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Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori
The time period is the 2030s. Before the mysterious detective Kogorou Akechi, the Boys' Detective Team is assembled. Their actions have led to the resolution of various small and large incidents. One day, team member Kensuke Hanasaki meets a mysterious bo...
9.5 3223 2017-09-21
Berserk (2017)
The sequel of Beserk (2016). Guts sets off once again protecting Casca from evil caused by the brand. They get new companions and go into a new exciting arc.
9.76 4076 2017-09-21
Sakura Quest
In the wake of a nationwide movement during the Bubble economy period, a small town in the countryside has revived its "mini-nation" tourism program; hiring five girls as travel ambassadors. The series will follow a year's time of the five girls as they w...
8.15 1168 2017-09-21
Saiyuuki Reload Blast
At last, the Sanzou Party has arrived in India. In this foreign land, where the anomaly's influence runs rampant, their battles only heighten in their violence.

And also awaiting them is their tragic fate from 500 years ago—

What will they...
9 138 2017-09-21
Aho Girl
Yoshiko Hanabatake is an idiot beyond all belief. Somehow managing to consistently score zeroes on all of her tests and consumed by an absurd obsession with bananas, her senseless acts have caused even her own mother to lose all hope. Only one person is u...
7.33 111 2017-09-21
Tsurezure Children
Young love—it takes many unique and fascinating forms that flourish as children begin to mature into adults. From being unable to confess to not knowing what real love actually feels like, various obstacles can arise when learning about romantic attract...
9.71 76 2017-09-20
Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai
You, will you be a worshipper of the devil lords? These beautiful lords lead humans to the seven deadly sins: pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust. A revealing fantasy that craves to corruption and happiness starts now.
7.88 1648 2017-09-19
Battle Girl High School
Based on COLOPL's school action role-playing game. Set in the year 2045. The world has been contaminated by Irousu (mysterious invaders who suddenly appeared), and humans find themselves restricted and contained. Standing boldly against these invaders are...
5.8 62 2017-09-19
Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun
The handsome young soccer genius named Aoyama is a Japan representative. His play style is "cleanliness." He doesn't tackle and doesn't head the ball. If he's doing a throw-in, he'll only do it if he's wearing gloves.
8.5 70 2017-09-19
Mahoutsukai no Yome: Hoshi Matsu Hito
Chise Hatori has lived a life full of neglect and abuse, devoid of anything resembling love. Far from the warmth of family, she has had her share of troubles and pitfalls. Just when all hope seems lost, a fateful encounter awaits her. When a man with the ...
9.16 302 2017-09-18
Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic
Liones Yelistratova, a pure princess from a small country, enters a school in Hokkaido on a spring day. The school is a specialized educational institution operated by ALCA to train Logicalists, who maintain world peace. Liones enters class S, where she m...
7.4 45 2017-09-16
Humans have designed countless worlds—each one born from the unique imagination of its creator. Souta Mizushino is a high school student who aspires to be such a creator by writing and illustrating his own light novel. One day, while watching anime for ...
9.03 4814 2017-09-16
Sakurada Reset
Nearly half the population of Sakurada, a small town near the Pacific Ocean, has some sort of unique power. These powers range from being able to enter the mind of a cat, to resetting the world back to a certain point in time in the past. There is a group...
8.75 979 2017-09-14
Strike the Blood II
Sequel to the Strike the Blood series.
8.92 1956 2017-09-12
Kimi no Na wa.
The story is set one month after a comet has fallen for the first time in a thousand years in Japan. Mitsuha, a high school girl living in the countryside, wants to live in the city because she is tired of life in the country. Then, there's Taki. He's a h...
9.88 0 2017-09-12
Kuroshitsuji Movie: Book of the Atlantic
Whispers turn into screaming headlines in Earl Ciel Phantomhive's morning paper as word of the dead being resurrected takes society by storm. But when the unsavoury details of the business reach Ciel's ear, he and his superlative butler, Sebastian, book t...
9.4 0 2017-09-05
Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game Girls Galaxy
Second season of Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game Girls.
0 0 2017-08-31
Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game Girls
The series follows three girls aspiring to become idols while also working part time at a game center. Little do they know that, in reality, they are gathered by a mysterious organization to protect the Earth from a large meteorite.
0 0 2017-08-31
Bungou Stray Dogs: Hitori Ayumu
Bundled with the 13th volume of the Bungou Stray Dogs manga.
10 0 2017-08-31
Owarimonogatari 2nd Season
Second season of Owarimonogatari.

P.S. The 7 episodes are compiled into 3 from what available online.
10 0 2017-08-15