Ju-on : The Grudge 2(2125)

Other Title(s)Ju-on : The Grudge 2
Genre(s)Horror, Drama
SynopsisThe Grudge 2 revolves around the actress Harase Kyoko?s pregnancy. After a car accident caused by Toshio?s ghost, Kyoko presumably miscarried. When her doctor assured her of a healthy pregnancy, Kyoko becomes perplexed. It is revealed that Kyoko was involved with a television production filmed at a haunted house ? the house of the Saekis in Nerima. Producer Keisuke finds Kyoko and informs her that the members of the film crew have been killed or gone missing. The outcome of Kyoko?s pregnancy was horrifyingly revealed as she was the one to give birth to Kayako. As another incarnation of the curse, this showed that the curse itself could cause a pregnant woman to carry Kayako in her womb.