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Hungry Heart - Wild Striker
Kanou Kyosuke, a 16 years old boy, is our central character. He used to be a good soccer player in a junior high school, however he has decided not to play soccer anymore...because of his older brother, Seisuke. The inferior complex against Seisuke refrai...
8.95 60183 2009-08-04
Maaka Karin comes from a family of vampires living in Japan, but she is not a normal vampire. Vampires are normally supposed to drink the blood of their victims...but Karin suffers from a condition that causes her body to produce excessive amounts of bloo...
9.09 44040 2009-03-13
Sumimura Yoshimori is a normal 14-year-old middle-school student, though he always falls asleep in class. This is however due to his night duties, in which he takes on the role of a Kekkaishi (Barrier Master).

Together with Yukimura Tokine, his nei...
9.37 82884 2009-06-25
Chrno Crusade
The 1920's were well known as a period of excitement and change. It was a time where the women were fast and loose, and the booze flowed freely, in spite of prohibition laws. For the elite of society, they have found a new form of excess, conjuring devils...
9.14 30993 2009-06-09
Motto To LOVE-Ru
A new anime adaptation of Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki's To Love-Ru -Trouble- manga. This one is supposed to follow more closely to the original manga than the first series did.
9.24 43943 2010-12-26
Yuu Yuu Hakusho
Urameshi Yusuke, 14 years of age, is about as troublesome and violent as teenagers come. He is constantly ditching school, causing trouble, and getting into numerous fights everyday. One day however, he does the unexpected, sacrificing himself to save a y...
9.6 251311 2016-09-14
Tennis no Ouji-sama Live Action
Ryoma Echizen, a tennis prodigy, attends Seishun Academy (also known as Seishun Gakuen or Seigaku, for short), a school famous for its strong tennis club and talented players. Ryoma quickly defeats numerous upperclassmen shortly after entrance to secure h...
8.79 5117 2009-09-25
To Love-Ru Darkness
As close encounters of the twisted kind between the residents of the planet Develuke (represented primarily by the female members of the royal family) and the inhabitants of Earth (represented mainly by one very exhausted Rito Yuki) continue to escalate, ...
9.47 42237 2012-12-31
To Love-Ru OVA
Following the adventures and trouble that surrounds Lala Satalin (princess of Deviluke stellar empire) and her unwilling fiance Rito Yuki (a mere human), and friends. The story from "ToLoveRU" continues with a lot of fun caused by Lala's scientific resear...
9.35 19873 2010-04-04
Tennis no Ouji-sama
Echizen Ryōma is a young tennis prodigy who has won 4 consecutive tennis championships but who constantly lies in the shadow of his father, a former pro tennis player. He joins the Seishun Gakuen junior highschool, one of the best tennis schools in J...
9.55 437807 2010-01-05
To Love-Ru
Based on a shounen manga written by Saki Hasemi and illustrated by Yabuki Kentarou. It is serialized weekly in Shounen Jump.

The story is about Yuuki Rito, a high-school boy who cannot confess to the girl of his dreams, Sairenji Haruna. One day whe...
9.28 118412 2009-01-28
Fullmetal Alchemist
In this world, there exist people with special abilities to manipulate objects and transform those objects into other objects. These people are known as alchemist. However, this manipulation process does not come without cost, as the basic alchemy rules s...
9.37 194611 2009-01-27
Fullmetal Alchemist: State Alchemists VS Seven Homunculi
A 10 minute film featuring: Ed, Al, Mustang and many other members of the State doing battle with the deadly Homonculi in an alternate reality Amestris.
8.8 2513 2009-12-28
Eyeshield 21
Kobayakawa Sena is a little guy who always get picked on by the bullies in school. Since elementary school, he always play the role of the 'errand boy' to the extent that he has become swift and fast in his movements. Coincidentally, Hiruma Youichi and Ku...
9.54 472928 2015-07-29
Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu!
Second season of Mitsudomoe.
8.49 4259 2011-02-27
The story revolves around "Minimum" or "minor miracle"—special hereditary powers discovered only in an extremely limited number of humans. Those who possess such powers are known as "Minimum Holders."
9.36 31116 2014-03-26
Based on the shounen manga by Yagi Norihiro serialized in Monthly Shounen Jump.

Long ago, Youma, shape changing demons, took human form to live in disguise in human towns, feeding on them in secret.

A secret, nameless society has discovered ...
9.41 78184 2010-02-05
To continue his studies, the young Akitsuki Yamato has to go and live with his aunt. He doesn't have to pay a rent but in exchanges he has to maintain the residence. Besides having a public bath it's also occupied by three pretty tenants, Saotome Yuuka, M...
8.77 31014 2009-02-13