Other Title(s)Cybersix
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi, Seinen
SynopsisBased upon the original Argentine Graphic Novel series, the story follows Cybersix a human-like being created from genetic experimentations. Cybersix along with various other creations are the diabolical work of Dr. Von Reichter.

Although it is not fully shown in the animated series (targeted at a younger viewing audiance), Dr. Von Reichter was a former member under the Nazi reign who permitted experimentation up until the end of the second world war. Reichter feld for South America where over the decades he profected his experiments and clone a new younger body so he could continue on living. This lead to the creation of the 'Cyber' series. A group of 5,000 elite super soldiers. While the Cybers where still in their childhood they begin to exhibit free will. In order to prevent a rebellion, He destoryed all the Cybers.

Another decade passed bringing us to present time.

One of the Cybers happened to escape, Cybersix feld with some help. Assuming the identity of a young boy fallen victim of a car crash, she hides her secret origin. Adrian Seidelman begins to discover that she cannot escape her past. Requiring a special 'substance' that Dr. Von Reichter used to fuel and breath life into his creations, she is forced to hunt down the newer generation of Von Reichter's creations the 'Techno's' in order to survive. Although not intentional, Cybersix becomes a superhero protecting the world from Dr. Von Reichter's creations and his evil plans.