Star Watching Dog (Jdrama Movie)(4329)

Other Title(s)Hoshi Mamoru Inu
SynopsisAn unidentified middle aged man (Toshiyuki Nishida) is found dead in his car near a camping ground on a mountain in Hokkaido. His dead dog, an Akita, lays next to him. The dog died approximately six months after the man's death. There isn't any identification found on the deceased man.
City Hall employee Kyousuke Okutsu (Tetsuji Tamayama) is then assigned to uncover the man's identity for a proper funeral. When Kyosuke investigates the scene he discovers a receipt from a thrift store inside the car. Kyosuke's investigation begins in earnest as he traces the man's last journey. Along the way, Kyosuke is reminded of his own past and his star watching dog Kuro. Kyosuke finally learns how the man and his faithful dog spent their last days ...