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All memories exist with 'I-Machines.'
9.1 504 2017-06-29
Chou Kidou Densetsu DinaGiga
Touno Hikari is learning to pilot robots at a training facility. While she cannot do anything right, her instructors are interested in her for some reason. As the students learn to pilot the robots, they become suspicious of the goal of the tr...
4.33 0 2014-07-18
Ginsoukikou Ordian
Kananase Yu is just an ordinary high-school student. Since he has mysterious inside knowledge about piloting a mecha, he is recruited by the International Military Organization as a potential test pilot for a new mobile armor. However, apparently there ar...
7.5 2225 2010-12-24
Danball Senki
In 2046, a revolutionary 80% shock-absorbing reinforced cardboard has been developed, rapidly transforming the world's exports. The reinforced cardboard would soon become the battleground for a popular children's hobby called 'LBX' (Little Battler eXperie...
8.67 8883 2013-01-16
Kidou Senshi Gundam MS IGLOO 2: Juuryoku Sensen
Prequel to Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO: Apocalypse 0079. The series would consist of three 30-minute episodes and have its setting based on Earth and from Earth Federation's point of view
8.58 990 2011-02-15
Aoba is a young girl who loves to build models of robots. She lived alone with her grandmother until her grandmother passes away. Shortly after she is kidnapped and brought to a secret base where she discovers a huge robot. The piloted robots fight agains...
5.88 3086 2009-12-24
Kakumeiki Valvrave
rue Calendar (T.C.) 71—a new age where 70% of the human population lives in space thanks to the development of "Dyson Sphere", a city in space. The world is divided into two main powers: The Dorssia Military Pact Federation, a power which grew o...
9.36 20461 2013-06-30
Frame Arms Girl
Based on Kotobukiya's Frame Arms Girl model kit line. The anime will focus on Gourai, the first model released for the line, as well as Stylet and Baselard.
8.08 1009 2017-07-09
Uchuu Mazin Daikengo
Giant robot Daikengo flies through space to re-establish galactic peace; on-board prince Ryger, who ran away from his planet Emperius to defeat the menace out of his reign borders, in order to save his people; Cleo, corrupted prime minister's daughter, he...
6 47 2016-04-17
Getter Robo G
Takes place after the final defeat of the Dinosaur Empire and the death of Musashi Tomoe in the original Getter Robo series.

Dr. Saotome, creator of Getter Robo, fears that the peace the Getter Robo team has won will be short lived and that an even...
8 0 2014-08-21
Dai Majuu Gekitou: Hagane no Oni
It starts off in a familiar sort of way. Mankind has got it's collective act together enough to build a high energy physics lab. And, barring the collective howls from anyone who'd want to work on it, have built it on a featureless island in the middle of...
7.6 75 2012-03-31
Juusou Kikou Dancougar Nova
In the 22nd century, there are no longer any world wide wars. Instead, small scale wars break out all over the Earth. Meanwhile, a large robot appears who protects the weak. It is called 'Dancougar Nova'. Some even call it God.

However, no one kno...
6.5 238 2014-07-09
Puchitto Gargantia
Short episodes streamed on the anime's official site after every episode, giving background information about the show.
9.62 891 2014-03-09
Koutetsushin Jeeg
Kotetsushin Jeeg takes place fifty years after the original and features a new cast of characters—primarily the new main character Kenji Kusanagi, a high school student who becomes Kotetsushin Jeeg to fight the sudden reappearance of 'Haniwa Genjin...
7.1 1416 2011-09-11
Ginga Hyouryuu Vifam
AD. 2058, on the Clayad which was the 3rd planet of the Ypserlon system, which was 43 light years away from Earth, suddently aliens raided the planet.The emigrants on the Clayad had to escape from the planet. Because of the confusion during the escape, th...
8 958 2014-07-06
Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo
14 years after third impact, Ikari Shinji awakens to a world he does not remember. He hasn't aged. Much of Earth is laid in ruins, Nerv has been dismantled, and people who he once protected have turned against him. Befriending the enigmatic Nagisa Kaworu,...
9 4371 2013-05-03
Gear Senshi Dendoh
The story takes place in the future where war machines from evil mechanical alien empire Garufa finally reaches Earth. In order to protect earth, an Earth defense organization called GEAR (Guard Earth and Advanced Reconnaissance) is formed. GEAR has an ul...
3.83 2233 2011-01-02