The Longest 24 Months(2157)

Other Title(s)기다리다 미쳐
Crazy Waiting / Crazy For Wait
Genre(s)Romance, Comedy
SynopsisThe movie looks at four couples whose lives are interrupted by South Korea’s mandatory military service. Hyo-jeong is dating the much-younger Won-jae when he leaves for military service, and his visits home put a strain on her wallet. Bo-ram has a crush on bandmate Min-cheol, who ignores her in favor of Han-na. Jin-ah and Eun-sok are the perfect, cutesy couple, but telling his best friend to take care of her turns out to be Eun-sok’s mistake. High school student Bi-ang’s reaction to live-in boyfriend Heo Wook’s departure is to go out and find a replacement – innocent college student Ho Sin.