Captain Tsubasa: Europe Daikessen(2639)

Other Title(s)Captain Tsubasa - Soccer Boys Europe Finals
Captain Tsubasa Movie 1
Genre(s)Action, Shounen, Sports
SynopsisThe first Captain Tsubasa movie is about a match between an 'All Europe Boy Soccer Team' and an 'All Japan Boy Soccer Team' and takes place at the end of the first TV series. When the Japanese team arrives in Europe they meet incredible players with skills and strength they never had to face before. Shortly after the beginning of the match the Tachibana brothers shoot a goal with their 'acrobatic soccer', but the Europeans have a supreme organisation and their legendary captain Karl-Heinz Schneider from Germany seems to be undefeatable. For Wakashimazu is totally overcharged with Schneider, the injured goalkeeper genius Wakabayashi takes his place and manages to stop Schneider's 'fire shots'. After that Japan finally manages to win the match 3:2.

(Source: ANN)