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The howling wind, blew against the walls of the burnt mansion, falling snow tearing at the windows and entries. The usual glistening moonlight was no where to be found. Searching along the cold dark hallways of the manor. An unusual tall man in black searched for something…

Unable to find it, he continued, not stopping… day and night, during the cold winter, he still wore his usual thin clothes, and continued searching…He would prepare feasts, during the day, he would also prepare tea and cakes. Eating nothing, drinking nothing, and never resting. He was not human. Nor did he seem like one. All he seemed to do, was continue searching for one thing.

One thing, he knows… that, no matter how much he searches, no mater how long,

He will never find.

That one thing.

‘I’m a fool.

Nothing but a disgrace.

Taking everything…for granted. Not expecting it to hurt-…this much.

…Why, then-…

Does it my chest ache so strongly? Why do these… foolish feelings, these emotions, tear me apart?

Why don’t I leave already? It’s all useless…such useless and painstaking work. Almost two years have passed now. What am I honestly hoping for? Leave already. It’s no use. He’s gone.

He’s gone.

For sure this time.’

The foolish man decided, only thinking about himself. Only regretting, not being able to have a certain person in his life…? Not realising, this was not what ‘that certain person’ was hoping for. Little did the man know, the person he searched for, wished for nothing but his happiness. For his future to be even more brighter than the past they had experienced together.

Although, they had their differences, or shall I say, they weren’t much of a pair. The person, truely wished, truely hoped for the tall man in black to finally live out his life, become free as he would always tell him, and find his joy.


A voice called out, calling the tall man, as he began to sprint, searching for the sound, searching for whom he has been awaiting, for two years, of endless days…

He yelled out, screaming painful screams for the person he searched for,


Continuously, not stopping for a breath, he sprinted into every room he could find, searching for the sound, searching for his…

‘Young Master.’

His foolish, childish master. Just a child… He craved so deeply for. A Child he once detested, a child that had ruined his existence…

But the truth was, this child, had given him everything, everything he could have asked for. He had no right to complain, everything had been nothing but torment for him, nothing but the hell he grew up in. His master did not care, this child, this foolish young master as he would say, had taught this demon, everything he knows.


“Sebastian! …Something, once lost, Will never return.

Do not dwell on the past.

This is an order!

Forget about the past,

And learn…

how to live, in happiness!”

The voice called out to his servant.

Ordering him.

One, last, Order.

The demon soon realized, it was all just a hallucination…

He slowly came to a stop, and smiled, a sad, meaningful smile.

He knelt down onto the floor of the cold manor, smiling, proud, of his young master, and gazed into the sky with dazed eyes, he called out, one last time.

“Yes! My Lord!”

He knelt there, staying for a few minuets, and stood up. He walked past the burnt pictures of the past members of his master’s family, and exited the manor, proudly.

And didn’t even look back.

‘I will fulfill your every wish, young master,

No matter what.

No matter where you are, nor how far,

I will not forget the short time we have experienced together,

no matter what.’

The demon smiled slightly, as a strange clear liquid ran down his cheek, he did not notice, but he understood finally, what he has been feeling was…


The stubborn demon, never, forgot about his master, his brave master…

stubborn, yet childish…

Even today,

That Demon,

Is still thinking about his master,

His master, Ciel, Phantomhive.

That is correct…

I still remember very clearly…

The few years I had together with my young, kind hearted master.

The, End.

-Sebastian Michaelis.

In Memory of Ciel Phantomhive, Who died at Augest 16th, 1889,

Aged 13 years.

Hope you enjoyed~ This is my first ever Fanfiction so please tell me what you think Bye~:bye: