Kidou Senshi Gundam MS IGLOO: 1-nen Sensou Hiroku(2028)

Other Title(s)機動戦士ガンダム MS IGLOO: 1年戦争秘録
Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO: The Hidden One-Year War
Genre(s)Mecha, Military, Piloted Robots, SciFi
SynopsisThe year is Universial Century 0079. Oliver May is a technical officer in the Zeon 603rd Technical Evaluation Unit , in charge of testing new military technology. Stationed in the Jotunheim, a civilian transport ship that was converted into military use, Oliver must head into battle and experience the One Year War, only this time from the perspective of a weapon tester who struggles to make an impact on an evolving war during changing times.

A three-part, fully-rendered 3D CGI feature initially screened at Bandai Museum in Japan. Part of Gundam's 25th Anniversary Celebration.