Kowarekake no Orgel(1674)

Other Title(s)こわれかけのオルゴール
Half-Broken Music Box
Genre(s)Androids, Angst, Daily Life, Music, Performance, SciFi, Seinen, Tragedy
Synopsis* A doujin anime by POP, the illustrator of Moetan, that was released at the Comic Market 77 doujin convention.

The story centers around Keiichiro, a young man who lives alone in his house. He went through a lot of pain in his life, since a car accident, where his parents and younger sister were killed and only he survived, blaming himself for that accident.

One rainy day, he shelters in an old shrine. There he notices a little girl, sitting on a chair, surrounded by garbage, she herself is a garbage - an android who someone dumped. Something in Keiichiro tells him to take her with him. After going to the android repair shop, he was told that she would never function, so he put her in his bathroom. The next day, when he awake, Keiichiro noticed that the little android girl was standing in the kitchen, preparing him breakfast. She didn't have a name, so while looking on a sunflower, Keiichiro give her a name - Flower. After that they started to live together.