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It was raining.

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I wrote a litto poem, thought you guys would be intewested.

Spoiler for Poem

Haven't named it yet. Perhaps it shouldn't have a name?
Tags: poetry, woohehe~


  1. musikalles's Avatar
    musikalles -
    ...*casually reads and rereads and goes away and comes back and rereads*

    I. I wike it. Wots.

    as a humble grammar note, the last line in the second stanza would make more sense if it said "waiting to be born" rather than "awaiting", but that choice is still up to you.
  2. Paperroses's Avatar
    Paperroses -
    =) As if Shakespeare made any sense either.
  3. azukare's Avatar
    azukare -
    nice poem :)
  4. Nyamh's Avatar
    Nyamh -
    Lol- Shakespeare was writing in the language of his time. I think he makes a lot of sense; his work is timeless (proof is in the large number of adaptations on his work).

    With that, Hiii, long time "no see". I like your poem, Paper. I think you have a good topic going, though I think you have a tendency to sacrifice for rhyme. It's definitely a poem that makes a reader come back for a re-read. Great tone and voice too.
  5. Paperroses's Avatar
    Paperroses -
    On the topic of Shakespeare... I KNEW THAT. TOTALLY KNEW THAT, NO NEED TO POINT IT OUT <_< >_>.
    /me runs

    And on the topic of sacrifice...
    Sometimes... There has to be a sacrifice...
    *Paperroses looks to the sunset.

    Welcome Back.
  6. Nyamh's Avatar
    Nyamh -
    Awesome. Enjoyed that lol