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  1. The Ketchup Story

    I have decided that I will now tell all of you the story of how it has come that I do not like ketchup.

    Many moons ago when I was just knee high to that of a grasshopper, it was demanded upon me that I must go to this strange new place. This place was called a "school". Going to this school every day, I was forced by the creatures known as "parents". I was taught at this school by "teachers" with many "children". These children looked just the ...

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  2. Dieting Fail

    I've been working on getting myself in shape. Not that I'm overly obese or anything maybe 30 lbs to lose, but I want to be more tone. So I've started off with light exercise and less food.
    I'm someone who eats only dinner and snacks all the time. So I'm working on cutting down my snacking and instead eating lunch. But I'm so hungry all the time...this is gonna be the hardest part.
    Anybody have any good exercise or dieting tips for me?
  3. can't wait

    there's talk of making assassin's creed an anime show
  4. My Favorite Characters

    Since the last post didn't get too much attention then I'll just hope this will. I'm just going to name my top favorite things in anime and ask you to comment yours as well. :)

    Favorite Characters:
    1.) Maka Albarn (Soul Eater)
    2.) Lavi Bookman (D. Gray Man)
    3.) Kisame Hoshigaki (Naruto)
    4.) Hanabi Hyuga (Naruto)
    5.) Coyote Starrk and Shunsui Kyoraku (Bleach, I couldn't choose one without the other....)

    Favorite ...
  5. what do you think??

  6. Attack of the Living Plant!

    Today I bought a Venus Fly Trap kit. I'm giving it to my friend for Christmas but it's growing from a seed, so I'm starting it for her. I'm pretty excited about it.
    The only problem is that there are a lot of seeds and I'm not very confident about my gardening skills so either nothing will grow, or a bunch will...
    ...and I think she only wanted one. What should I do!?
  7. maybe maybe..

    ok sooo..
    i might start blogging on here..
    like when i've been up all night watching anime
    and i'm JUST about to go to sleep and 8:23 am

    soooo i'm going to list the animes im in the process of watching while waiting for the new releases for the STILL ongoing animes i love...

    1. UN-GO
    2. Hetalia: Axis powers <~ this is probably my 4th times watching this series
    3. Hayate no Gotoku!
  8. Ehm .

    anyone update fairy tail please
  9. Adding Characters

    So in this post I will say a little about myself.

    Most of my life I've wanted to be a video game designer. I almost always come up with more and more ideas for games. I have one idea that will eventually become my greatest work but I don't think I'll tell you about that yet. what I will tell you about is a game idea I call "Project Juggernaut". The storyline I thought up while watching "The Secret Life of Arrietty" (not quite sure how to spell that....). The storyline ...
  10. Funny Moments in Fruit basket and Ship Beat

  11. Do you Know what this is from

  12. Hello!! I'm fired up! xD

    Hello, minna! I know I'm not a newbie here but I still want to have otaku friends! If you like, add me up! Hahahah! Have a great day, minna!
  13. Anime Wants!

    I'm looking for specific types of anime to watch, if anyone knows any that fit the following genre or criteria please leave a comment!
    1. An anime that focuses on photography.
    2. Music based!
    3. Horror+Mystery
    4. Focused on art, drawing, or fashion!
    5. Boy-Love types...

    Any requests would be appreciated! Please leave the Title and which category it's under that I've listed above. Thank You!
  14. Hello OS....

    This is just a trial run of posting blogs and I would like to have anyones input as to what makes a good blog if you're willing to share.... I'm debating on starting one....
  15. Happy Halloween

    Enjoy your holiday season.
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