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  1. Recenlty im starting to think alot...

    I keep on meeting guys and girls from my old school.
    which i quit cause people bullyed others and i guess i was the
    fav target back then....

    And when i meet em they like stare in my eyes, then my body and last what im wearing for some reason.

    And when im walking pass em they either throw something
    or just whisper behind my back.

    i dont mind it at all since i dont rly care.
    But it makes me wonder a few things over and over... ...
  2. 2 days row now

    This is what i have done the last two days (48 hours 00m 00s)
    - small breakfast
    - walking in city
    - late lunch (around 17:00)
    - skipping dinner
    - working in my studio
    - finishing and uploading my new recreaton track
    - All-nighter
    - 2 sodas
    - skiping breakfast
    - working on studio
    - Recieving Dj-set 350
    - mixing on the set
    - installing
    - checking softwares
    - small dinner
    - go to bed around ...
  3. New Dj-set

    Im soon going to buy my own Dj-set from Pioneer...
    At first i thought maybe i should go for the djm-800 but that things costs around
    1450€ (in my country that makes it about 13.000:-)

    Otherwise maybe i should go for a full set with djm-400 (660€) and a cdj-200 (dont remember lol)

    Man! choosing dj stuff is hard ^^