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Masane Amaha and her daughter Rihoko are on the run from a government child welfare agency that wants to take Rihoko away from her mother. They are caught and Rihoko is taken away. Meanwhile, Masane is attacked by an advanced weapon that can disguise itse...
8.84 25279 2010-11-29
Kaze no Na wa Amnesia
The Apocalypse didn?t come with a BANG. Silently, the amnesia wind swept away all of mankind's knowledge. Thousands of years of human civilization vanished overnight as people forgot how to use the tools of modern civilization - who they were - how to spe...
7.75 262 2009-12-23
This anime is the first full-fledged TV anime made with FLASH.
The story takes place on a planet Tokinea where human beings and Star Races have been fighting. The story revolves around a girl who was made as ?Demon God?, an ultimate weapon against huma...
6.69 2267 2010-06-22
Hi no tori
?Hi no Tori? is Tezuka Osamu?s 'life time' work, which depicts two main themes we should consider. One of them is about the life, such as ?history?, ?religion?, ?love?, ?lifetime? and ?the way we live?, and they have been the main problems for a long time...
7.5 1092 2012-02-05
Legend of Basara
Taken from animenfo.com:
Basara takes place in Japan, about 300 years from a large disaster that occurred around now; the 1990s or soon after. After the disaster humanity and civilization crumbled, and Japan, as an island country, fell into isolation a...
8.2 1292 2011-06-07
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
In the year 2065, the next great assault against an invading race of phantom-like aliens is about to be launched. Dr. Aki Ross, a brilliant young scientist, races to find the invaders' secrets, not only to save the planet, but herself as well after her bo...
8.36 1642 2009-12-06
Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor
'Are you there?'

It was a peaceful and calm island... the blue sky and the blue sea reach as far as one can see. For the boys and girls living there, another day was supposed to begin as usual.
'Are you there?'
That one day, the boys and girl...
8.12 23769 2010-12-06
More than 160 years has passed since the orbital station (Skyport) fell on earth and wiped out all of humanity. The moon colony, Eden, has survived and expanded. In the year 2267, at the age of fifteen, Takeru is taking full advantage of Freedom - the sho...
9.04 4023 2010-05-19
Casshern Sins
The world is now ruled by a powerful robot leader, Braiking Boss, after mankind has been conquered by robots. The people summon a mysterious girl, Luna, to help them break away from the robots and bring salvation to the humans. In retaliation, Braiking di...
9.07 21074 2009-03-21
Vampire Hunter D
10,000 years in the future, the world has become a very different place; monsters roam the land freely, and people, although equiped with high tech weapons and cybernetic horses, live a humble life more suited to centuries past. The story focuses on a sma...
8.51 2863 2010-10-31
The story, which occurs in Chiba Prefecture and Maihama, follows a highschool boy who participates in extracurricular activities (swimming) and suddenly finds out that he is able to see things that others cannot. Not long after that, he suddenly gets draw...
8.04 8722 2009-12-02
Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa
Humanity, in its hubris, has precipitated an ecological disaster. Flourishing industrial civilizations have been swallowed up and Earth is covered by the Sea of Corruption, an enormous forest of fungi that releases a miasma of poisonous spores into the ai...
9.51 3072 2009-12-06
Ice Gekijouban
By A.D. 2010, all men have died off quickly due to a dramatic change in the environment and an unknown contaminant. The population decreased to the lowest number ever seen...until only the women were left alive.

They live huddled in small corners o...
8.13 2452 2010-07-03
Final Fantasy : Legend of the Crystals
The story takes place on the same world as Final Fantasy V, named Planet R, set two hundred years in the future, where three of the four crystals have been stolen. The original heroes in Final Fantasy V are now legends of the past, and a new evil, Deathgy...
7.62 4182 2009-06-09
Zoids Genesis
Natural disasters have devastated planet Zi, killing off almost all life. A thousand years later humans have gradually re-established civilization, salvaging ancient Zoids through diving and mining efforts. In a village whose most previous item is a giant...
8.76 53074 2010-07-17
The Third: Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo
In the distant future, because of an interplanetery war that has continued on for centuries, the civilizations were ruined. Human beings have lost everything, and only 1/5th of the population survived. Pseudo-human, ?The Third?, is said to have appeared j...
8.41 20575 2009-10-10
Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula
2035 A.D. The heads of ancient giant idols were excavated all over the world. Using those twelve stones statues, Humanity had barely overcome the threat of extinction called the 'Equatorial Winter'. But the stone statues had forced Humanity to contruct co...
8.59 16016 2010-01-03