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Aisu Kurimu

To the 11 people who greeted me on my birthday

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful greets! I'm sorry it took 2 weeks for me to log on to OS after my birthday.. It had been a busy 2-week pursuit of finding a job for me.. .. and so I totally overlooked logging on to OS.. Sorry..

I didn't really expect people to greet me on here and I must say I was really surprised. In fact few people sent me a text message on my birthday so I thought nobody remembered. =.= but it turned out that all of the greetings and messages for my birthday were all sent online - on Facebook and Otaku-Streamers.

To persephone, Anas, Katie, Bunislipper, maryjoy, Max Magnus, Major Zero, nataku411, Sora Kasugano, reese109 and MishyCandy

Thank you guys for your thoughtfulness and cute gifs. LOL


  1. Shinda's Avatar
    Shinda -
  2. evil105's Avatar
    baka you could've replied to them not made it feel like you ignored them XP

    hope you enjoyed your birthday baka ice-cream
  3. Aisu Kurimu's Avatar
    Aisu Kurimu -
    @Shinda thanks anyway for the greeting, I appreciate it. XD

    @evil105 LOL I was too lazy to reply individually when I wrote this blog XD but yeah I think I'll still reply to them. :) Yes I did enjoy my birthday baka Anas-kun. :)
  4. binchotan's Avatar
    binchotan -
    Belated happy birthday. :) I rarely login here so I was not able to greet those who are celebrating their birthdays! :)
  5. Monkill's Avatar
    Monkill -
    OS sure is a big family ^_^
  6. Aisu Kurimu's Avatar
    Aisu Kurimu -
    @Monkill : It sure is! :)