Dirty Pair(1771)

Other Title(s)ダーティペア
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction, Girls with Guns, Mecha, Space Opera
SynopsisThe semi-coherent story of a pair of teenage intergalactic private eyes, 'Kei' and 'Yuri'. Their code name is 'Lovely Angels,' but they're better known - universe-wide, in fact - as the 'Dirty Pair'. Their arrival at the scene of a mystery is always a source of hope and dread, since: 1) they always solve the case, 2) wherever they go, something gets horribly wrecked, up to and including entire planets. Lucky for them - but not-so-lucky for the rest of the universe - there are always some sort of extenuating circumstances that support their most often-used phrase, 'It's not our fault'.