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Flanders no Inu (Movie)
Set in 19th-century Belgium, this classic tale, based on the Flemish novel by Oui'da, celebrates the affectionate bond between an innocent boy and his faithful dog. The stunning animation, a masterful combination of traditional and computer-aided animatio...
7.5 89 2014-03-24
Uhk Gwan (Jo Jae Hyun) is a ggang pae but one day, he discovers he has a hidden 10 year old son named Jae Su. One day, he sees Hae Lim (Jo Min Soo) and falls in love with her at first sight. Hae Lim is a widow with two kids, 12 year old girl named Soo Ah ...
7.5 0 2014-01-02
Ashita no Joe 2 (Movie)
It has been six months since the tragic accident in Joe and Rikiishi's fight. Joe believes he has overcomed Rikiishi's death and decides to make a comeback. Joe does make a successful comeback by scoring 5 KO's by body blows. Joe is then given a shot at t...
9 0 2014-02-27
After an explosion at an archaeological excavation research facility in the Middle East, the world is changed in unthinkable ways. The sky is suddenly a mirror, electronic devices mysteriously no longer work properly, and children who are born after this ...
8.38 19305 2009-11-15
Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe Wieder
The Strahl candidates are enjoying a brief holiday in their various homes. However, many surprises await them when they finally come back to their elite boarding school: Rosenstolz Academy. There is a new headmaster, and his policies are not necessarily t...
8.29 1898 2009-10-27
G-on Riders
At Saint Hoshikawa School there is a secret group called the G-On Riders. Students with superior strength and ability are chosen to be in the group, which was formed to fight against alien attacks on the earth. However, many of the problems that the membe...
7.38 1887 2010-03-02
Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe
The first season begins with introducing the characters, their past and their ambitions. Orpherus, Eduard, Camus, Lui and Naoji are five noblemen who attend the prestigious Rozenstolz academy, and who are a part of the Strahl class – a class for po...
7.31 3836 2009-10-21
Cheap Love
Junichi is a scout recruiting girls for work in night clubs; but in contrast to what he does, he is actually a sentimental person at heart. Nanami, who is a music teacher at a junior high school, wishes that something would happen to change the course of ...
7.67 532 2013-12-17
At the beginning of the Edo Era, when people enjoyed a time of peace, Lord Tokugawa Tadanaga holds a fighting tournament. In the past, matches were fought with wooden swords. This time, real swords will be used. One-armed Fujiki Gennosuke and blind Irako ...
8.26 11593 2009-10-10
Galileo: Episode Zero
The special is set 3 years prior to the drama series, with the story being related to a murder case that was partly referenced in the original show. Detective Kusanagi is looking to solve a murder mystery, and he gets back in touch with his former badmint...
8 22 2013-12-08
NANA (live-action movie)
Two girls, both named Nana and of the same age, coincidentally meet on a train trip to Tokyo. They soon find theirselves living with each other under the same roof because of an even bigger coincidence. Even though they share the same name and age, they d...
8.81 3415 2009-12-07
Haha wo Tazunete Sanzenri
Based on a short section of the novel Cuore by the Italian Edmondo de Amicis, Marco is a young boy living in Genoa, Italy, together with his father Pietro. But the family is not complete, for Marco`s mother left for Argentina around a year earlier in orde...
6.67 604 2012-10-16
Gushibil, Saranghal Shigan
A fate that surpasses taboo,A love that surpasses moralityHere,at the peak of his life at thirty-one years of age,is a man who is fated to vanish into space as a mere speck of dust in three short months.[In 90 days, I will surely cease to exist,yet the wo...
7 2017 2011-01-10
Code Blue SP
Continuing from the 2008 drama series 'Code Blue,' this time a major accident occurs involving a derailed train. Once again the doctors go to the front line to tend patients who need their help.
8.56 319 2011-06-09
Hanamizuki (2010) (Jdrama)
Sae (Yui Aragaki) is a high school student who is studying hard for her college entrance exams. She lost her father when she was very young and so lives her mother Ryoko (Hiroko Yakushimaru) in Hokkaido, Japan. Her father Kemimichi (Arata) once planted a ...
8.37 1572 2011-05-16
The story takes place in a isolated prison. A pleasant young man, a sexy woman, an ex-soldier middle aged man, an otaku girl, a mysterious old man and a cat are confined there. One day, they get freed after a blackout. Strangely, all the prison guards hav...
6.76 446 2011-05-20
Confessions (2010) (Jdrama)
A psychological thriller of a grieving mother turned cold-blooded avenger with a twisty master plan to pay back those who were responsible for her daughter's death.
8.42 892 2011-05-19
The Twilight Samurai
Yoji Yamada of 'Tora-san' and 'School' series fame now embarks on his first samurai film. For its plot, Yamada chose three short novels, 'Tasogare Seibei (Twilight Seibei),' 'Hoito Sukehachi (Sukehachi, the Beggar)' and 'Takemitsu Shimatsu (Record of a Ba...
8.06 1084 2010-11-30
Nae meorisokui jiwoogae
The movie begins with Kim Su-Jin, a 27 year old fashion designer, being spurned at the train station by her lover, a colleague who is also a married man. Depressed, she goes to a convenience store where she bumps into a tall handsome man with whom she has...
9.5 2196 2010-11-26