Kamen Rider Den-O The Movie: I`m Born!(2853)

Other Title(s)劇場版 仮面ライダー電王 俺、誕生!
Genre(s)Tokusatsu, Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Drama, Comedy
SynopsisRyotaro pursues the Molech Imagin to May 8, 2000. Though Den-O Sword Form destroys the Molech Imagin, the Imagin fulfilled his mission as the DenLiner ends up hijacked by the rest of the Imagin led by a rogue Kamen Rider named Gaoh who knocks Ryotaro out. After stealing Owner's Master Pass and trapping Urataros and Kintaros, Gaoh forces the DenLiner to travel back in time to the Edo Period of Japan so he can retrieve the legendary GaohLiner. Trapped in 2000, with Ryotaro having lost all memory of Den-O, he and Hana encounter Ryotaro's younger self as well as their old friend, the Imagin Sieg as Momotaros arrives, able to only possess the younger Ryotaro while Sieg's special talents allow him to still possess Ryotaro.