Meitantei Conan Movie 05: Tengoku e no Count Down(968)

Other Title(s)名探偵コナン 天国へのカウントダウン
Detective Conan: Countdown To Heaven
Genre(s)Detective, Shounen, Action
SynopsisThere's a new twin-tower building opening soon in Nishitamashi City. With the taller of the two towers at 75 floors, the towers seem to reach the heavens when seen from below. Conan and the others see the towers on their way to a camping trip and stop by. They soon meet up with Ran, Sonoko and Kogoro concidently. Tokiwa Group's president, Tokiwa Mio, knew Kogoro from college and was showing him around before the towers opened. While on the 75th floor, Conan overhears a couple of workers discussing an unusual car that was seen parked in front of the building. It seems that a black Porsche 356A was in front of the towers. It could be Gin's car. Then, when the City Councilman is murdered later that night, Conan must then solve the mystery while trying to find out why the 'kurozukume' is interested in the buildings