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Souten Kouro
China 2A.D.: the corrupting Han Dynasty has thrown the entire country into chaos. Peasants revolt against the government. Into such an age, the ruthless and infamous hero, Cao Cao Mengde is born. Destroying old customs and values, he tries to unite China,...
8.4 5211 2012-09-25
Sin in the Rain
It is raining in the Tokyo at night. A woman is wandering soaked to the skin. Her name is Kimura Yu. She had a trauma that her parents were killed, and she experienced another tragedy that her reliable councilor, Kanzaki, was killed miserably. The person ...
2.33 126 2010-12-23
Deadman Wonderland OVA
OVA bundled with the eleventh volume of Deadman Wonderland manga. Focuses on Senji's past, with him as the main character.
8.63 2021 2011-10-15
Legend tells of a lone swordsman who lives in the Demon's Castle, the ruins near the Black Forest. This mysterious stranger only accepts rare books for his services, books from the ancient past. Comedy tells the story of a young girl who desperately wishe...
8.91 1089 2009-06-09
Michiko to Hatchin
Set in what seems to be some kind of alternate-universe Brazil, Michiko to Hatchin tells the story of Hana Morenos. Hana is routinely abused by every single member of her adopted family, who only takes care of her because the government pays them to...unt...
8.93 22361 2009-11-23
The modern-day story centers on a present-day story about a detective, a young man, a virus researcher, a, and a cat mascot character who are brought together in the Tokyo neighborhood of Shibuya by bizarre events with worldwide implications.
8.81 19648 2009-09-28
Early Reins
EARLY REINS features six beautiful women on a train en route to Sunshine Hill in the early 1800s. When the train is highjacked by robbers and the soldiers on board are caught unawares, another surprise is in store: these lovely ladies can fight! The heroi...
7.88 534 2010-11-19
Mousou Dairinin
This show is from the maker of Perfect Blue and Millenium Actress, the script is from the same man who did Boogiepop Phantom.

It's not your average show, the title of 'Paranoia' is really what this show is about.

A young boy on roller blades...
8.35 11031 2009-08-28
Otogizoushi takes place in the mid-Heian period (roughly 1000ad). Kyoto is ravaged by starvation and epidemic, nevertheless the lords and samurai continue their ugly struggle for political supremacy.

The Imperial Court, sympathetic towards the suff...
7.62 3987 2010-06-22
Kaze no Youjinbou
Based on Academy Award Winner Akira Kurosawa's 1961 masterpiece, Yojimbo - George Kodama is a pretty intelligent tough guy investigating an incident that occurred in the small town of Kimujuku over 15 years ago. However, the local town folk have been feel...
8.5 7194 2009-12-02
Cat Shit One: The Animated Series
The war against terrorism has gone private. War has always been a profitable business, so having private corporations field their own armies to fight against terrorism is just good business. Who else could protect those innocent bunnies from the religious...
8.83 1205 2010-07-20
Abashiri Ikka
Deranged, Dysfunctional and EXTREMELY Dangerous!

They're creepy and they're kooky, but they're not THAT family. They're even weirder! They're the Abashiri family, kingpins of disorganized crime and the most dysfunctional family of criminals to ever...
7 402 2012-12-26
Black Lagoon
Based on the manga by Hiroe Rei.

When Okajima Rokuro visits Southeast Asia carrying a top secret disk, he is kidnapped by pirates riding in the torpedo boat, ?Black Lagoon?. Although he thought he would be rescued soon, the company actually abandon...
9.27 36246 2009-04-16
Based on a light novel series by Katayama Kentarou, illustrated by Yamamoto Yamato.

16-year-old Shinkuro Kurenai is a Mediator - a specialist in settling squabbles between people. Despite his youth and easygoing nature, he is a man of some skills w...
8.82 18738 2009-02-12
Bus Gamer
Bus Gamer follows the story of three young men hired by a mysterious company to participate in a business game, a way for companies to gamble against each other for corporate secrets.
7.71 927 2009-02-06
Dogs: Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark
The story takes place in a future European city where a genetically altered albino gunman, a chain-smoking mercenary, a former assassin, and a katana-wielding orphan ply their deadly trades on the streets and below the surface.

The first anime volu...
8.4 3789 2009-08-29
Masane Amaha and her daughter Rihoko are on the run from a government child welfare agency that wants to take Rihoko away from her mother. They are caught and Rihoko is taken away. Meanwhile, Masane is attacked by an advanced weapon that can disguise itse...
8.84 25279 2010-11-29