Kudo Shinichi e no Chosenjo(3197)

Other Title(s)Challenge to Kudo Shinichi
Genre(s)Detective, mystery
SynopsisThe anticipated first TV drama series following its 15th anniversary of the TV anime series!!
The drama series takes place before the high-school detective, Kudo Shinichi, is poisoned by the Black Organization which causes his body to shrink and became known as the elementary-school student Conan.
Set in the mid-night city where many dangerous games wriggling around, Shinichi, Ran, and Kogoro wakes up trapped in a white cubical cell (the ‘white room’) with no recollection of how they arrived there. A letter reveals an admirer of Shinichi’s detective work placed him there to test his deduction abilities. Each white room contains a panel device which when a keyword connected to the case is entered, grants them further access of the room.
First challenge, the panel device with the date, June 24, 2010, suggests Shinichi should recall an investigation that occurred on that day, when a photographer murders his lover... --NTV