Hi no tori(737)

Other Title(s)火の鳥
Genre(s)Parallel Universe, Post-apocalyptic, SciFi
Synopsis?Hi no Tori? is Tezuka Osamu?s 'life time' work, which depicts two main themes we should consider. One of them is about the life, such as ?history?, ?religion?, ?love?, ?lifetime? and ?the way we live?, and they have been the main problems for a long time. Another one is quite new one, such as ?environment?, ?gene manipulation?, ?clone technologies? and ?relationship between human and robots?. These problems are that we are confronting just now.

In spited that Tezuka began to draw Hi no Tori 50 years ago, it has been always
asking us, who are living in 21st century, what human is and what to live is.