Swing Girls (2056)

Other Title(s)スウィングガールズ
Genre(s)Music, Band, High School
SynopsisIt`s a sweltering day during summer vacation in a remote town in northeast Japan The Yamakawa High School brass band clambers aboard a bus, off to provide moral support for their team at a local baseball championship. 13 girls, all of them losers, watch from classroom window. They`re stuck in remedial math with Mr. Ozawa (Naoto Takenaka), but their minds are miles away and their ability to focus, . . . .huh? One girl, Tomoko Suzuki (Juri Ueno), notices that a caterer`s van has pulled up. The driver is beside himself when he realizes that he`s missed the bus. As Tomoko watches, an idea takes shape in her otherwise vacant mind.