of senseless running around the nest, the group finally managed to kill off the last minotaur. Azura and Zero lay flat on the ground, spent. "This nest thing is hard!"
Maika kicked a carcass out of her way. "It should be easier for us since we’re on a 7-man party." Which is technically impossible but for some reason we managed to make one.
Taira was recycling arrows by removing them from the dead bodies when she noticed some people were missing. "Where’s Aria and May?"

On top of a mountain of bodies sat Ariadne chatting with May beside her.
May stopped talking and noticed the rest below them. "You guys done?"
Azura remained staring at the two girls. 'It took us quite a while to kill these guys yet it only took those two a minute to rack up their kill count. I can imagine the poor sap who’d end up being in a relationship with those two. They’re like.. devil queens.'

Zero was thinking otherwise. 'I wish I was in a relationship with those two. I’d take their punishments any day! Just thinking about it makes my sword reach up to +15! They’re like.. vicious angels that I wanna put my-!'

Suddenly, the sound of steel gates filled the arena as 2 of the 6 doors suddenly opened. Out of curiosity, Ariadne and Taira walked closer towards the opening. "W-What’s in it?"
Taira looked at the entrance for a while. "Nothing. Just a path that seems to go in loops."
Rei then noticed a pebble near his foot. The small stone began shaking, slow at first then it reached a point it was hopping around. The assassin’s eyes widened. "Get away from the door!"
Everyone rolled and dodged away from the rumbling pathway. Azura looked at everyone. "What’s up? Why are you all so jumpy?" Then a message appeared over his head. "Crazy.. cows.. are.. charging.. ack!"
A stampede of gigantic, grey cows appeared from the gates and stormed the dome. Before the young monk could even react, he got crushed by every single one of the mad beasts.
Ariadne sat down infront of Azura and began poking him with a stick. "A-Azura turned into a g-ghost."

Out of frustration, General Ummanba pushed his men aside and stepped forward, running his thumb across his neck.
"Sh*t just got serious." Zero muttered as he gazed at the gigantic, red mintaur infront of him.
The general placed his huge axe behind him and began throwing smaller ones at the group. Zero luckly blocked the 1st one. "Ha! Look guys! I blocked the-ack!" The tiny axe exploded, sending the archer flying towards the other side and crashing into a wall.
Maika rolled to the side. "Run! Those things explode!"
Rei quickly ran clockwise as he was being aimed at by the general. "Heh, this is easy."
Suddenly, Taira bumped onto the Assassin while he was running counter-clockwise. The two got bombarded with exploding axes.
Rei yelled out. "You moron!"
May stepped forward and raised her hand forward, creating a ball of light out of nothing. "This should kill him faster."
Ummanba quickly faced the priestess and roared at her.
May shrugged it off and swung her hand. "Eh?" No light. She did it again. The only thing happening was her chest bouncing violently again.
Everyone looked at the priestess.
May smiled at them and began hopping away while laughing. "I’m silenced, ohoho.. Sorry guys! Bye!"

Maika was dumbfounded. "She left! Just like that!"
Ariadne nervously held her axe as she faced the giant bull. It began charging at her, creating flames at every step it took.
Maika quicky dashed and pushed Ariadne aside. The two girls rolled on each other for a few meters before stopping. "You okay?"
The female blacksmith simply nodded with innocent eyes.
Azura, as a ghost, rubbed his chin. "So this is what yuri couples look like."
Ariadne's eyes suddenly widened when she saw Ummanba raise his axe above them. "Look out!"
Maika rolled aside, dodging the initial swing. "What the!?" A wave of force shaped like a cross emitted from the axe and hit the two girls, sending them off their feet.

Azura, as a ghost, rubbed his chin. "So every swing the boss makes creates a wave."
Rei slowly got up and held his left shoulder. "Would you stop contemplating and start helping us!"
Azura grinned. "Oh alright, alright. I’ll get rid of this cow for ya." He resurrected, and a 5 second timer began counting down. "Don’t worry guys, I got this." He then faced the general. "Listen you oversized piece of steak!"

Ummanba scratched his head. "Did he just call me a steak?"
May shook her head at the minotaur. "My little brother isn’t really good at taunting."
"I noticed. Can I kill him?"

Azura waved at the general again. "Hey! I’m talking to you!" He then put on his steel knuckles and pointed at the red minotaur. "You better prepare yourself, for when I’m done with you, you’ll be nothing more than a big, pile of-"
Count down ended.
Crazy cows are charging in.
"Aaaaack!" Azura got rammed and dragged to the other side of the area again.

Taira just chuckled. "Forever silly Azura."
Rei rubbed his temples. "I don’t know why we even have that incompitent fool in our party."
May crossed her legs and faced Ariadne. "Dear, don’t you think it’s about time we ended this?" She grinned.
Ariadne faced the huge, crimson minotaur with an evil glare. She dragged her axe as she motioned closer and closer towards the beast.
Ummanba couldn’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable as he swung his axe vertically at the Blacksmith. A loud thud echoed throughout the dome.
“ARIADNE!” Maika shouted as she tried to look for her in the dust cloud.
When Ummanba lifted his axe, there was no blood nor body. "Where did she.." The general turned around and saw a girl standing just between its legs.
Ariadne clenched her right fist. "You’re not going to like this one bit.." The female blacksmith performed a demolition fist right at the bull’s nut sack, creating a bone-crushing sound that roared throughout the ruins.
All the boys held their balls.
To make things worse, Ariadne quickly followed up with a flying swing at the same spot, inflicting a massive critical damage to the minotaur, sending it crashing down on the ground. Blood splattered all over the group.
Ariadne’s figure emerged from the dust cloud. "Axe Art: Death of a Thousand Potential Children." Random japanese characters appeared beside her as her eyes continued to glow red and her axe coated in blood.

Zero couldn’t help but cry. "I thank the lord everyday that she’s in our side."
Rei concluded. "Amen.."


__________________________________________________ _____________________

Well that was the latest chapter to my silly story guys!! hope you enjoyed it! ok now due to fan requests I will start a back story for Ariadne! It will be entitled "The Devil's Favorite Daughter!" It will be up soon! so keep reading! and thanks for supporting my work ^_^